Franchi SPAS-15 “ANACONDA”

I happened upon the below video on YouTube. The video is of an Argentian man showing off the custom Franchi SPAS-15 shotgun he competes with in IPSC. The gun features a huge muzzlebrake that resembles a large mallet in size and shape. The magazine is custom and holds at least 18 rounds of 12 gauge shells in a single stack. It even has spring-loaded kickstand that automatically swings back when the gun is picked up off a stable (shaving microseconds off the time it would take to complete a course of fire).

Now I am skeptical about how effective the large muzzlebrake is, and I would not want to have such a large magazine getting in the way, but I applaud his efforts putting together such a unique gun.

Steve Johnson

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  • A Vepr 12 will be fine thank you.

  • The muzzlebrake is a JP recoil eliminator

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I looks much bigger than a JP to me.

  • Burst

    It occurs to me that if you’re going to inflict custom parts on yourself, modding another gun’s drum to work would be a far more elegant solution.

  • ElGuapo

    What are the odds that muzzle brake would be classified as a suppressor in the states? Even with the vents, wouldn’t the enclosed space be a no-no?

    • -V-

      It has to reduce sound to be classified as a suppressor. Construction itself is irrelevant.

      • Bbmg

        Knowing muzzle brakes, it will probably increase noise

  • noon

    It’s hideous yet I can’t look away

  • Dave_M

    The magazine is reminiscent of early Saiga-12 open guns.

    • Roy

      Wait, does the guy in the picture have two muzzle breaks on his barrel?

      • noob

        With a muzzle device like that he is surely compensating for something – excessive muzzle rise, most likely.

        • Schwarmenius

          I see what you did there 😀

      • dan citizen

        Yes. He is running a muzzle-brake and a Mid-Barrel-Brake. The very low barrel pressure at the muzzle reduces standard muzzle brakes, even very large ones effectiveness. A Mid Barrel Brake dramatically reduces recoil. Dual brake guns like this one have extremely low recoil.

  • Asdf

    I don’t know which is more ridiculous looking: That gun with its break and 3 foot mag, or a tube gun with the tube extending out a foot plus from the barrel.

  • Lolinski

    What is a kickstand? Looks like a nice gun.

    • pro.0s

      Just like a bike, it props it up at an angle. So instead of the gun lying horizontal on the table, it lies at (perhaps) 30 degrees from horizontal. Maybe it allows him to grip the pistolgrip quicker. Maybe not. Who knows.

  • Does anyone remember the SPAS 12?

    • Anonymoose

      Does anyone not remember the SPAS12?

  • Jack D

    He ready to take back the Falklands.

  • Cameron

    I feel fairly safe predicting an appearance of this gun in a Call of Duty game. It will fire with perfect accuracy and almost no recoil. Dual wielded.