Remington R-15 with Magpul MOE

Remington R-15 MOE

Remington will now include Magpul MOE accessories on their R-15 line of rifles.  According to Remington, the company will have a line of four R-15 MOE rifles that will include Magpul pistol grips, trigger guards, stocks and handguards.

The four rifles will include a 16″ carbine, two 18″ carbines and a 22″ rifle.  The 16″ carbine and one of the 18″ carbines will have a MOE adjustable stock, while the other two will have a MOE fixed stock.  All of the stocks and furniture will be finished in Mossy Oak Brush camo.

Remington R-15 MOE

The MOE R-15 rifles will all be equipped with the AAC 51 Tooth Breakout compensator and competitions two-stage triggers.

All of the new R-15 rifles will be chambered in .223 Remington.  All of the barrels will have a 1 in 9 twist.  MSRP will be $1326.90 on each of the rifles.

Remington R-15 MOE

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  • I’m disappointed that they didn’t choose to use a larger magazine in the photo. Ten rounds isn’t enough, remember?

    • Nathaniel

      It’s a hunting rifle.

    • Some states don’t allow anything but ten round mags for hunting purposes.

      • Most states with a mag limit for hunting have a 5-round limit.

      • Masoo2

        I think he means to advertise a “assault deadly extended” magazine, seeing the debate over firearms going on.

    • Psychic Mindfighter 2050

      For a truly experienced hunter as myself I actually prefer to limit myself to one round, and that’s just in case my psychic mind beams fail to kill the animal I have been stalking continuously without sleep for the past week. Yes, I am a psychic mindfighter from the year 2090.

  • Looks better than the Mossberg/Stark combo

  • Nathaniel

    That is actually a pretty attractive looking rifle.

  • Citizen

    This rifle won’t be useful in commie NY right now!

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      The Ilion, New York plant has (had?) around 300 staff producing “assault rifles.” I wonder where these will be produced now?

  • NotSarcasm

    Now I want an R15 even more…