Remington VersaMax Zombie

VersaMaxZombie Pink

Remington’s latest addition to the VersaMax line is also an entry into the zombie category with the VersaMax Zombie shotguns.

VersaMaxZombie Pink

The new shotguns are available in Gargoyle Green and Explosion Pink.  Both the green and pink versions use the Reaper Z pattern that has been popular with the zombie gun crowd.

The shotguns have a 22″ vented rib barrel with a fiber optic front sight.  The full length magazine with factory extension holds eight rounds.

VersaMaxZombie Green

The stocks on these guns are synthetic and have built-in rubber panels at various points to improve handling.  Both guns carry an MSRP of $1599.


Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • milo

    so … the “zombie security gun” fad is still alive i see?

    • Probable because Washington D.C. keeps pumping them out.

  • Dave

    $1600 for a shotgun that looks like a kid used it as canvas for a finger painting. Nope. Nothing stupid about that.

  • Great gun… The Versa Max Tactical will be in my collection one day. But not with these colors. Give me one in Flat Dark Earth, Please. Or just OD Green. Or something not Bright? Please?
    Jumping on the Zombie Bandwagon is evidence of a Piss Poor Marketing Team.
    Give me a version in Subdued colors, with Rifle Sights or Ghost Ring Sights, and leave the Hype off it. Thanks.

  • Maybe I’ll pick one up in about 6 months when these go on clearance b/c people weren’t buying them.

  • 1911Man

    D’OH! Zombies can still see your uncamo mag tube! Cardio!

  • Cameron

    Tragic seeing a great gun like the VersaMax get the dumb zombie treatment. It’s like watching Sir Ian McKellan in a Wayans Brothers movie

  • Ripley

    Just when would a door breacher choke be useful in a zombie invasion (or any home invasion)?

    • Anonymoose

      When you’re the one invading…?

  • t-dahlgren

    Better than bringing your 870 to the sporting clays match. At least this way everyone will know you meant it.

  • Geo

    Shoots great, but looks awful. Is the barrel clap made by Remington or is it aftermarket?

    • heyop

      Picture doesn’t do the scheme justice, was going to buy a black one but saw this one and bought it. You don’t see the zombie stuff that well and only paid 1245.00 at whittaker guns. I’ve loved Remington for over 40 yrs. and the Versa-Max is awesome. I have another in realtree camo.

  • Mashashin

    All right when these font sell the will be one sale and then I can afford one



  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    If the Bama Mag Ban passes, you won’t (legally) be able to do better than eight 12ga shells. Plus, we all know what “zombie” is code for lol.

  • Chadd

    I love the way the pink one looks(looks more red to me). The Zombie thing is so freaking annoying but it’s brought about some color schemes and styles I really like.

    • Anonymoose

      I don’t like the “hey what if we made our guns PINK and CHARTREUSE and RAINBOW so GIRLs will buy them?” crap at all. I don’t see how it’s attractive at all to anyone, regardless of gender.

      • Chadd

        I don’t think it has all that much to do with trying to market to one gender, I think it’s more about marketing to a wider range of newer gun owners who want color. They want the odd colors, they want their favorite colors, they want cool colors and different looking guns. They want their guns to be THEIR guns. I’m not going to lie, I would love to have a 1911 with a dark grey frame and dark purple slide and the older L.A. Kings logo on the grip panels.

        • 11b

          its called duracoat 😉

  • 50 years from now someone will ask “what the hell were they thinking?” and these guns will be a really expensive collector item.

  • schizuki

    The firearm equivalent of a Honda Civic with a giant carbon-fiber wing.

  • Gun Details

    Looks like a gun that a circus clown might go pigeon hunting with. Maybe if they started painting AR15s and AKs like that then the ignorant people wouldn’t be so afraid of them and want to ban them. 🙂

  • Why the different colors and it’s way overpriced.

  • FGIRefugee

    Just like Remington to launch a product at the end of a fad. If last SHOT was the Year of the Zombie, this year’s theme was the Combat Beard. I don’t know how you make a Bearded VersaMax, but if you could that is what they should be launching. I have shot the VersaMax and it really is a nice shotgun. Zombie versions just seem desparate and undercut the true value of the gun. Shame.

  • Hunter57dor

    no thanks, ill keep my FLAT BLACK remington 870 that i paid a whopping 300 bucks for, to hunt zombies. cuz oddly enough, colors like bright green and pink, tend to attract attention.

  • Daniel E. Watters

    Those color schemes would fit in nice with some of the custom shotguns I’ve seen tricked out for competition.

  • sharpie.david

    Sweet, I would buy it.

    If I could afford the $1600 to buy one.

  • cam

    shut up fucker

  • Sam Suggs

    looks like the paint job off the “siginiture weapons” in far cry three

  • Charlie

    Love the green. Will buy green if there is a great price reduction because not many seem to want these shotguns.As far as camo in gun fights your location is already known. The pause one may have looking at your colored gun could work to your advantage. Not only that you may have the scare factor and avoid the confrontation altogether. Besides adding color to your shotgunning fun is more of a plus. Just my thoughts

  • dea

    one shot kill (Black ops 2)

  • dea

    that gone is beast post more pics

  • James Madison

    The best thing about the Zombie pattern? I found some on GB for half of retail price: $750. Nothing that a can of FDE Krylon can’t fix…

  • Reggie

    Just purchased a green Zombie love it. Shoots every thing I load into it. Four rounds of skeet nothing under 22 and one 25. Someone said the ugly over priced Zombie would come down in price. Got this one for $749.00 well worth the money. Need more choke tubes though, only comes with two. This will be my prime grouse gun this fall.