Surefire Hellfighter

When you really need to reach out far and light someone up, the Surefire Hellfighter is what you need. The 10-pound 3,000-lumen light can withstand the recoil of crew served weapons like the M2 Browning, the M134 Minigun and the Mk19 Grenade Launcher. It can be powered by one or two BA-5590 lithium batteries or by a 12v vehicle system. One BA-5590 gives it 1.5 hours of continuous operation on high beam.

Surefire Hellfighter 4

M2HB Machine Gun with M88A Hellfighter Mount and Hellfighter light.

Surefire Hellfighter 1

M134 Minigun

Surefire Hellfighter 3

Steve Johnson

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  • But….can I mount it on my AR?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      no, but you can mount your AR on the Hellfighter 😉

      • Steve, actually there is a picatinny mount that SF makes for the new Hellfighter. So technically he could mount it to an AR.

        • milo

          you missed the pun…

  • AK™

    I put one on my Glock..the light shoots farther than the Glock can..and now the dust cover looks like a flaccid penis. Glock won’t take it back.

  • shooter13

    this, 300 win mag, and coyotes. yes

  • The Hellfighter Light, because if the round doesn’t get them, the extreme sun burn will.

  • moonrunner02

    These lights are awesome we had them mounted on all our crew serve weapons when we were overseas. They are tough as nails, water proof, and bright as the surface of the sun! It was nice being able to scan a bridge or roof top from a couple hundred yards away

  • That is cool. Been there done that.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)


  • My Hellfighter runs on 4×26650 li-ion batteries with this custom handle. Run time is about 1 hour. Totally portable. Measured at 5k lumens. Surefire underrates their lumens.

    • Got any extra handles?

      • Sorry, only two were made. I was lucky to catch the maker in a good mood and right time.

    • milo

      is it durable enough to use as a club

  • joe tusgadaro

    Ah perfect for bug hunting…no dark places for those xenomorphs to hide.

  • Heavy weapons guy.

    Hellfighter light?
    Hellfighter heavy.

  • crow hop

    You could spot a coon topping a tree with ease if you had one of these.

  • ST