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  • Esh325

    I’ll just wait for the AK-12 which will have all the necessary refinements.

    • mpaaonguns

      which US distributor is going to be the one to sell this platform??

      • Esh325

        The rifle isn’t even finished yet, so there’s no distributor right now. Maybe next year.

  • GreenPlease

    I’d have to try it to see if I’d like it but, honestly, the standard mag change drill isn’t bad. What somebody really needs to do is make an AK that has a charging handle on gas piston

  • Seeing as AK mags don’t generally drop free, how exactly does this help? You still have to rock the mag forward- and it’s pretty trivial to hit the mag release as you do that, even while holding a fresh magazine.

    • -V-

      I think if you file your magazines a little, the weight of the mag will rock itself out. I think this is a neat idea, but I’m skeptical that it offers much improvement over the older technique of just hammering the empty mag out with a fresh one.

      • the only way for the rock in magazines to fall out is if you point the muzzle down, it wont fall out on its own, be it empty, half full, or full.

    • Do it the way the Russians do. Release mag take new mag and slap old one out and away.

  • Meh.

  • Blue

    If you shoot right handed, it looks like it would be easy to use your thumb to depress, and then use the fresh mag to knock the old one out of the way. I dig it.

    • Matthew Cargill

      if you ever watch russian spentnaz (sp?) they use the butt of the fresh mag to hit the release and the mag effectively clearing it and turning over the fresh mag and inserting it- I have tried it and it does take some practice…….and some more practice

      • Its actually pretty easy… at least i got it down on the first try. You dont use the butt, you use the front side of the mag.

        • Matthew Cargill

          oh thanks- figured I was doing something wrong…….appreciate the tip

    • Billy Oblivion

      Modern doctrine for rifle magazine changes is to retain the magazine, not drop it.

      With this in mind the AKs existing magazine release is fine. You simply hit the release with your thumb as grasp the magazine body, rock the old magazine out, drop it into the dump pouch, grab your new magazine, rock it in, rack and go.

  • Anonymous

    Parabellum Armament makes some interesting stuff, but the problem is almost none of it seems to make it to market – they came out with charging handles last year, but never shipped any of them as far as I know.

  • Kakka-Petteri

    Keep that crap off my AK.

  • Why not just a longer mag release? It would make the mag change drill a bit easier.

  • shooter13

    I may sound like a fool here so forgive my ignorance, but looking at this, why not make it ambidextrous?

    • It looks like it partially blocks the trigger and definitely blocks safe placement of trigger finger outside the trigger guard and behind it, so it can be either right or left handed, but I doubt it could be ambidextrous

    • I’ve had issues with this EMA TAER type, releasing some types of Europena magazines with the “spine”. I then have to remove the device to remove the magazine.

  • Saebut

    Still not better than mine. Haha.

  • Tommy salami

    The Russian way is grasp your replacement mag like normal. Bring it up perpendicular and behind the seated mag. Push forward and hit the back of the mag release with the front part of the mag body. Push it all forward. Seated mag will drop out and you will be holding a fresh mag right underneath the mag well.

  • I found this release to be awkward to operate when supporting the rifle with the pistol grip hand while the other hand was removed to access a fresh magazine, removing the thumb to depress the lever was doable but not comfortable in any way. I greatly prefer the EMA Tactical Ambidextrous Extended Release as it allows me to retain a MUCH firmer grip and activates with the trigger finger.

  • El Machina

    That lever is a solution for a problem that never occurred. I´m more interested about that rail on top cover.

    • Billy Oblivion

      google “texas weapon systems”

  • Krenshaw

    I’d be interested…if it was $10 instead of $50

  • i love the AK platform, mostly because if i see the devices people build i know i can build it in my garage. so far i built a Lightening lever and a Lightening bolt. this one should be easy too!