iTelligent Android, iPhone and iPad Scope Optic Adapters

US Night Vision manufacture a range of adapters to attached smartphones (Samsung Galaxy SIII, Motorola Bionic, iPhone) and iPads to rifle scopes, night vision systems or spotting scopes. An device adapter plugs into a scope adapter which then attaches to the optic. This system allows one device to be used with a range of different optics. Apple devices have the added benefit of being able to stream the video over AirPlay to an Apple TV.

iTelligent  Android Optics Adapters 2

iTelligent  Android Optics Adapters 1

iTelligent  Android Optics Adapters 3

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    Very cool. I can see how this would be really nice at the range. Much easier transition from shooting to checking your POI with your spotting scope.

  • Rusko

    They should add in a digital level.

    • Criticalthinkingiscritical

      There’s an app for that.

    • Smart Tools app

  • disqus_3NsUuB8HUP

    There website isn’t very clear on the options, is there an adapter to attach this to the back of say a Nikon or Vortex scope?

  • bill

    there is an android app to use the phone as a scope (with many different reticles) and nightvision (IR)! “SmartScope” at google’s play

  • mike207

    I badly want the GSIII adapter to use on a Leupold spotting scope… but damn it’s $300. That’s just crazy. I’ll go somewhere else.

  • Actually pretty cool on the rifle scope. Wonder if you can actually shoot it with your phone attached. Would take some getting used to, but talk about cheek weld consistency and parallax problems solved. Plus if you are taking video I’m sure breathing will be picked up by the mic on a calm day.