Bushmaster Offering .300 BLACKOUT Uppers

Bushmaster 300 BLK

Bushmaster is now offering an upper for the .300 BLACKOUT (aka 300 BLK or 300 AAC BLACKOUT) cartridge.  The uppers use a light contour barrel with a black Melonite coating.  Barrel length is 16″.

The AAC Blackout 51T ratchet mount flash hider is used on these uppers.  The upper receiver has a flat top with Picatinny rails for mounting a wide range of optics and iron sights.  The gas block is low profile and does not have a built in front sight post.

Bushmaster 300 BLK

The handguard is a quad-rail allowing for the addition of many different accessories such as a white light or laser.  MSRP is $869.  In current market conditions, prices could be higher than the MSRP, assuming Bushmaster ships these in any quantity.


 Flat Top Receiver – 16″ M4 BBL 300 AAC BLK – Quad Rail
Order # 92866
Caliber  300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm)
MSRP $869.00

Richard Johnson

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  • Masoo2

    Dang, I thought this was a new ACR upper.

  • Thats cool! Now if I could only find some ammo…..

  • Cymond

    I like the idea of a light barrel contour, but would prefer to choose my own handguard & muzzle item.

    • This definitely. My next build is going to be a 300 BLK. I HATE the quad rails.

  • bob

    not offered on their site. Doe sit come with BCG and Charge Handle?

    • bob

      smith/wesson costs about the same. What’s the Twist rate and does it come with Nitrided Bore?

  • ElGuapo

    Whoo hoo! Maybe I’ll actually have an upper of some sort before my Form 4 comes back for my 762-SDN can.