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  • Isn’t this an old commercial?

    • Here it is:
      From a year ago.

    • Phil White

      It is an older one. I found that many people haven’t seen it including the person who posted it as new. Still it is very funny and worth watching.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      When I posted it I thought it was new. I don’t know how I missed it when it first was released.

  • Jim

    This is not new. It’s just making the chain email rounds again.

    • No it isn’t new but the person who posted it thought it was. I changed it to “Entertaining”
      Anyway I’ve found many many people haven’t seen it and you have to admit it’s funny.

      • Jim

        Oh, I love the ad.

    • Here are the other two:

      • FourString

        Cool but in real life the criminal would probably charge the girl instead of just fainting, especially if he’s bursting through the door like that

        Probably intended as a PG ending though

  • big daddy

    Show that to congress please. Yeah I know, no politics, but I couldn’t resist.

  • Drebin

    After this came “wrong house” and the newest one “wrong girl” came out just this month I believe. They are great commercials!

  • I thought that it was a whole room full of concealed carriers, that would have been pro-gun. This is just “oh hey, he tried to rob a bunch of cops and got arrested.”

  • Duray

    Shouldn’t whoever made the as know that GLOCKS DON’T CLICK?

  • Michael

    Wish this was on CNN, MSNBC, ABC news

  • I showed this to a friend, and he showed me a clip from (I think) Robocop 3 that is almost the same exact thing (guy goes in to rob a donut shop full of cops). So, basically, this isn’t very original.

  • Ken

    Remimiscent of the robbery scene in Chuck Norris’ Code of Silence

  • gunslinger

    is that the wrong diner ad with R.Lee Ermy? (have to use a proxy to get TFB at work, so no videos load) thought it pretty good.

  • See! Only cops should carry guns!

  • Federale

    Why are the criminals in Glock commercials always white?