The Phalanx Smart Holster

One of the more peculiar looking holsters I stumbled across at the Shot Show was the Phalanx Smart Holster. It looks a bit clunky, but it is highly effective. Phalanx Smart Holsters are custom made for specific makes and models of pistols.

The Phalanx Smart Holster system was engineered to focus on three primary considerations: safe carry, speed of draw, and secure storage. For safe carry, the Phalanx Smart Holster automatically locks the pistol into the holster with the pistol’s action locked partially open, which disengages the trigger. Any pulling motion other than a firm straight down movement cannot remove the pistol.

In addition to being safe to carry, the Phalanx Smart Holster also allows the pistol to be drawn in 1/2 a second. Now it will take some practice, because it requires the opposite motion of any other holster. Also by inserting the lockable barrel-blocking rod through the muzzle end of the Phalanx Holster, the Holster prevents the removal of the pistol until the rod is removed. Creating in essence, a portable gun safe.

The Phalanx Smart Holster will also protect any optics on the pistol as an added benefit. However, for pistols with suppressors a unique holster is required.

Will Fawcett

I was raised a gun nut, but to pay for ammunition I am an attorney in Smyrna, Georgia.


  • indyroadie

    So basically, its an American version of the Spetsnaz Makarov holsters?

    • Franky

      thats exactly what i was thinking, nothing new, but a clever design

    • snmp

      That’s EFA holster, EFA JSC produce holster for Makarov (EFA 2, EFA 2K, EFA 3, EFA 4, & EFA 5 ..), Colt 1911 (EFA M1911) & Glock 17 (EFA-G17)

  • noob

    Does the rod that goes into the ejection port have a chance of damaging the feed ramp or chamber if the guns is pulled the wrong way?

    • gunslinger

      i don’t see the feed ramp being damaged due to the size of the lip compared to the ramp location. i can see the top of the chamber becoming damaged.

      @2bb7c0c389a99540f0083f3e5ad6de4b:disqus why is this a bad idea? i think it’s an interesting design. please give me some more detail.

  • ahhhh, NO!

    • SD3

      Yeah, I’ll take “bad ideas” for $1,000, Alex…

  • qubi

    Not sure if this is the same model, but here’s an old video from 2009 of phalanx holsters’ methods of operation:

  • Ken

    He’s been hawking these things for at least 20 years. I remember a demo at a law enforcement firearms instructors conference way back. I’m incredulous that it’s still out there. Unbelievable!

  • allannon

    I see several negative comments; exactly what is the problem with it?

  • So to re-holster I have to do further manipulation of the firearm to clear it… I’ll take that as a problem in search of a solution. Follow your basic rules, and no need for gimmicks.

  • Esh325

    What problem is this holster trying to fix? I’m struggling to come up with a reason why somebody would want this over a conventional holster. If your particular pistol isn’t designed to safely carry a round in the chamber, maybe you might want one of these?

  • Eric Villanueva

    The raised version that kind of mimics a shoulder holster has the same action as the Spetsnaz Makarov holster, but the other strong side belt holster is different. It’s too bulky for CC work, but as a duty holster it has some merits. I’m all for innovation.