S&W Joins .308 AR Market

One of the new rifles unveiled this week was the Smith & Wesson M&P-10. Their website currently only lists a camouflage version with a Magpul stock and five round magazine for an MSRP $1,729.00. My guess is the rifle shown here is going to be a bit less.

S&W M&P-10 (2)

Note the handguard flare reads “Ambidextrous Features”; you can see the left-hand magazine release below.

S&W M&P-10 (1)

If you look closely you can see the left handed safety and bolt-catch release on the right hand side of the rifle. The rep claimed it accepted Magpul Pmag type magazines.

S&W M&P-10 (3)

It appears the upper and lower receiver are the DPMS style, as opposed to the Armalite and KAC straight angles, but no information is available on compatibility. Similarly there is no information on the barrel nut type. Like the magazines the DPMS and Knight’s Armament type has become the most common but I don’t want to assume.

The barrel is not free-floated and is an 18″ 1:10 twist R5 type. The rifle appears fairly standard but I doubt it will be long before the product line branches out to alternative accessories.

S&W M&P-10 (6)

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • VP Biden

    I am sold

  • Jerid
    • Guest

      I live in KY and just picked up an M&P 10 from Buds Gunshop in Lex for $1,050! I also “rolled the dice”, since Pmags are virtually non-existent, and spent $50 on two DPMS/SR-25 Mags. I will let you guys know how it works out once I get them.

  • DougE

    I’m not typically a S&W fan, but I’ve been impressed by their AR line. I’ve recently been thinking about semi auto .308 too.

  • tacticaltshirts.com

    I’m glad to see them come out with a 7.62 AR. I am betting they expand the line as well. –TTR

  • Other Other Steve

    I hope to get my hands on one of these. AKA any .308 rifle I can get now.

  • t


    • Ethan Marsh

      Per the link provided below by Jerid, 7.71 lbs.

  • gunslinger

    i like the “left hand” mag release. neat idea, but means you gotta “cut” the lower.

    and speaking as an AR-10 newb…. i know the 10 is because a regular -15 doensn’t have a long enough magwell to take the .308. is there a “backwards kit” that will allow regular .223 to be fired from a -10? i realize there may be a need for a mag block and the like. it just seems if you could only buy one, but wanted to buy both (.308 and .223) that you’d buy a -10, and have a conversion kit/upper for it.
    let the flmaing commense.


  • doodlebugxx

    just bought one a week ago and love it have always been a big .308 fan shoots great

  • LHGunslinger

    I spoke with a Smith and Wesson representative who informed me all Magpul Stocks, forearms, etc will work on this rifle. As far as free float handguards go, there barrel nut is compatible with any DPMS nut applications. Magazines are going to be manufactured by Magpul. Here are the stock and SKU numbers…20 rnds SKU 430480000 UPC Code 022188150735,… 10 rnds SKU 432170000 UPC Code 022188140704… 5 rnds SKU 432180000 UPS Code 022188200678. At this point I do not know if their is any cross compatibility of magazines. You would think they would stick with the SR-25. Magpul is having problems in regard to the state their manufacturing facility is at. Colorado is trying to limit rifle magazine to 15 rounds, pistol magazine to 10 rounds, and shotgun to 8 rounds. Magpul state taxes where around 85 million last year alone. Magpul states if they pass the ban, they will relocate their company to a more friendly gun state. Hope this helps.

    • dave

      a probably stupid question from someone who is waiting to take delivery on one of these in a couple weeks… do the same forearms and stocks that fit the m&p 15 fit the m&p 10? or are there different ones?

  • fidalgoman

    I just saw one of these at one of my local gun stores. I thought it was very well balanced and thought out. If they are accurate and reliable I might have to get one.

  • royfarris

    I hope they start to produce a 30 round mag for the AR10. If they do I will buy them. I now own the rifle but would like more than a 20 round mag.

  • dustin

    I live in KY and just picked up an M&P 10 from Buds Gunshop in Lex for $1,050! I also “rolled the dice”, since Pmags are virtually non-existent, and spent $50 on two DPMS/SR-25 Mags. I will let you guys know how it works out once I test them out.

  • bigpapa

    Just bought my S&W AR 10 about a month ago, love it , started with Rem core lock 150 gr. and after sighting in and playing around was very happy with the groups. this AR works very well with DPMS Mags .I picked mine up for just under 1400,had purchased from dealer before, guess it helped.Recoil is very little only thing I will change will be a quad rail when this all settles down to one that fits without changing other parts …