Stark Equipment Grips on Mossberg Rifles

Mossberg grips

Stark Equipment manufactures AR-15 grips that incorporate a trigger guard into a single polymer unit.  From my prior testing, the grips install easily and are durable.  It now seems they have found their way onto Mossberg’s AR-15 rifles.

Mossberg grips

While touring the Mossberg display at the SHOT Show, I discovered several different ARs with Stark Equipment grips.  A few were the plain black, but two were sporting a camo pattern.  The camo patterns appear to be a Mossberg-applied thing, as Stark Equipment does not offer camo pattern grips.

Mossberg grips


Mossberg grips

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  • Drebin

    I believe Mossberg has had those grips on their ARs from the beginning over a year ago.

  • Stark Equipment

    Yes, Mossberg has had our grip on their MMR for over a year. We do offer grips in MultiCam now.

  • gunslinger

    how does this work with the “ears” on the trigger guard? just about every video i watched about installing a TG mentions to take care of those ears because they can “snap off” if not supported properly.

    just curious.

    • Ian

      It just covers them. It would be a great product on its own for anyone who has broken them off in the past, but it’s actually the most comfortable (albeit ugly) grip on the market for me.