Mossberg MVP FLEX and Patrol rifles

The MVP FLEX Scoped Combo rifle

Mossberg has introduced the MVP FLEX and MVP Patrol rifles at SHOT Show this year.  These MVP offerings are a more tactical version of the previously released MVP Varmint and Predator models.  The MVP FLEX and Patrol are chambered in 5.56mm/.223 caliber.  The MVP FLEX and Patrol versions also have a patent-pending drop-push bolt design that is the “first of its kind” bolt-action rifle that accepts standard AR-15 magazines.

The MVP FLEX with its companion 10-round AR magazine.

The MVP FLEX with its companion 10-round AR magazine.

The FLEX and Patrol rifles come standard with a Picatinny mounting rail on the receiver, and (2) optional scope combination packages.  The bolt is spirally fluted, and comes with the patented LBA adjustable trigger.  The MVP FLEX rifles, including the Youth Rifle, also have a fluted barrel, however the MVP Patrol versions do not.  I’m not sure why Mossberg did that, but I wish they had offered the Patrol version with a fluted barrel option as well.

The MVP FLEX and Patrol fluted bolt and 3-9x32mm scope.

The MVP FLEX and Patrol fluted bolt and 3-9x32mm scope.

The LBA trigger is like the Accu-trigger system where there is a first stage trigger (Mossberg calls it a blade) that must be depressed to the point of the second stage trigger to complete the firing motion.  The first stage acts as a safety until depressed, much like similar triggers.  The Mossberg LBA trigger has a lightning bolt cut on the blade, and the trigger weight is adjustable from 2-7 pounds.

The LBA Adjustable trigger.

The LBA Adjustable trigger.

In addition the FLEX rifles have the patented TLS tool-less locking system for the versions with the adjustable stocks.  This system allows the shooter to lift the manual locking mechanism and literally change stocks in a matter of seconds.

In a tactical market that is dominated by the AR-15 or other semi-auto rifle platforms, the MVP may not have much traction to gain a footing.  However, for those who are fans of the Jeff Cooper “Scout Rifle” concept, the MVP FLEX and Patrol series  might fit nicely into that concept.  Although some combinations are not chambered in a .30 caliber cartridge, the MVP rifles offer several of Cooper’s recommendations for a light-weight bolt gun.  Some shooters may even prefer the lighter recoil of a 5.56mm cartridge through such a short, lightweight rifle as well.

One serious consideration, however, is that the collapsible stock versions (with pistol grips) have the same safety lever as the fixed stock rifles.  The safety is a slide lever to the right of the bolt, just behind the bolt lever when closed.  This may present a reach problem for shooters who are holding the rifle with the pistol grip and need to take the safety off quickly to shoot.  In that situation, the shooter will likely have to break their hold to release the safety – not good.

The MVP comes in (6) different model variations with slightly different features, and mention in the Mossberg literature of a .300 AAC Blackout version as well (7.62x35mm):


  • 18.5” fluted medium bull barrel with 11-degree tapered crown
  • FLEX 6-position adjustable tactical stock with TLS system
  • Threaded barrel with removable A2 flash suppressor
  • Optional 3-9x32mm variable scoped combination with illuminated reticle
  • The scoped combination version does not have a threaded barrel.
  • Twist – 1:9
  • Matte blue barrel and receiver finish
  • Black synthetic chassis
  • Comes with 10-round magazine
  • MSRP for FLEX scope combo – $1098
  • MSRP for FLEX with A2 flash suppressor – $949
Another view of the MVP FLEX with scope combination and fluted barrel.

Another view of the MVP FLEX with scope combination and fluted barrel.

The MVP FLEX without scope, and A2 flash suppressor.

The MVP FLEX without scope, and A2 flash suppressor.


  • 16.25” threaded medium bull barrel (not fluted or threaded)
  • Non-adjustable black synthetic rifle stock
  • Adjustable rear rifle sight, with fiber optic front sight
  • Matte blue barrel and receiver finish
  • Comes with 10-round magazine
  • Optional 3-9x32mm variable scope combination with illuminated reticle
  • MSRP – $829 (scoped version will be slightly higher)
The MVP Patrol has a fixed rifle stock.  This is the Scoped option.

The MVP Patrol has a fixed rifle stock. This is the Scoped option.


  • 20” fluted Sporter barrel with recessed crown
  • Non-adjustable black synthetic stock
  • 12.5” length of pull
  • Standard MVP features
  • MSRP – $928
The Youth rifle has a fixed stock, no optics, and the 20" fluted Sporter barrel.

The Youth rifle has a fixed stock, no optics, and the 20″ fluted Sporter barrel.

MVP PATROL 7.62 NATO (.308 Win.)

  • Due out summer 2013
  • Twist – 1:10
  • Standard MVP features
  • Comination scope option, 3-9x32mm variable with illuminated reticle
  • Rifle sights – adjustable rear with fiber optic front site
  • MSRP – TBA

Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at


  • TCBA_Joe

    So let me understand. The MVP series feeds from AR mags, AND will be coming in .300BLK and threaded versions? Yes please. Seems like a great setup for silent subsonic shooting.

    • Cymond

      Agreed! Lightweight, threaded, AR mags, iron sights, 300 BLK. This is definitely going on my wish list.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I think it looks good too, just slightly concerned with Mossberg’s rifle quality. If Ruger did a Scout with AR mags in 300blk, I’d be jumping up and down… This, I’ll wait to hear first hand reports.

        • DougE

          From what I’ve read, Mossberg’s rifles are pretty accurate. I think considering LE’s love affair with ARs, this will fill a sharpshooter roll quite well, especially with urban departments. Though I will admit, it’s still a smaller market on the LE side.

  • floppyscience

    Great, I’ve always wanted a lighter MVP. I don’t like the original’s laminate stock as much.

    Edit: Just noticed the Patrol has iron sights. Even better!

  • Mike W

    I know several people who have reviewed the MVP- the only complaint seemed to be that by using an AR mag it limited ammo options to lighter loads due to heavier rounds OAL. I think the fluted barreled set up might be in my future.

    • The 1:9 twist limits you to medium weight bullets anyway. The long target bullets which don’t fit in an AR mag won’t stabilize properly without a faster twist. Obviously this is a compromise as a 1:7 twist rate can cause light varmint bullets to spin apart.

  • DougE

    So, the version with the pistol grip, could one change that out to a shotgun stock if one so desired, or is it pretty much fixed?

    • Aaron

      DougE – The pistol grip version comes with the trademarked TLS (Tool-less conversion syste) which allows the stock to be switched out. If you look at the picture above tagged “The MVP FLEX with its companion 10-round magazine” you can observe the TLS locking latch on the top of the stock directly behind where it connects with the receiver. Lift and turn the latch and the stock comes off in seconds. I am not sure if a shotgun stock would fit however. If you go to Mossberg’s website they have a revolving add on their main page that shows the TLS system better.

  • Suburban

    If someone from Mossberg is reading; please work on the aesthetics. That is the UGLIEST “tactical” bolt action rifle that I’ve ever seen.

  • OmegaDR

    Kudos to Mossberg for developing a “AWB-Proof” product. Now, get it to market before those idiots in Congress mandate some special magazine and I can’t use my legacy AR mags.

  • Michael

    What magazines will the 308 version take? Would be nice if the took FAL or G3 mags
    My ideal would be 16inch fluted threaded barrel, AR type stock and rail on forearm for lights