Magpul Expands Shotgun Furniture To Include Mossberg

Magpul’s Remington 870 stocks and forends have been so successful that the company has expanded the line to include Mossberg pump actions. With many thousands of Mossberg pump action shotguns in use throughout the USA, this move is such a no-brainer that one wonders why they didn’t do a Mossberg stock alongside the 870 in the first place. Better late than never!

M590 Magpul Stock


Magpul is advertising that the SGA 590 stock and MOE 590 forends fit 12 gauge Mossberg 590s, 590a1s, and some 500s. I suppose this means that Maverick 88 owners are out of luck again. The stock set’s features are identical to the Remington 870 version, so all MOE accessories will easily fit and you get all the sling mounts, cheek risers, and other options we’ve come to expect from Magpul.

M590 Magpul Forend

Initially offered colors are black, flat dark earth, and orange. I haven’t managed to scrounge up any photos of the stock set actually installed on a 590, so I whipped up a quick Photoshop mockup in the meantime. How do you think the 590 will look with Magpul furniture?


  • mikewest007

    My wallet will be crying. I really shouldn’t fit those real-steel accessories to my Chinese airsoft M500.

    • Tuulos

      Considering they will be made by Magpul they should be very cheap so spend away.

  • aerodawg

    Looks like my 500 is getting new clothes

  • VP Biden

    I don’t understand why the Mossberg 500’s get things after the Remington 870. Isn’t the market split about equally on the opinion of each?

    • DougE

      My guess is that 870s are more common in LE. Maybe that were trying to hit up that market first?


        That would be my guess as well.

        • BlueHyena

          My guess was that it was industry politics? That issue of the Magpul Masada—>Remington ACR connection?

  • Tuulos

    Hopefully the forend at least will fit my 500A Persuader.


    For manual of arms, I have always preferred Mossbergs. Always will. WE are VERY happy to see this in my circle of friends. –TT

  • Matt Porter

    YES! Finally.

  • They will fit Mavericks but you will have to buy a 500 style forearm tube and action bars.

  • Other Other Steve

    Just like I said on facebook it’s about damn time. 🙂

  • Nmate

    Would much rather have had stuff for Benelli. Want a pump? Get a Remington 870. Want a semi-auto? Get a Benelli.

  • gunslinger

    looks great. i also can’t get why the 500 didn’t come out at the same time as the 870.

  • JOE

    Maybe becuase the Remington 870 isnt a steamy pile of goose poo like the Mossbergs?????

  • Tonelar

    They have more to redesign for Benellis… Unless the M4 doesn’t have it’s piston / recoil plunger in it’s stock.

  • TOAD

    Ugh, Magpul makes some great kit… if only they would make an SGA stock and MOE forend for the Benelli M4… I could finally finish my M4 customization… I want a stock without a pistol grip but also something better than the plain old factory Benelli field stock.

    PEOPLE! Stop buying new Remington 870s and Mossberg 590s! Instead, buy new Benelli M4s… if enough people own M4s then Magpul will gladly produce and sell parts for them.

    Sadly, that is a pipe dream. Seeing as how they cost upwards of 3X as much as an 870 they simply don’t appeal to everyone. Some might not be able to afford it, some may find $1,600 for a tactical shotgun (no matter how good) unnecessary and would rather get a $400 Remington and then spend the difference on ammo or anything else.

    The only possible way it could work economically is if the cost of the M4 stock and forgrip was considerably higher than for 870s and 590s, and seeing as how Benelli M4 owners clearly like owning the best equipment (and are willing to pay a premium for it) I think that the higher cost would be a non-issue for many, as long as the stock is exceptionally great.