Christie’s Mag Loaders

Christie’s Products Inc. offers a selection of mag loaders designed for specific weapons.

While the Uzi and Mac loaders resemble Glock issue mag-loaders the MP5, AK, and AR15 loaders feature a drop-in hole for the ammo.


Knowing this could be rather good or disappointing I stopped to try it out. The MP5 magazine loaded easily and was instantly a desired item. I recommend this for anyone reloading magazines frequently and no rental range should be without some such solution.


The larger AR15 magazine loader on the right is of no issue, but the AK magazine requires a slight rocking motion that may take a little more time to really master.



These are currently available for $9.95 with unmentioned models running upwards to $13.95.

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Need one for the mini-14!!

  • Bob

    So what does this do better than an Uplula?

    • Ethan (Aftermath Gun Club)

      The Lula is a great product – I found Christie’s to be faster (for the MP5), it also takes less practice, and costs less. I don’t have enough experience with either rifle loaders to make a comparison.

  • Alpha Roger

    What’s the use.Some of the mags featured can no longer be bought.

  • gunslinger

    got any vids of this thing working? i mean it looks like you put the bullet in the hole, then press down on the top. but still. i’d like a comparison to hand loading as well as other loading blocks.

    10 bucks isn’t a bad point either.