.300 Blackout: Quick Hits

As the Shot Show comes to a close here are a couple of quick hits for .300 Blackout products that were introduced at the show. For the last couple of years the .300 Blackout has been one of the sexy cartridges.


Gemtech has come out with a new .300 Blackout subsonic cartridge. Gemtech, known for their suppressors, has produced subsonic .22 cartridges for years. The new cartridge throws a 187-grain projectile at 1,010 feet per second. It is not a match grade bullet, but it is interesting.

Heat Transferred Case

Otis has introduced several new products this year. However, they also came out with the 300 BLK cleanings system, which is specifically designed to clean the 300 AAC Blackout rifles.

Will Fawcett

I was raised a gun nut, but to pay for ammunition I am an attorney in Smyrna, Georgia.


  • The .300 is a fun cartridge. EO Tech is coming out with an electronic sight that takes into account firing a sonic and subsonic cartridge. Specifically the drop due to the velocity differences.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I want one of those T3 toggle (straight pull 10/22) actions in that photo!

    The gemtech subsonic could be interesting at that price. Do all their 300 rounds have the laser etched “Gemtech” on the case?