KRISS’s New Vector CRB

I’ve known for some time that KRISS was making a new version of the Vector but I had no idea they actually had a rimfire model in the works. That model is a KRISS carbine in .22 LR ! It’s called the KRISS Vector CRB. I don’t know about the rest of you that have been fans of the KRISS or may be owners of one but that’s pretty exciting news for me.

The configuration is very close to its big brother in 45 ACP. The photo below will give you some idea of the layout.



Operating method closed bolt

Caliber .22 LR

Length Open 34.8 inches

Length Folded 24.49 inches

Weight Unloaded 92.77 ounces

Barrel 16:1 Twist /Length 15.98 Inches

Price to be announced.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Chadd

    I need them to add an extra half an inch to the barrel…
    I’ve wanted a KRISS so badly and making it in 22lr just makes me want one more.

    • I’d like to have one myself. In fact I love these guns after doing a review on one some time ago

    • bbmg

      I suppose you represent the demographic they are going after, because in 22LR it cannot be a serious military/law enforcement contender.

      Even as a practical civillian weapon there are more compact and cheaper choices available. The recoil mechanism makes the configuration inconvenient and with no benefit for the rimfire calibre.

  • Tom – UK

    I think its a cool gun but really I just see it being an expensive .22 with an overly complex mechanism, in full bore calibres I think it would be great but here meh im glad we have the choice to buy it but you won’t watch me going for it when there’s a nice 10/22 which with the spare cash I can upgrade/personalise.

  • Dear Santa, I know it’s just January, but nonetheless…

  • I don’t get it. The KRISS was designed with a unique operation mechanism to counteract muzzle rise with fully-automatic fire of .45acp rounds. Adapting that mechanism to the .22lr round makes no sense, except for people that have more money than brains. A semi-automatic .22lr has no muzzle rise needing counteracting to begin with. Hell, even the semi-auto .45acp KRISS carbines don’t make much sense to me, as they aren’t fully-automatic.

    • Gotta agree with this. It’s a cool concept for full-auto centerfire, but it seems like a KRISS .22 wouldn’t even compare to a 10/22 performance-wise.

    • noob

      Cheap training ammo

    • qubi

      My guess is that the .22 version has simpler internals- probably just your regular blowback system hidden inside a fancy looking KRISS shell.

  • Toby

    So does the recoil mechanism make it recoil downward?

    • Seamus Dubh

      Yes and no.
      The recoil mechanism redirects a good percentage of the energy from the bolt being pushed back downwards, thereby negating a percentage of the muzzle climb.

  • Nick H.

    How many rounds is it supposed to be able to hold in the mag?

  • gunslinger

    don’t see why the .22 would be used here. unless you can convert to .45 later?

    would like to see this in bullpup design tough. the .45 not .22

  • I’m an owner of a Kriss Super V .45… and yes, this makes no sense to me either. The Kriss is an unbelievable system for it’s original intention, CQB – large caliber, incredibly fast target re-acquisition. I’m no marksman, but I sure can compete with the best when it comes to accuracy and multiple rapid fire drills with this system, yes folks – it works!

    22LR? Why bother? Also a 22LR has so little energy, I would imagine they would be making the entire blow-back system from aluminium or plastic. Seems like a gimmick.

  • Just get an airsoft one. The gun and ammo would be cheaper, it would have more recoil, a short barrel, and you could shoot FA. Why does this exist?

  • Many of you forget that the KRISS Vector was always designed as a SMG. The Super V system is superflous on the carbine, I know I shoot mine a lot. But in Full Auto it is a different story. Due to it’s increasing popularity they are making an affordable option outside ot the Airsoft version from KWA. Why is there a 22LR SCAR? For people who can’t afford the real thing but dont want airsoft. If there is a demand, someone will fill it.

    Now I can only hope KRISS ARMS doesnt screw this up and offers the KRISS Vector 22LR at an affordable price like $500. I suspect it will be made similarly like other replica 22LR guns and be a step above airsoft but not quite the same quality as the 45 acp Vector.