KRISS Multi-Caliber K-10

The newest version of the KRISS everyone is familiar with is getting a makeover. This carbine has a new buttstock, foregrip and barrel shroud.


There are also changes to the operating controls. Rather than the old method of releasing the bolt it’s been moved from the left side to an ambidextrous position at the top of the magwell. This will be a wide push button that can be operated by either hand. KRISS has also changed the charging handle from the left side front to a lever to a lever that operates vertically from the main receiver. Rack the charging handle by pulling down and releasing. This control can also be moved to the right side of the carbine if the user is a left-handed shooter. There are also a few cosmetic changes. KRISS done a good job making this carbine as left hand friendly as possible.

Now for the real news. This carbine will be available in 45 ACP initially then a 40 S&W caliber followed by a 9MM version.

By the way you’ll note the one in the pictures looks rather rough. It was pretty badly treated in shipping. Not to worry the new ones won’t look like it’s been run over by a car.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Phil, it isn’t a Vector. It is the K10 carbine, here’s the small report I made on krisstalk.

    • It’s kinda funny. One person at the booth called it a Vector and the other a K10. I think I’ll take your word for it!

      • Hmm, It depends on who you talk to at the booth. They are sort of all mixed up with KWA reps, Sphinx Reps, KRISS USA gun techs, KRISS ARMS swiss reps. I went to the source and talked to Reuven. He is part of the SWISS rep team and is a shooter. So he and i had a small connection shooter to shooter and he understood my concerns regarding speed of manipulation of the weapon system.

    • Thanks Nick—at least I know as much as you love a KRISS you’ll be correct. They really trashed this one in transit wouldn’t you say?

    • Excellentreview as always. good to see the safety selector is “fixed”. What is the word on the Kard?

  • Hawk

    Very cool. What advantages does this have over a .300 BLK SBR, besides recoil reduction?

    • It’s just different Hawk

      • Woodroez

        I would ammo prices are also a consideration.

      • Practical over Tactical


        • BaconLovingInfidel

          The lower recoil and resulting quicker follow up shots would be the primary advantages, PoT. Obviously the report and the muzzle flash are much bigger and more with a rifle round as well, but with a suppressor for which .300 blk is so well suited, you’re pretty much down to the superior rifle round ballistics versus the nearly non-existent recoil of the pistol cartridges.

    • noob

      One I can think of is ammo commonality to your pistol. Just remember this kriss is a sub machine gun in a pistol caliber, and no more advanced no less when I you get down to it. It is certainly not a platform you can just switch in some higher power supersonic rifle ammo into and hit out to 600 meters. I think it might be useful to if your police department is poor and wants to only buy 9mm ammo so they choose a pistol and a pistol caliber carbine and leave it at that.

      At high round count and over many years, and the costs of the guns would be amortised and dwarfed by the ammo, and the savings of not needing a rifle fleet would come through.

      • It also uses Glock magazines, which helps. the tall ones are just an add on conversion kit.

        • Well from what Reuven of KRISS ARMS told me, one of the biggest complaints is from LEO and that the Vector is 45 acp. Many departments have been issuing Glock 22 in 40. So to have Vector or K10 in 40 will be an added bonus for police. As opposed to going with a RONI or other carbine adapter platform. They can use they own magazines, glock makes 25 rd mags for the Glock 22. So less development for KRISS.

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            Glock makes a 22-rder for the G22, but there are a pair of well proven magazine extension options to increase that by 3-4 rds.

  • Anthony

    Any idea on release or pricing? I have been wanting to pull the trigger and pick up a vector sbr, but I am a lefty.

    Also, thanks for the great shot show coverage!

    • I have shot my Vector Lefty and it is possible. The biggest issue is the manipulation.
      Here is a video i shot of one KRISS rep’s personal thoughts on the matter.

      I use a different technique but you do what you gotta do to make the vector work for you.

    • You bet we’re glad to do it!

  • By “Multi-caliber” does that mean you can get a new barrel and bolt to switch calibers, or it will just be available as a full carbine in different calibers? Because swapping would be great. I’m a heavy 9mm AND .45acp shooter and would love to have one carbine to rule them all.

    • noob

      I think the kriss is set up so the upper is the firearm, and holding the serial number, and the user interface, the sights and ejection port. I the lower holds the magazine well and the barrel and bolt. I so yes, I swap the lower. Better ask some who wctually owns a kriss though.

      • You are half wrong. The Vecto lower is the registered firearm. Magwell, bolt, barrel.

        The upper is the fire control and sights.

        I was told that the K10 will be user swappable to change calibers. I do not know if this will actually come to production or if they will milk it and make two different K10s in different calibers. But according to one rep at KRISS, the barrel will be swappable and then you just change the bolt and put in a mag adapter. No mention of the ejector. I did clarify that the K10 will NOT be swagged like the current Vector barrel is to the trunion. He was adamant that the modification will not require a gunsmith.

  • shooter13

    When is someone going to make a similar system in a bullpup? other than patents and legality does anyone see why not? im no expert, so i would appreciate some insight, and i am in no way planning to build one either…just curious

    • bbmg

      The overall length of the Kriss versus the barrel length is indeed ridiculous. The configuration presumably stems from the desire to have the boreline as low as possible.

      It is crying out to be fitted in a profile similar to the Magpul PDR:

      • If someone wants to help me further my experiment, It would be possible to make the Vector into a Bullpup.

        • bbmg

          It would not seem like a technological impossibility to add a pistol grip to the barrel guard and a linkage between this and the current trigger.

          One of the gripes (Tony Williams made a comprehensive list here: ) about bullpups is the poor trigger. Here’s a thought, has anyone considered a hydraulic linkage instead of a bar or cable?

          Basically you would have a piston at the trigger and a piston at the sear, and a hydraulic tube in between, just like automotive brakes. You could argue this adds an extra complication that is unacceptable on a military weapon, however hydraulic systems are ubiquitous in the modern world so I don’t see why a sealed system which was maintenance free couldn’t be made.

          Williams also mentions the fact that more of the shooter’s head would need to be exposed when shooting from cover, and this would be aggravated by the KRISS’ low boreline. I would want to reconfigure it more substantially as opposed to tacking on parts to the existing device.

    • As a bullpup how about the Tavor—

      • BaconLovingInfidel

        That’s the ticket. The KRISS is cool, but the TAVOR is far more versatile.

  • noob

    I will begin the chorus: “please lone wolf, bar-Sto and others, but make an after market 357sig drop in barrel kit!”

    I hope people ran back and forth between the lone wolf and kriss booths with that request until the barrel makers pulled out a lathe there and then to shut everyone up!

  • shockfish08

    The new versions had BETTER be able to stand getting run over by a car! The stock looks a lil’ too swoopy for my taste, however the concept of the thing is pretty neat.

  • qubi

    Look interesting- I’m a little concerned that a gun can end up looking like that just from rough shipping though- it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar 10mm.