See the (Taurus) Rainbow

taurus rainbow

Taurus is showing a variety of their firearms in different colors:  black, tan, pink and purple.  Nevermind all of the blued and stainless handguns.

taurus rainbow

Who is the target audience for all of the rainbow colored guns?  Some companies try to market the guns to women…after all women like pink guns, right? [/sarc]

Pink Pistol

I imagine the market for colors like pink and purple is fairly limited.  I don’t see how these guns are profitable.  Regardless, if this is your thing, Taurus has got your guns.

Packin Purple Taurus


Richard Johnson

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  • Purple might be advantageous as a CCW color. If you accidentally flash purple, it doesn’t automatically scream “gun”!

  • JD

    Models, prices, release date? Yeah, I get it, you may not see a purpose, but my girlfriend would probably fall all over herself for something silly like this, making it easier on me in the long run.

  • Ducky

    It doesn’t cost much more to run different colors on polymer builds, and I like having some variety in my guns. I’ve done a bleaching of my AK to make the grain pop, and then finished it with a deep navy blue. I’ve cerakoted my cheap Philipino 1911 in a desert tan frame and forest green slide. There’s always a market for a plethora of colors in just about any gun run.

  • As tacky as it looks, there is a market for these things. One of the nurses I work with got a pink 9mm for Christmas, and loved it. Go figure.

  • Vhyrus

    My girl has wanted that purple tcp for EVER but they are as rare as hens teeth. I’ve only ever seen one for sale and it was in another state so I couldn’t buy it.