Ruger LC380

The Ruger LC380

Ruger has introduced the LC380 based on the LC9 frame.  The new pistol changes to a .380 barrel, extractor, extractor spring, magazine, and slide, but otherwise is very similar in size and features to the LC9.  There are a few other differences that I will outline below.

Although, the LC380 is slightly larger than the LCP, I think that shooters who have larger hands, or are just looking for a pistol that they can get more grip on, will find the LC380 a good match.  It did for me anyway, but feel free to comment on your experiences.


I got to shoot the LC380 during Media Day.  With a slightly larger frame, the LC380 handled very well.  I know we’re only talking about the .380, but the function was smooth, with less snappiness in the recoil than some other compact .380 offerings.

The slightly larger frame of the LC380 fit nicely in my hands.

The slightly larger frame of the LC380 fit nicely in my hands.

One thing the Ruger representative did emphasize was that there is a double click requirement in the trigger reset.  In other words, the trigger must fully return for the trigger to completely reset for another shot.  That was one of the few features I didn’t care for, as I’m used to my Glock that allows for a short reset – much better for fast follow-up shots and generally better shooting form.

On the floor of the SHOT Show I talked with Ruger representative Kurt Hindle about this gun.  Here are the particulars on this new offering:

  • Hammer-fired, double action only pistol
  • Polymer frame with an alloy steel slide and barrel
  • 3-dot white sights with a dovetail front sight
  • Comes with an external safety lever
  • Loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide
  • 7+1 capacity (LCP is 6+1)
  • Overall Length – 6.0” (LCP is 5.16”)
  • Barrel Length – 3.12” (LCP is 2.75”)
  • Width – .90” (LCP is .82”)
  • Trigger pull – 7-9 pounds
  • MSRP – $449

The LC380 is shipping now, but only comes with one magazine.  There are, however, two magazine floor plates that are shipped.  The standard flat plate, and the extended version which provides more finger space on the front side.  That extension does not add any extrta cartridge space however.

The LC380, here with the extended base plate magazine.

The LC380, here with the extended base plate magazine.

The LC380 remains a very narrow pistol.

The LC380 remains a very narrow pistol.

The LC380's sights and the loaded chamber indicator.

The LC380’s sights and the loaded chamber indicator.

Notice the safety in the down (fire) position.

Notice the safety in the down (fire) position.




Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at


  • gunslinger

    I like this.
    I wonder how the loaded chamber thing works… 🙂

    interesting that the .380 is larger than the 9mm. but i like the safety and slide lock.

    • Aaron

      The loaded chamber indicator physically rises when there is a round in the chamber. The rise is not too tall, and does not interfere with the sights. However, if you were unsure of the pistol’s loaded status you could visually verify, or in a low light situation, physically run your finger across the top of the slide to realize there was a live round in the chamber. When the firearm is empty the indicator is flush with the slide.

  • Does it have a better trigger than that mangled thing the LCP has?

    • Aaron

      I fired about 5 rounds through the LC380 at Media Day. The trigger pull was fairly smooth, but the DA pull was long, in my opinion. The trigger required a near full release to reset as well. The LC380 did shoot well however.

  • SqrBob

    I would much rather they make a new 9mm that is simple like theBlue LCP than a 380 that is overdone like the LC9… I dont need safeties and mag disconnects. The DOA trigger is safe enough for me.member

  • MattInTheCouv

    Ok, the anal retentive guy in me is coming out. LCP= Lightweight Compact Pistol. So, shouldn’t this be the LP380? the Compactness [for a .380] is gone, but it’s most definitely still a Pistol.

  • Phil

    NO MORE THUMB SAFETIES!!! I can’t take it anymore

  • TC

    I bought this gun for myself because a 380 is a good carry gun, especially if you use Buffalo bore ammo. The handle is a little bigger than my Sig P238, which is my wife’s carry gun now; fits her hand better. You may or may not like a 380 but this pistol is great, and I’d buy it again. Awesome reliability, function and accuracy. I paid $390 for it out the door.

  • avlisk

    The thumb safety and open after final shot are the 2 things here that won me over. It was this or the S&W BG380 and I liked the larger size of this Ruger.