McMillan ALIAS Modular Bolt Action

The McMillian ALIAS is a 5.56mm bolt rifle action system comprised of modular components. The two part receiver resembles an AR-15. The system comprises of a few different foreends, barrel and stocks. Any AR-15 magazine and pistol grip can be used with the ALIAS.



As well as being sold as modular parts, the rifle will also be sold in a number of standard configurations. The version of the rifle I shot (pictured above) was the ALIAS CS5-Q. It features a 12.5″ barrel, collapsable quick-detach butt stock, quad picatinny rail and a suppressor. With the stock and suppressor detached it is only 23.5″, small enough for a backpack.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick

    Meet the new “assault weapon.” It can fire at the rate of 15-20 rounds a minute without reloading! Better keep this street sweeper off the streets.

    Seriously though, I don’t see the concept of such a rifle when an AR can do the same thing.

    • Nick Pacific

      Define “Same thing.” This is a precision bolt action rifle.

      • Raven

        Same thing means that it’ll shoot just as well as a good AR, probably in the half-MOA range, but without the rapid followup capability or the ease of finding replacement parts.

        • Anonymoose

          They probably should have made it in .308 instead of 5.56. Who even uses .223 bolt guns except for varminting and inna woods?

          • Raven

            They do make the CS-5 version in .308, but of course it’s a double NFA item (SBR and suppressor). Saw one in a magazine once, some idiot mounted an AFG on it.

  • Mainsail1975au

    We can’t have semi auto rifles in Australia (generally speaking) so this rifle would be so sweet.
    But guess what, we can’t have one of these either because it “looks” like an evil assault rifle.

    • Studious_Citizen

      Why haven’t you moved yet?

      • Straya77

        Because Australia is an amazing country dispute the gun laws

  • Harald Hansen

    Interesting rifle! Any idea what the price will be? The McMillan web site lets me build one, but doesn’t tell me suggested retail price.

    • Nick Pacific

      Knowing McMillan it will be priced in the “highly discerning client” range.

  • gunslinger

    can you use it w/o the stock attached? then it’s a bolt pistol. that would be interesting…

    • Anonymoose

      A modern Obrez? 😀

  • crkt308

    the most interesting and only unique feature of this rifle is its dual cocking cams on the firing pin. it makes it easier to lift the bolt after the shot since there is less binding. that aside its not far off from the original tubb 2000 spec-tac-lr. im just going to stick with my off the shelf chassis stocks untill these things are priced more realistically

    • Nix

      MacBros made the Tubb Guns for David Tubb… now they’re making it with their own name on it.

  • This is nothing but a slightly updated, black version of Tubb 2000, which has been out –since about 2000! Look it up.

  • Eric
  • Konrad

    Complete FAIL Steve!
    This rifle is NOT available in 5.56mm but available the following; 7.62NATO, .308palma, .260 Rem, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6XC.

    For a gun writer, that’s pretty sloppy. Have you even bothered to visit the MacMillan website or spoken to someone who knows about the rifle?

    Kind regards,