Horus Vision introduces new user-friendly reticles

Horus Vision Booth 1051

Horus Vision has been an innovator in developing reticles for a long time now. They have developed reticles and software applications that have helped shooters obtain unsurpassed accuracy. This year Horus is introducing two new user-friendly reticles for civilian and military applications.

The H130 Hunting Reticle allows for quick range finding and adjustments for distance and wind. All within the reticle you have a built in range finder that allows for quick approximation of distance based on the size of the animal in the scope. It also has built in lines to indicate wind adjustment up to 20 miles per hour. The reticle also has the common holds for the common .270, .30-06, and .308 up to 500 yards.

Hunting Reticle

Horus vision user-friendly military reticle is the H102. The H102 was designed for the entry-level rifleman, but can also be used by the designated marksman or sniper. With minimal instruction and 60 rounds on the range, the entry-level rifleman can effectively engage targets out to 500 yards. The H102 also allows for wind correction as well as leading targets moving up to 60 miles per hour.

Military Reticle

Both of these reticles allow for second shot correction at the higher magnifications, which is one of the best features of the Horus Vision reticles. If you know where your shot hit, you simply put the hackmark of the impact point on the target and fire again. This allows for quick and accurate second shots, while taking all of the guesswork out of the second shot.

Will Fawcett

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  • luc

    i like good materials thancks

  • ddearborn

    Still a bit busy. Will it tend to obscure the target at longer ranges? Will it cost an arm and a leg like the H58? And finally is anyone actually offering this on upcoming scopes that are not $2000+

  • Sam Suggs

    ddearborn to answer your question NO.

  • John F

    This system is designed to take all the guess out of the shot. Do the data and shoot. If you miss and are sure of your aiming point, take the impact point …put on the dang target and knock it down. There is plenty of science behind it but it makes it almost “idiot ” proof.