Coonan Arms Compensated 357 Magnum Classic

I met with Dan Coonan today who showed me the new 357 magnum 1911 which is now shipping.


As most of you know the 357 magnum chambered Coonan pistols have been around awhile and continue to evolve. The new 1911 carries the same moniker of the “Classic” but is anything but. This particular pistol has received upgrades, which would make it a fine hunting pistol. Really mounting a red dot or regular scope is about all that anyone would add.


The new model is compensated. It also has an Aluminum grips set in black with fine checkering. This is the first time Coonan has added a compensated barrel on any of their guns. It’s a fairly large pistol which coupled with the extra weight of the comp will make follow up shots faster when hunting your favorite game.

Other options are available at the buyers request. MSRP is in the $2000.00 range with these options.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Big gun and classic

  • shockfish08

    Dan Coonan looks like Walter Bishop from Fringe!

  • DougE

    I’d really like to see a Coonan .357 mag concealable version.

  • I love this concept and this is the nicest Coonan I’ve seen…I just wish the grip frame had a slight outward taper top to bottom, or an arched mainspring housing…

  • That is a LOT of money!