USFA ZiP .22

Looking a bit like something from a cheesy science fiction flick, the new ZiP .22 is a polymer rimfire bullpup pistol. Okay, it looks more than a bit like something from a cheesy science fiction flick.

The form factor is designed to deliver compact size and modularity and does away with a slide. The shooter’s middle finger goes below the trigger and provides a solid hold on a gun lacking a traditional grip. Above the 5.25″ barrel are two push rods, one for charging and the other for restriking the action without loading a new round. The rods are interchangeable for. The gun’s overall length is only 5.9″, not bad for a gun with a 5.25″ barrel.


The Zip .22 uses standard Ruger 10/22 magazines, meaning that there’s a wide range of options available. Standard ruger rotary mags and the BX-25 are recommended, but the rep says that their testing indicates that magazine performance in the ZiP .22 matches that of the 10/22 rifle: If it works reliably in the rifle it will work reliably in the ZiP.

A number of options and accessories are available, including a threaded barrel, tops incorporating mil rails or night sight mounting holes, and a ZIPSBR top for mounting the ZiP under the barrel of a rifle or separate stock system (check local regulations):


The shooting at Media Day was marred by performance problems caused by the day’s cold temperatures, something not unexpected when discussing a gun relying so heavily on polymer construction.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and


  • What’s its intended use? I’m trying to think of a practical application for it, but I’m coming up blank. :-

    • Chris AveMariaLaw

      I had the exact thought… undetectable?

      • Mad Geo


        • Hell, if anything, this could be a part of that whole ‘zombie’ craze going on, if that’s still a thing. I guess order one with the mount kit and a threaded barrel and now you have a high speed, low drag gun you can slap a silencer on and put it on the bottom of your Tacticool AK.

    • USSMunkfish

      I’m thinking that when slung under under a rifle this thing could fill the role of a modern bayonet. Such a lightweight backup gun, even in .22, would be more desirable than a blade in many situations when you run dry. You still get to shoulder and sight your weapon the same way, only you would be using a different trigger.

      Of course, all us civilians would have to register it as an SBR to mount it on a rifle.

    • OhioTry

      CCW, especially backup CCW, I would think. It’s shape means that even if you’re printing it’s not like this gun is recognizable as a gun. Possibly not until you start firing it.

    • Rusty

      Actually looks like it would be fantastic for taking backpacking or as a survival gun.

  • Advocate

    You charge the gun by putting your finger a half inch from the muzzle… and it has a second charging handle (i guess for a failed first shot) that doesn’t cycle the action but still puts your finger a half inch from the muzzle with a hang-fire round in the chamber.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • noob

      Crazy as it sounds, and the cold war era polish PM-63 RAK sub machine gun had the same arrangement. The rationale for was that you could cock the gun one handed by pushing the cooking rod against a table or rock.

      As a worst case scenario survival gun it could mean you could manipulate the action after having a hand disabled…. Cold comfort indeed if it was you that shot off your own hand.

  • skibum92

    Can you show somebody holding the thing? It’s P90 looking form makes my Garand -loving head spin… Help an old man out…

    • noob

      Here you go

      Looks like a palm pistol in the hand. The main source of stability is that ring around your middle finger.

    • John Doe

      Probably works the same way the F2000 and the P90 do too. Wizardry and little elves running on treadmills inside.

    • Hope this helps.

  • B

    This is the unknown gun from the video last year that was posted on the blog. I wish I could find the video again or the blog post again. People were right, it was a viral marketing vid, and it is a polymer gun, however, it wasn’t a homemade 3d printed gun like what was pondered.

  • B

    Found it – – guess the ZIP is the final design.

  • Mad Geo
    • floppyscience

      That video is terrible. Who are they marketing it to, Call of Duty kids? Mall ninjas?

      • noob

        Actually yes. The xbox generation is about 30 years old and has money to spend things that make them giggle. Also the xbox generation isn’t it known for a fine sense of aesthetics or a love of the colt single action army, and so this is a smart diversification for the manufacturers us firearms

  • impeachthatguy

    the most impractical application… seems like something the Obama administration would force standardization on us…

  • DB

    I want one. Be a nice .22 plinker, and it takes 10/22 mags so i could slap a 25 rounder in it. Nice.

    • VES Tactical

      Pinker only if you use it as a single shot

  • noob

    If they sincerely market it with a “survival” stock or be taken by “operators” into battle, and I hope they fix the cold weather jams. And keep it under $199 as advertised. It holds two more shots than a ruger lcr22 and is readily silenced. If it is reliable you could have a real winner here

    • erwos

      The weather at media day was well below freezing. A lot of guns and lubricants have difficulty with that sort of weather.

  • noob

    Can we get some more detailed pictures or the action and field strip? I like that it it pretty much the only weapon I’ve heard of the that wraps the trigger around the barrel to provide a direct trigger linkage to the search, and rather than going around the magazine. On the other hand tat same design feature could cause a sluggish trigger reset if care is not taken to avoid a hot barrel binding on the the plastic trigger.

    Do you think the blowback bolt is stout enough to take 22WMR or 17wsm.

    Come to think of it, and the FN FiveseveN pistol operates on direct blowback. Could a 5.7x28mm ZiP pistol with a short threaded barrel and the operating rods cut back into slots on the receiver so they don’t protrude out the front be an interesting product? How about if it feeds from 30 round fn magazines?

  • gunslinger

    wondered the pratical application myself.

    but i guess a 5.25 inch barrel isn’t that bad

    under mount would be a SBR and all the fun of tax stamps.

  • John

    Looks like BX-25 magazines would serve as a pistol grip, although it looks like the thumb of your shooting hand has an awkward time finding a rest

  • West

    Then you could attach a BB gun to the rail under the .22.

  • Lee

    Under barrel and silenced, this would be an excellent add on for clearing a house during combat when element of surprise is needed. Fortunately, I have no use for it other than a cheap backpacking plinker. At least it isn’t another AR.

    • “Clearing house during combat” with a silencer on a cheapcrap .22 with your fingers next to the ejection port?

      Well, if it makes you happy. I endorse diversity in guns. But I’m all over “eh” about this.

  • L0pper

    Video please!!! I know there are a few floating around, but i’d love to see you do a booth video with them

  • Oh man, this was at Media Day? How did I miss it? What booth was it at?

    I handled it at the showroom here is my little review of it.

    • Aaron

      It was only a couple of booths up from the far right end of the pistol ranges at Media Day.

  • Aaron

    I got to shoot this at Media Day. Although interesting, and fun to shoot (when it would shoot) we had serious loading issues. My buddy got off a few rounds in a row, but the rest of the time, and every time with me, it was one shot then fix double-feed. The guys in the booth had apparently not planned on ammo shortages, so had desperately sought out 6-7 gun shops in Vegas over the weekend, and picked up “cheap” ammo.

    Not sure if it was the ammo, the cold, the dust, or what, but I’d have to see some serious corrections to the feeding problem to even remotely consider this as a plinker.

  • The Zip Gun just hitting the market…love odd guns.
    I will be first on the block to have one by Friday!! Just bought one off G B.


    Shot show interview…


  • VES Tactical

    Just finished shooting my new in box Zip 22. Couldn’t get the 25 round mag to feed at all. The key to this gun is after squeezing the trigger you have to immediately let off to allow the reset. If you hold he trigger back it will jam, double feed, or FTE every time. This method worked with the factory 10 round mag, the 25 round was a Walmart special. Shooting with the 10 rounder was somewhat awkward because of the lack of something to wrap your lower two fingers around. I’m a dealer so I was out less than $170 on it,MSRP is $199. I’m not going to carry them in my shop until the bugs are worked out. They already have a fix kit for the ruger 25 round mags so they know there is an issue. They’re selling on gunbroker for over $300, going to be some upset owners.


  • Held one today. At first it grabs your attention but then you realize there is no practical application. Sorry guys at USFA you totally missed the mark. This is a piece of garbage and Davidson is not going to do you any favors marketing it. If you want someone that can convince everyone this thing doesn’t suck, give me a call. Because you obviously lost all of your shame making this thing. Your revolvers are second to none but this piece of @#$% is going to lower the bar for you guys. Welcome to the world of Hi-Point and Jimenez!