Springfield XDs 9mm

Springfield XDs 9mm with 7 round magazine

Springfield Armory has followed up their success with the XDs in .45 caliber, by introducing the XDs 9mm.  This is a compact, single stack, 9mm handgun based upon the same frame as the original XDs.  The XDs 9mm provides a great alternative to shooters who are not big fans of a large cartridge in a very small handgun.  The highly popular 9mm cartridge should make this pistol very popular as well.

The XDs surprised a lot of people by coming in a package that was only 6.3″ long in total, with only a 3.3″ barrel.  Of greater interest to many who are looking for a concealed carry firearm, is the fact that Springfield was able to put all that power in a pistol with a width of only 0.9″.  The XDs 9mm follows that same trend.

Springfield XDs 9mm with a width of only 0.9"

Springfield XDs 9mm with a width of only 0.9″


Having shot the XDs in .45 caliber last year I was very impressed with the pistol’s ability to maintain control and accuracy of the .45 cal. from such a small frame.

The XDs 9mm as expected was a real treat.  The pistol had no problems accurately firing the 9mm and the recoil was so minimal that it did not create a hinderance to rapid follow-up shots.  This little gun shoots well, and should be a very popular carry gun.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Nearly identical specifications as the XDs, but in 9mm
  • Barrel – Melonite, fully supported ramp
  • Sights – Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail (Steel) Rear
  • Slide – Forged Steel with Melonite finish
  • Frame – Black Polymer
  • Magazines – (2) Stainless Steel
  • Standard capacity of 7+1, but has optional extended magazine making 10+1
  • Should be available by 2nd quarter 2013
  • MSRP will be around the XDs price





Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at BlueSheepDog.com.


  • M.M.D.C.

    Single-stack, striker fired and no dang thumb safety. Want, want, want!

  • kevinp2

    Can you post the accuracy test results? Group sizes at particular distances?

    • Aaron

      Kevinp2 I was shooting at a standard steel body target with a 6″x9″ rectangular swinger in the middle. The target was about 15-20 yards away and I was hitting the rectangle with each shot, no problem.

      • kevinp2

        Very nice, thanks!

    • Paul

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      • kevinp2

        For some reason, you have replied to my Australia post on this thread. Why?

        • Paul

          The other thread was locked when I was writing a reply and I thought it was important to show the true statistics.

  • What’s the extended mag look like in the gun?

    • Aaron

      Jesse they didn’t have the extended version at Media Day, but I’ll see if they have one on the floor.

  • noob

    Do a head to head comparison with the kel-technology pf 9 please!

  • Aaron

    Hey everyone, I got more information from the Springfield folks today. The MSRP will be around $599, but the company hasn’t even told the employees when it will be ready for shipment. The rep did say they are trying to push it through quickly because of high demand.

    The weight is listed at a surprising 23 oz. (a little heavier than the XDs), so I’m assuming that is with the magazine inside. Hopefully this won’t be another misprint problem like last years 29 oz. printing for the XDs. I write like they print it!

    The specs are identical to the XDs except in 9mm.
    Barrel length – 3.3″
    Overall length – 6.3′
    Height – 4.4″
    Trigger pull – 5.5 to 7.7 lbs.

    Hope that helps some.

    • Dan

      Ron Leatham said in a video I watched this morning that, it is slightly heavier than the XDs45 because is is essentially the same gun, using the same barrel, but in order to make the 45 barrel fit the 9mm they had to “fill it” a little, thus adding more weight. Interesting.

      • John

        To be fair 9mm does have higher chamber pressure than 45 ACP (34000 PSI vs 21000 PSI) so the 9mm barrel needs to be thicker.

        But I agree that they kept the barrel outer dimensions the same to keep the cost down. I was hoping the 9mm version would be slightly slimmer. Bummer.

        • Aaron

          Dan and John thanks for the insight. I was hoping it wasn’t another misprint!

      • GunBill

        Is there any truth to the rumor that a 9mm conversion kit may be available for the current XDs 45mm ?

    • Suburban

      About the size of Kahr P9 then, but 1/2″ longer, and 6 ounces heavier. Meh. There are smaller 9mm pistols more appropriate for pocket carry. If you are going to carry IWB, then you can likely get away with a Glock 26 or XD/XDM equivalent.

    • GunBill

      Thanx Aaron… wasnt sure what the eventual retail was going to be on this…

  • Cameron

    I’ve always just found the XD/XDM/XDS slides to be bulky, and the bore axix high. It’s not a comment on the quality of the guns (so don’t downvote me ’cause you like ’em 😉 ), they’re good guns, I just find them kinda awkward.

    Also, 23 ounces…does that seem heavy to anyone else? Isn’t that more than a Glock 19?

    Well, it might not trip my own trigger, but I know the XDS-45 has been a huge seller that a lot of people want, so more power to Springfield.

    • Cameron


  • Guys, I can’t make Shot Show this year. What’s my best bet at getting my hands on one of these (been waiting since they announced the .45)? Contact SA?

    • Aaron

      What I was told was that they’re working hard to pump them out to their distributors (in an untold timeframe). That being said, once they reach dealer’s hands they will probably go quick. I’d recommend finding a dealer you can work with and maybe see about putting a deposit down on one until they arrive. Otherwise check the stores on a daily basis for they’re sure to go quick!

  • Ken

    Is the bore axis on the XDs high like it is on the original XD 9mm?

  • Hikerguy

    With folks like me who have small hands this is a great choice. I may leave this page up on my computer to my wife sees it. It would make a great present for my next birthday and Christmas.

  • Nice piece! Some prefer 9mm, with good ammo it’s a fine round. I prefer my XDs .45, but that’s me. This will be a good alternative for those who prefer 9.

  • 23 oz? the subcompact 9mm is 26ozand a much bigger tool than the xds, …a lil suspect on that weight…

    • Aaron

      Guest I got that straight from the Springfield people … although I did that last year with the XDs that they originally said was 29oz. It turned out to be a little over 21oz. I’ll let you know if I find out something is different.

  • Shomer

    Aaron, a quick side note. I like the look of the gloves you are wearing. What are they? Thanks!

    • Aaron

      Shomer those are the Blackhawk Fury Commando gloves with Nomex. I got them in tan. I think they can be had in black and foliage green too, but don’t quote me. They are great shooting gloves – really stay tight on the fingers.

    • Aaron

      Shomer, sorry for the delay. Those gloves are Blackhawk Fury Commando gloves with Nomex. I love them. They fit nice and snug to my fingers allowing good tactile feeling even with gloves on. They also provide decent warmth, as it was below freezing most of Media Day and my toes let me know about it before my fingers.

      • Shomer

        No worries! Thanks for the review and the response!

  • deb

    does it have an ambi mag release?

    • Aaron


  • sickday

    Will I be able to convert my .45 to the 9mm?

    • Aaron

      Sickday I like the way you think, however I’m not an engineer so I’m not sure about how the mechanics of your suggestion would work. Although made to the same general specifications as the XDs in .45 I believe the barrel opening on the slide will not fit the .45 caliber barrel.

  • Agony

    Does anyone know if this will be available in California. I know the XDs .45 is not.

    • Aaron

      Agony I have a feeling that it will not. It has all the same features (and lack of CA features) that the XDs has. I’m not sure of all the CA particulars, but I wouldn’t count on this fine pistol being an option in CA. I tried to look the restrictions up on the CA DOJ website and … yeah, there is no easy find. Sorry, but I would guess no on the XDs 9.

    • ninjacut

      No, but will be through SSE .. I got the XDMs the same way

  • Rockin Rodney

    Too Bad about the size/weight of this gun. Being a XDs .45 owner and loving the gun I was hoping that the 9mm would really big a huge improvement in being smaller and lighter compared to the likes of Khar or Kel Tec. I was hoping so I could use as a pocket pistol instead of my .380. I purchased a Kel Tec and tried it for front pocket carry and it was still a bit big and heavier than what I am used to with the .380. The Diamondback for size and weight is perfect but too many negative comments about it or it would be a perfect a perfect replacement for the .380. I sometimes carry the XDs .45 but for all the time for my use it is still to heavy, so this new offering for the 9mm is very disappointing to me. I am sure it will still be a huge seller for the 9mm folks but there are other choices that are better for pocket carry at least.

  • Unfortunately, this probably won’t be available in the People’s Republic of California since it won’t have a magazine disconnect and the loaded chamber indicator “doesn’t protrude far enough”. What BS.

  • chucky

    Going to pick up my xds 45 saturday for 498.00 out the door.My gun dealer got in 10 xds at 10:00 on wednesday by 6:00 that day they were gone. At 15.00 over cost I guess so.

    • Aaron

      That is a great price chucky, you’re lucky to have one. I really enjoyed shooting the XDs last year. For such a small package, it not only shot well, but had an amazingly light recoil considering its chambering.

  • Katie

    Anyone have updates on the XDs 9mm? Just curious if they have set a release date

  • GunBill

    Im looking forward to the eventual release of the XDs 9mm… I currently own the MP Sheild 9, & G26 gen 3… both are gr8 but, seriously… I really want this Springfield Armory intro…!

  • Crockett

    How does the 45 model compare to Glock 30 when it comes to recoil? I love my g30 it’s so manageable. Thanks

  • Am3ricanGI

    I first saw the XDS .45 on our range day and it was a huge hit. We had AR 15/SOCOMs and this little firepower was the talk of the range. I fired 5 rounds and was very impressed. I personally do not own a .45. I decided to buy an XDS 9mm. I love this gun. It has a minimum amount of recoil and I am deadly accurate out of the box.

    I highly recommend this as a CCW/back up any day of the week. My current back up was a KAHR PM .40. Bye, bye PM I am carrying this for the rest of my career… Great decision to go to the 9mm in this pistol.

    I paid $519 at Sportsman Warehouse.

  • Charlie


  • Charlie

    Just bought a XDS 9mm, where can I find a grip ext.

  • Jinglebob

    Just bought my XDs 9mm a couple of hours ago. The standard kit, Black firearm for $509. I am happy.