Slide Fire’s Belt Fed Rifle

Early on the Slide Fire queue had a line, and for good reason, everyone wants to test out how easy the Slide Fire stock really is to use.
SlideFire BFR (3)
The Slide Fire stock functioned the same with the belt-fed conversion, it also didn’t hang up or jam the few times we used the weapon. Removing the drop in belt fed conversion allows you to continue using standard magazines, albeit with some significant holes on the side of the receiver
SlideFire BFR (2)
The host guns are Colt 6920’s with some deviation to other Colt’s. The firearm is then cut to accommodate the drop in Belt Fed Rifle (BFR) attachment. None of the firearms at the range had been re-anodized or refinished.
SlideFire BFR (4)
Ultimately the price may dictate how cool this is.

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • JumpIf NotZero

    So… they are TRYING to piss off the ATF then?

    On one hand, if you could afford to feed a belt fed, you could probably just afford the registered receiver and have a real M16. On the other, this actually seems like a fair use for the slidefire since it’s inaccurate anyhow, you might as well attach it to a belt fed 🙂

    • With the rate of fire I was witness of a bipod would be a must for accuracy.

    • Bianca Vander Helm Green

      Since when does a stock dictate the accuracy of a gun? If you can’t shoot then go back to the range and stop trying to blame the equipment lol

  • noob

    Does anyone remember the shrike 5.56? Could this little belt feed conversion do all the shrike wanted to do at a fraction of the cost? What does Ares say?

    • HSR47

      The Shrike is a drop-in belt fed upper that doesn’t require modification of the lower. It appears to be unique in this regard.

      The Cenier mechanism required modification of the lower, and the Valkarie appeared to as well.

  • noob

    Also can we see inside the upper? I what is the feed pawl like?

  • Lane C

    Does anyone know who makes the handguard in the third photo?

    • I’m afraid not it may be one that company had made.

    • Ethan (Aftermath Gun Club)

      It is their proprietary handguard, the design’s intent is to give you an easy way to push the firearm forward.

  • Lane C

    Sorry I meant the last photo

  • tobias

    I wonder if a belt fed rifle is a way around a magazine restriction?

    • Jared

      It’s not

    • electrozity8

      No it still counts as a large capacity magazine.

  • Oh….. Don’t think I need for this.
    If you buy products of Ares AMG is good if you make such a thing.

  • mosinman

    I like this but its kinda a bummer that they have to cut the reciver to attach it

  • Nick

    I wander if this could be a way to get around the 10 round mag restrictions that some states have?

    • nature223

      new york wont restrict belt feds, they havent previously..they’ll just take anything that goes bang

  • TCBA_Joe

    Looks like another Stoner/Ceiner belt fed M16. There have been a few companies that have done this. They’re always pricey and made in extremely limited quantities. I don’t doubt the same for this.

  • Tony

    That looks a lot like the Vlkyrie arms conversion, only with SLIDEFIRE rollmarked on it.

  • nature223

    yeeeeessshhhh…nope I am not hacking a perfectly good lower up.
    A for effort
    E- for aesthetics

  • gunslinger

    This has be done before. Unless SF is now working in conjunction with those manufacturers.

    interesting point about the mag limit.

    as for cutting up a lower…. why not use something like the PSA Blemished? or what about the ATI polymer?


  • notsaying

    maybe a solution to the new New York state mag ban?

  • tincankilla

    talk about inviting a product-specific act of congress.

  • mallrat

    Lowers are becoming available again, if the belt fed conversion proves to function reliably and is available at a reasonable price, I’d hack an off-the-shelf
    receiver in a minute. Probably not a poly lower, as I’d also want the Slidefire stock to be an option and I don’t trust the buffer tube threads to hold up to that abuse.