Single Action SIG P226

SIG P226

The P226 is one of the most popular SIG Sauer handguns of all time.  There are a variety of different models in the P226 line, but at Media Day, I got to shoot one of the new variants:  the single-action P226.

SIG P226

This P226 looks and feels a lot like the classic P226.  However, it is designed to be carried “cocked and locked”.  There is no double-action trigger pull on this gun.

SIG P226

Oh, and it shot great.

Richard Johnson

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  • Skeptic

    Looks like a gun intended to replace the old Browning HPs which are wearing out all over the world and whose procurement staff just wants more of the same. Geoff Who notes the low energy solution.

    • Esh325

      I doubt it’s being marketed specifically as a replacement for a BHP. This is probably intended for the commercial market.

  • Cashel111

    what is the benefit of single action? as far as i can tell it would only be a legal thing, and cant you convert most pistols quite easily to be single action?

    • nmate

      The worst thing about pistols like the SIG is the double action pull. While it allows you to carry it with a round in the chamber without any manual safety, it is a very difficult trigger pull to master. Especially for competition shooting, it is completely unnecessary and a single-action only variant makes a lot more sense.

      • Geo

        I always miss the first plate when I shoot my 226 in competition.

      • Esh325

        I don’t have a Sig, but what I remember about the one I played with in a gunshop was that DA was very smooth I thought. For competition shooting, I could understand why somebody would want a SAO trigger over a DA/SA.

    • It’s a different style of shooting is the best way to put it. Lighter trigger pull and possibly a shorter trigger reset. There’s a number of people who prefer the “cocked and locked” carry method (one in the chamber and safety turned on in the holster). The one obvious disadvantage is that if you have to draw to defend yourself, you have to remember to turn the safety off. While this sounds silly and easy, one should always assume the absolute worst can happen when carrying (like forgetting you have a safety) and that’s why some people care DA or DAOs. Point and pull, so there’s less X-factors in the equation where things can go wrong.

      This particular pistol is, if I had to guess, Sig Sauer’s way of trying to jump into the SA pistol market. As put in the article, the P229 is already wildly popular and if they offer another variant that appeals to their customer base, it’s just a principle of good business to bring to the market. While a number of pistols can be converted to SA, not all can be done easily or even at all. Some people are also too lazy or uncomfortable to do it themselves and that means a trip to the gunsmith. This way, it’s SA right out of the box.

      Hope that helped a bit.

    • A big advantage is the much lighter trigger pull. Once the gun is cocked, it takes very little effort to fire.

  • DSchram

    Cashel, I imagine the trigger pull is a LOT lighter since it isn’t double action, and is merely releasing tension. Think 1911 trigger pull.

  • Tinkerer

    Mh, I miss the classic SIG safety/decocker. Oh well.

    • Esh325

      They still offer the DA/SA Sig p226.

  • Yes.

  • floppyscience

    I’m 99% sure they’ve had SAO P226s before. Still, it’s good to see them back.

    • Anonymoose

      All there Mastershop pistols are, think.

      • FourString

        Yup, but it’s definitely nice to see mortal-priced SAO models, to be sure!

  • electrozity8

    I do agree with the lack of the decoker. That’s what made the SIG special in my eyes next to how ergonomic they are.
    But that trigger is probably feather light now.

  • valmet

    Looked great until I saw that unproven POS MIM long extractor. No thanks. Will stick with the X5 Tactical.

  • Akmarksman

    Glock is the only one NOT offering something like a 1911..

    I do like the look of this SIG.

  • This could give the CZ-75 a serious run for the money. Worst problem with the 226 was always the DA/SA trigger. SAO with 1911 style thumb safety = WIN. Safety looks a lot easier to use than a Browning Hi-power as well.

  • James

    Another advantage is the shorter trigger reach. Single-action guns are almost always easier to shoot for the small- (or short-) handed than double-action guns with their long trigger reach.
    Now if SIG would only bring back the single-stack P225 with a safety rather than a decocker…

  • James

    When is it coming to the market?

  • FourString

    Ok this I want.

  • idahoguy101

    I have a P220 SAO. Nice!

  • I would get a P229 version of this in a heartbeat.