Magpul Fixed Stock

If you like the Magpul style and want to save some money or you worry about your stock’s adjustable mechanism breaking,  the Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock will set you back  $49.95. Just $10 less than the iconic adjustable Magpul MOE Stock. The product will be on sale later this year.

Steve Johnson

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  • Pointless. The point of an adjustable is that it’s adjustable. Otherwise get an A1 stock and be done with it.

    • Esh325

      But if you have a carbine extension, you can’t use such an A1 stock.

    • ECHO603

      Pointless unless you live in a ban state and want a shorter length of pull.

  • Ghostalker

    Mark I believe its for those of us in ban states that want something more ‘tactical’. There is already a fixed offering from magpul, but this sounds like it will be using the normal adjustable buffer tube/spring/buffer, which would be nice.

    • Esh325

      Also I think some people don’t need or want an adjustable, or they the prefer the feel of a fixed stock.

      • Absolutely. I prefer the cheek weld of a fixed stock.

  • John Doe

    If it’s lighter/more durable than an A2 stock, then why not?

  • Looks like Magpul will still be making money when adjustable stocks are considered a “military feature”

  • Jeffersonian

    I just barely got my first-ever AR built before the current panic. It’s currently wearing a GI-style collapsible buttstock, on the shorter tube, because that’s all I could find. If I want to change to a fixed stock I’d also need a new tube, buffer and spring – until now. I’ll be buying this product when it’s available.

  • I’m digging this stock. It looks like it has a shorter LOP than a fixed stock and I like the way it looks more than their current A2 replacement stock. Personally, I don’t like the loooong LOP of an A2 and many of the options out there aren’t that great. I’d put this on a fixed-stock gun in a heartbeat. It’s longer than the A2-style entry stocks, and looks far more comfortable too.

  • Cymond

    Ok, so I’m a bit confused. It fits on to an adjustable carbine type tube but it doesn’t adjust. Ok, I understand that.

    In some cases, people in ban states have their adjustable stocks pinned in place. Obviously, they can have their stocks pinned at whatever position they want.

    Can this Magpul stock be locked in to any position, or does it slide all the way on to the tube and have only a single possible LOP?

    • justelvin

      This is also my question as I DO live in one of those states that doesn’t allow an adjustable stock on an AR. My Stag Model 2 came with a pinned A1 length receiver extension, causing a much longer LOP. I replaced with an M4 length buffer tube and planned on pinning a Magpul MOE stock closer in for a shorter LOP.

      If you notice there is a seam there and a screw which I hope means you can have at least 2 “semi permanent” positions and allow 2 LOPs.

      FYI… Most “communists” states’ laws require not necessarily pinning, but, instead that it not be readily adjustable or that you need for a tool to adjust it. Given the position of that slotted screw, it seams it might be adjustable with the use of a tool, remaining compliant.