Winchester AA TrAAcker Shotgun Shells

If you have ever taught non-shooters how to shoot clays, you will know how painful it can be. Unlike target shooting where a newbie shooter gets visual feedback on their shots, missing a clay by an inch is as good as missing it by a mile. The Winchester AA TrAAcker is designed to give shooters more feedback on how far off their shot was. The AA Traacker’s wad is weighted with shot and when it the barrel fins are deployed. This allows the wad to travel along roughly on the same trajectory as the shot itself. There are two wad colors available, black and orange, to suit many different shooting conditions. In the below sequence of photos you can see Chris Cheng hit a clay. The black wad can clearly be seen.

Winchester aa traacker

I would say the wad is more visible in real life that it is in the photos. The black color is the easiest to see against a blue sky, while orange would be the best when seen against greenery or in dark conitions.

I was a skeptic before trying it but I am now a convert and will be a buying boxes of it as soon as it hits the shelves.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dale

    Is it just me, or did Winchester just inadvertently create a decent impromptu defense load too with a weighted follower?

    • Criticalthinkingiscritical

      As a clay sports specific round it would logically only be made in bird-shot variants.

      Unless someone is attacking you at the shooting club I can’t envision any situation where this would be the most convenient “impromptu” defense option.

      • Todd S

        It would be fine in an apartment or a close-packed neighborhood… very little chance of wall penetration.

        • mikewest007

          Yeah, and then you can hang a trophy on it. 😛

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Well I don’t know about that right now, but if they added a slot more weight, a sharp nose and sturdier fins …

  • Top Trainer

    Recoil, to much as a useful training load, total load weight and speed should be reduced