Shooting The New Glock 30S .45 ACP

This afternoon Chris and I shot the new Glock 30S chambered in .45 ACP. The slimmer profile is nice, but other than that it is a Glock and it performed well, just as you would expect from a Glock. The recoil was not excessive. I have shot full-sized .45 which had more (perceived) recoil. If you want a subcompact .45, you should take a look at the the Glock 30SF.

IMG 1358

IMG 1359

Steve Johnson

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  • the glock I’ve been waiting for

  • Nate Peterson

    How does the size compare to the XD-S?

  • sss

    ssssmmmmaaaaaaall )))))))

  • LeeC

    the G30S… this is a G30SF with a G36 slide. So close to what I want!! Now, if only I can convince them to create the “G30S XT”… as above but with a G23 length grip with a G27 style bottom. The gun would be no taller than it is now, it would create a better grip and get rid of the gawdawful mag lump.