TFB Crew Hits Vegas!


TFB crew is arriving in Vegas this afternoon. I was pleased to see Las Vegas Airport is plastered with banners welcoming SHOT Show attendees. Even without the banners you would know SHOT Show was on by all the people walking around with MOLLE-compatible bags, tactical jackets and pink camo clothing.

Our coverage of SHOT this year is going to be epic. The TFB Shot Show Crew includes TFB regulars Phil White, Chris Cheng, Richard Johnson and myself. Joining us is …




Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Axel

    I am so jealous and I’m totally looking forward to this! Will be checking this blog every ten minutes this whole week.

  • allannon

    As an Ars reader, I can’t begin to tell you how surprised I am one of the Ars staff is going to shot.

    Unless, perhaps, they’re planning an article about how scary guns are. :p

    • Bret

      Actually, Ars has never been much of a ‘guns scary!’ place in my experience. Heck, at one point back when Ben Kuchera was there, the comments on one of his articles devolved into a discussion about the 1911 he used as a leading photo. Folks were trying to guess at the model and comparing it to ones they owned, etc. Also, about a week ago Lee Hutchison did a nice writeup on the uber-scope that was being shown off at CES, and I presume will be at SHOT as well. I’ve never gotten the impression that Ars hates guns.

      • allannon

        They’ve never really addressed the topic at all. However, as the general tenor of the site is decidedly liberal, and watching the dogpiles that tend to occur on the forums where normally a mod would step in much earlier (although, to be fair to the mods regarding the most recent one, eXcelon may have let it run a bit long to avoid accusation of bias as since he does post heavily in the PFT).

        There are certainly gun owners on the site (I was an active poster for around a decade, and the PFT is probably one of the busiest, long-running threads on the fora), but the site staff tend to adopt positions more characteristic of Feinstein’s supporters then not. And the readership is inarguably skewed liberal; I was utterly flabbergasted at the relative lack of negative gun commentary in the linux-powered rifle article.

    • Correction: I’m not an Ars staffer, and haven’t been since I left the site in late 2011.

      I’m in Vegas this week with my family for a bit of a working vacation, and Steve has kindly let me tag along as part of the TFB crew and contribute. I’ll be doing a writeup on the nuts and bolts of how the TrackingPoint scope works, and covering a few other things, as well.

      I’m also working on a much longer piece on the AR-15 and the enthusiast culture behind it — it’s a gun-as-gadget story. This is for a different media outlet, though. I’ll be doing interviews with different makers of ARs and components as background for that piece, and posting the edited source interviews here on TFB, so look for those as I get them edited and transcribed.

  • Black_Viper

    I cant wait to go! Been waiting since December when I got word that my FFL went through! Hope to see you there TFB!

  • Zachary Arnold

    Can’t make it in until Tuesday, but will be there!