Ruger Bringing New SR45 to SHOT Show

SR-45 Stainless

We are hoping to get our hands on the new Ruger SR45 at SHOT Show this year. Dimensions are just slightly larger than the 9mm and .40S&W versions we’ve become accustomed to, with the exception of width, which is exactly the same. Capacity is 10+1, putting the SR45 on par with Smith & Wesson’s M&P 45. The new variant shares all the features of the previous SR series guns, including adjustable 3-dot sights, pre-set striker fired trigger system, giant loaded chamber indicator, and the controversial magazine disconnect which deactivates the trigger system once the magazine is removed. A 1911 style manual thumb safety and Picatinny accessory rail round out the features list.

SR-45 Quarter View

Given the American shooters’ love for the .45acp cartridge, a version of the SR series pistol chambered for it seems like an obvious direction to go. Given the popularity of the Springfield XDS, M&P 45C and Glock 30/36 pistols also chambered for .45acp, can an SR-45c compact variant be far behind?


  • Dave


  • philthegardner

    TEN +1? I see Ruger is still trying to get on the side of the antis. I see little advantage going for the SR45 instead of the XDM, PX4, G21 etc. etc. etc.

    • thatguy

      They might just be trying to keep the grip size lower for people with smaller hands.

    • DW

      M&P45 is a 8 rounder that sold very well, and HK45, successor of the USP45, has a 10 round mag opposed to the 12 round capacity in the USP. Apparently not every 45 needs to be hi-cap to sell well.

    • mikewest007

      “No honest man needs more than ten rounds.” – Bill Ruger

      • Chris

        that explains why police and government officials insist they do.

    • That’s not necessarily true. It’s not easy to get more than 10 rounds of .45 ACP into a double stack magazine without making the grip too big for some people’s hands. Sure, Glock pulled it off with the Glock 21, but the Glock 21 is also too big for some people, which is why they’ve developed the Glock 21S and the interchangeable backstraps in the Gen 4 series. Honestly, I don’t see a magazine capacity of 10 rounds for a .45 ACP semi-auto as being that bad. Hell, 8 rounds is enough for most people with their 1911s. The way I look at it, 10 is better than 8.

  • Jacob Fuerst

    I see from the catalog that the SR45 is replacing the P345. Can’t say I’m surprized. I LOVE my SR9c, fantastic trigger and very accurate. If the .45 is built as well as the 9mm, it’s gonna be a good gun. Might have to trade my P345 towards it.

  • The mag disconnect is a deal breaker.

    • The mag disconnect on the SR platform is incredibly easy to remove. You use a pin to remove the backing plate and the firing pin will pop right out. Turn over the slide and the and the Mag disconnect will simply fall into your hand. After that you press in the firing pin and push the backing plate back on. The whole procedure takes less than 20 or 30 seconds

      • John

        Never been a fan of removing safety features. Tends to be a liability from a legal standpoint

  • Läski-Mooses

    10+1? Now let’s see, keep my CZ-97B or get an ugly tupper…. meh, I’ll keep the CZ.

  • Schizuki

    Does anyone know if the SR9 will take .40 caliber magazines?

  • Jim Williams

    How is this different from the P345 and why is it an improvement? It just seems to me that they keep coming out with all these “new” guns as a sales technique (planned obsolescence?).

  • I’m happy with the S&W 457. 8+1! I’ve got bigger mags in my jacket pocket!

  • Chris

    So I guess if you want a ruger handgun without the magazine safety crap you have to buy a revolver now.