Walther PPK/S in .22 LR

James Bond’s favorite gun will soon available chambered in .22 LR. The Walther PPK/S 22 will retail for between $399 and $429.

PPK_S .22 | Walther ArmsWalther Arms-1


New for 2013 from Walther Arms, the PPK/S .22 L.R. will give everyone a chance to feel like James Bond. This German-engineered traditional double action .22 caliber replica made famous by Walther for that well-known British Secret Agent comes fully-loaded with features every shooter can appreciate.

Walther’s PPK/S .22 L.R. comes in two versions – Matte Black and Silver and is perfect for the experienced target shooter or the casual “plinker” who wants to enjoy shooting but desires to shoot less expensive ammunition. Its small size and light weight is becoming the choice for those who want a concealed carry pistol that no one knows they are carrying – including its owner.

Chambered for .22 L.R. ammunition, this compact beauty is just over 6 inches (154mm) long and lightweight at just 23 ounces (660g). This single stack pistol has a 10 round capacity with the magazine release conveniently located in front of the grip for greater access and control. Besides an interchangeable sight and smooth 13 pound trigger pull, for maximum amount safety, this sleek pistol has a manually-operated safety above the grip for easy access and reliability.

Even though this is an internationally famous traditional double action pistol, it’s priced for the common man with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price range of $399 to $429.


Steve Johnson

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  • John McPherson

    Could have used a few more details in this, such as, what this gun is made from? Zink, plastic, steel, aluminum? Is that black blueing or paint? Silver? Really?

  • surfgun

    Looks like a chromed chunk of zinc with cast metal small parts. A Walther?

  • Bob Z Moose

    For all the bitching, it really does look like zinc. More like an airsoft gun than a real Walther. :-/

  • The KIng

    Looks like a fun little plinker. I would rather have another P22.

  • Tony

    Smart move, .380ACP is scare and expensive in today’s US market.

  • Hunter57dpr

    hahaha i laughed at the “smooth, 13 POUND trigger pull”

    does not sound like a pleasure to shoot at all.

  • Nice unit! Hope we can still have them when Ovomit has it’s way with our 2A.

  • Cymond

    So, what material is it? Is it real steel, or another Umarex zinc alloy gun?
    Also, Bond carried a PPK, not a PPK/S. The PPK/S was specifically created because the PPK was ineligible for US import under some law, maybe the 1968 GCA.

    • Woodroez

      He moves to the PPK/S in Skyfall.

  • Michael

    This is on the want list. Wish it had a threaded barrell

  • Esh325

    I can’t imagine it’s necessary to have a 13 pound trigger to be safe. It looks like a nice pistol though, quite tempting.

    • sturm44

      I’m sure its only 13lbs for double action.

    • FourString

      According to the website, it is indeed single action and double action.

      • Esh325

        Still, it should be like a 8-10 lb double action instead.

        • FourString

          Well, to be fair, small guns tend to have heavier trigger pulls than their full size counterparts, probably for safety reasons from what I understand (i.e. M&P Shield)

    • Jaberwillow

      DA: 17.5 lbs / SA: 6.6 lbs Correct trigger Pull according to website!

  • Rod

    If it is indeed another zinc alloy slide… Count me out, especially for that price.

    • ducky

      Most likely zinc alloy – will bring a magnet along for Shot Show 🙂
      The slide of the original .22 Walthers is slimmer in front of the serrations than at the “big bore” sisters. Here it’s not. Also the material around the trigger axis appears to be pretty thin. Liked the older Erma 752/American Arms CX22/etc. more. Besides the mag catch they look better esp. for a zink alloy gun. Maybe due to the official pics of that newbie – they don’t “live”, more looking like computer-generated drawings.

  • HMSLion

    If it’s like the old German-made PPs in .22LR, it’ll be an excellent gun.

  • bbmg

    Mice little pistol but I object to the “feeling like Bond”premise, who wants to feel like an arrogant twat?

    Mind you after parting with $400 for this you would be a little shaken *and* stirred…

  • Status Faction

    I would definitely sell my p22 and buy this ppk/s 22. Will it make the CA roster? LOL

    • FourString

      Should make it onto the roster
      rimfire is considerably less restricted from what i can surmise…

  • Jacob Fuerst

    If they are going to bring back an old PPK how about the PPK/L with a light weight alloy frame? I’d much rather have a lighter .380 than a .22.

    • FourString

      .380ACP costs more to feed than .22LR, let alone 9mm

      but i do think that Walther can reintroduce a whole lineup of PPK variants with much success

  • gallan

    hopefully this is a move towards walther upgrading the pos pistol they call the ppk.
    here’s a list.
    lightweight high quality alloy version
    much lighter and tuned trigger
    double stack magazine
    9mm version

    • Duray

      The ppk is already 9mm.

      • AWP

        Not 9x19mm though. .380 ACP.

    • FourString

      you’re totally missing the whole point of the PPK -___-”
      (controllable, relatively hefty, concealable, single stack)

      you’re basically asking walther to turn the PPK into a Glock 26
      why don’t you just go out and buy a Glock 26 instead?


  • Walther at one time made a small sub compact version of the PPK in 22 called the TP.H. I believe it was eventually banned from import because of it’s size. The Bersa Thunder is a PPKs type and size pistol available in a number of calibers including. 22lr. They are reportedly pretty good pistols. I have a 22 lr PPKs clone I bought in the 1980s. Made from imported parts from Erma Werke in Germany and assembled in the US to get around the importation restrictions by Excam. The Erma Excam RX22 is a decent, cheap to shoot made companion to my PPKs.

  • FourString

    check out the official image of the pistol
    from the weight, it seems like real steel (identical to centerfire model)

    Why would you make a new frame when you already have the tooling for the original frame?


    • “from the weight, it seems like real steel”

      The most common Z410 zinc alloy is cca 90% of the density of the average steel. You don’t know the material from the weight.

      And read carefully: the finish isn’t blue or stainless steel, but “Black and Silver”. So it is probably zinc like the P22 or SIG Mosquito.

      • FourString

        Well: the finish is listed as “black” (described as matte) and “stainless”

        The Ruger Mk III is steel and the MSRP ain’t too shabby. I think at this point it is hard to tell. But I do believe that the PPK/S .22LR will be steel, at least hope so since Walther says it is “identical” to the standard PPK/S.

      • Guest

        Then again, the Ruger Mk III is steel and the MSRP ain’t too shabby. I think at this point it is hard to tell. But I do believe that the PPK/S .22LR will be steel, at least hope so since Walther says it is “identical” to the standard PPK/S.

  • FourString

    I disagree with the “arrogant twat” part, but I do agree that the marketing one-liner is a little much. It would have been much subtler and more tasteful if they weren’t so explicit about that.

    (Skyfall probably did wonders for the PPK image, though, so it’s understandable if Walther is making use of a great opportunity. Still, the “feel like Bond” premise is a little perverse and consumerist. However, that won’t stop me from procuring one of these pieces.)

  • For some reason, I kinda want this.

  • This is good for those of use who are James Bond fans and already own a .22 suppressor.

  • doc280

    I have got to play with this gun. The weight, size, feel, is spot on. Field strips the same. Though not stainless steel, I don’t think it will suffer from the material it is made from. The double action trigger pull is more than my 7.65 PPK/S, but this is a practice gun. After shooting with the heaver trigger, you will be able to just eat the target up with your PPK/S. Can not wait to get mine.

  • marston

    is this a stainless steel pistol…a .nickle plated pistol ?

  • Michael

    Any hit the stores yet????

  • will they make one with a threaded barrel ?

  • Jaberwillow

    I can’t wait to buy one! I am patiently waiting on my permit to purchase! It is a sweet pistol!

  • Jaberwillow

    For those of you questioning what alloy its made of…..It is specified as Stainless! Exactly like the .38 model……same weight! $429 is a steal for this pistol…..Now all I have to do is locate one because they are going to be in demand! Fun finding .22 ammo also!

  • John

    I have one and want to know where I can buy a supressor adapter for it. I own a Sparrow Supressor. Anyone know this answer?

  • Charles

    35 years ago or so, I bought a Walther PP in .22 and for some reason traded it. I have kicked my rear many times over that (how many times have I said that about some treasures that went through my fingers?) I just became aware this firearm is available again. I’m hunting one up now and will buy it today if I can find one.

  • mcunningham615

    Just to answer a few questions/comments on the Walther PPK/S 22lr. I managed to finally get one of these after looking for 6 months. Paid 429.99 for it at Academy. I have owned a .380 PPK/s for years and wanted a practice gun like it that would be cheaper to buy the ammo for. A lot of people are asking what material it is made from. As near as I can tell it is made from an alloy steel, most likely 4140/4150 as the base material, and as stated on the Walther website it is Nickel plated, NOT stainless steel. The barrel is prethreaded for a noise suppressor and with subsonic ammo and a suppressor, is quieter than most air guns. The trigger is a bit stiff in double action, but really pretty nice and crisp in single action. I really like this gun. I did have one problem with it when I first bought it. The slide was dragging on the grip and would sometimes jam/stovepipe. Once I realized what was happening, I removed the grip, shaved a little off the top of the grip and reassembled. It has fired flawlessly ever since. One more word of caution about Walthers. Use VERY VERY LIGHT amounts of oil. I will oil mine, wipe dry, then put one drop of either high temp gun grease or anti seize in the slide channel. I actually bought my .380 PPK/S pretty cheap. Guy I bought it from said it jammed all the time. I took it to the range and sure enough it jammed. I noticed oil coming out of it so I took it home, cleaned it good, reassembled and it has never missed a beat once getting all the excess oil out.


    bought ppks 22 last week. paid 425. gun is nickle plated. da pulll is tough but single is ok. highly accurate fo the short radius, but remember this is a belly gun for the wife’s purse. you can load the shell snap on the safety and drop it out on the ground and it wouldn’t shoot into the neighbor’s house 380’s are hard to find and expensive when you do if you want 9mm buy a glock