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  • Icchan

    Kaboom or Kapop?

    I also have to wonder what caused this, it’s not like .22s are known for overpressure. It almost sounds like the round fired way, way out of battery, the “jammed at an angle” makes me wonder if the bottom end banged into something – boltface, feed lips, something – just hard enough to set off a overly-touchy primer. One of those perfect-storm accidents, I guess…

    • Let me amplify that. There is no way this damage could have been inflicted by firing in battery, even if something went wrong with the recoil spring when firing an overpressure .22LR round.

  • gunslinger

    interesting physics problem

  • Mike Knox

    More like “ker-puff”..

  • GundamSubaru

    I just had something almost identical happen with a Smith & Wesson MP15-22 shooting Winchester .22LR from the walmart 333 round bulk pack. Out of battery detonation blew the bolt apart.