2012 Ammunition Sales Statistics

Online ammunition retailer LuckyGunner has published the sales and visitor statistics they collected during 2012. I am surprised by the figures. I would have guessed 7.62x39mm was a better seller than it is. I guess not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the venerable 7.62mm Russian.

Plenty more ammunition statistics for you data junkies at LuckyGunner Labs.

Like just about everyone else I have been hunting for 5.56mm ammo. I recently emailed Luckygunner, whose 5.56mm has appeared to be out of stock since the election, and asked when they were getting more stock. They told me that new ammunition is coming in all the time, but sells out almost instantly. I would not be surprised to if the same thing was not happening to all online retailers.

Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    Booooo to the puny European fly killing 9mm Luger compared to our awesome massive 45 ACP!!!

    … say most in public, but clearly money talks 😉

    • AJ

      Your 115 FMJ will fit inside my flying ashtray!

  • Dave

    Since it’s based on revenue and not units/cartridges it’s hard to say which caliber is the most popular among shooters.

    • bbmg

      If they mean sales in dollars then the figures are indeed misleading. The fact that 22LR represents such a small percentage seems to suggest this, obviously $20 of 22LR is a lot more cartridges than $20 of 308.

    • atm

      And this data is from 1 website. Maybe they just had better deals in certain calibers, which skewed the data.

      Neat information, but if it were based on volume instead of $$$, .22LR and 7.62×39 would be much higher, I’d wager.

  • Jeff

    I would have thought the .223 Cal. Would be the most popular since is so hard to get ammo all the shelves are on back order!!!

    • Dave

      Well, since 5.56 and .223 together stand for 23% I would say your guess is spot on.

  • Robert

    This is just from one dealer. In order for this data to be meaningful, one would have to combine the data from Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, etc. And even then, it would not reflect 762x39mm sales as everyone buys imported steel stuff. So we will never have good data.

    Also, this data is based on revenue, not the number of rounds – further making it not useful for the purposes of seeing what is most popular.

  • keith moore

    Are the figures based on dollars of sales or number of rounds?
    AK rounds are cheap compared to AR. 12 gauge what? 00 or bird shot? 308 is expensive relative the others listed so complete evaluation would require what the percentages are based on, otherwise …..lies, damn lies and statistics….

  • W

    good thing ive been buying 1000 round boxes of 9mm since 2004. never take even cheap, widely available wolf 9mm for granted.

  • Jason

    Would be interesting to see how 300 Blackout faired. I know it was a little pricey but I was still able to purchase regularly. I can’t find it anywhere now.

  • Reverend Clint

    …. what about 8x56r? 🙂

  • idahoguy101

    Does this company not sell hunting ammo? I don’t see any 30/06 or 270.

  • Kosme

    The chart only shows wich ammunition had more reveneus, not wich one was more popular …

  • Tony

    I did not purchase any ammo in 2012, otherwise the figure on .45ACP would go way up on that chart!

  • gunslinger

    does the grey 31% reflect the an “all others” category for less popular including .357, .44 .45LC…and others?

  • Mike Knox

    You have Detroit, Philadelphia and Los Angeles to thank for putting the 9mm uger where it is on the graph..