Maxpedition Flashlights

Maxpedition molle light

Is this one of the new Maxpedition flashlights due out in 2013?

Respected bag maker Maxpedition appears to be ready to launch a new line of handheld flashlights.  At this time, little is known about what type of light or lights might be introduced by the company, but a good guess would be something for the outdoor and tactical communities.

Maxpedition molle light

Is this one of the new Maxpedition flashlights due out in 2013?

As of this writing, the only lights listed on the Maxpedition site are Fenix flashlights.  But these have been discounted up to 40% as part of a “closeout sale.”  It would seem the company is looking to deplete its inventory of lights from other companies.  Presumably, this would be logical step leading up to the introduction of your own line of lights.

One possibility is this Maxpedition Molle Light ML found over at Optics Planet.  I cannot find any reference to this light ever having been made by Maxpedition, so is it a leak of one of the new lights – or just an old page that was never removed from the site?

Maxpedition molle light tan

The Molle Light ML shown is a 50 lumen light rated for a three hour runtime on one AA battery.  The lights are said to come in a variety of colors including tan, green, black and even “glow in the dark.”  Different lights come with different filters.

So, is this one of the new lights they will introduce in 2013, or is this something old?

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  • dallasdeadeye

    looks identical to a light made by pentagon lights.

  • ctam

    I don’t know about “new,” I guess taken over the patent or production of. I immediately recognized that light as one I had years ago (2007) that someone had stolen, or “procured” off of my kit. Never did replace it, and only until now did search for it again for the correct product name. MOLLE Light by PentagonLight, which I have just found out has been out of business since 2008. It was a nifty little light.

    Haha, apparently some Amazon vendor is selling it for 29.99, I remember paying like 50-70 or so back then.

  • David S

    40 Lumens with a three hour run time, I hope it’s old and not the new light.

  • jagersmith

    Boy, do I miss pentagon lights. I had quite a few. They were cheap, tiny, and super versatile.

  • Distant Voice

    I remember when the company folded there was some whispers about legal issues.

    A group of people did get together and begged other companies to make some, but I think the only ones that responded positively were Streamlight and Fenix.

    Fenix looks the closest to the pentagonlight with their MC series.

    • Harald Hansen

      I’ve also had one of the Pentagon branded ones for a while. It’s a good light, but I have to point out a couple of not-so great features about the construction: 1) The rubber cap over the switch of mine came loose, 2) the threads are very fine, and combined with the choice of plastic materials means that you have to be very careful not to strip the threads while fitting the red lens cover and 3) the compass in the bottom lid is of questionable utility, but can of course be ignored.

      I don’t recall how much I paid for it, but I would recommend them as long as the price is under $30 or so. At a price point of around $20 I would by several and scatter them around (car, nightstand, hiking gear).

  • I have a couple of these, they were known as the PENTAGON LIGHT, look at the top, it still has the pentagon.
    very good units and I like them A LOT… the company DID suffer a legal challenge and eventually it folded in agreement to closing litigation.
    you could do a lot worse.. they are a VERY well made unit.

  • Eddy

    I too have a couple. The much missed Pentagon Light – molle light. They were sued out of existence.

  • StoutOfHeart

    Looks eerily similar to my Energizer Hard Case Tactical Romeo angle head mini-light. I wonder who copied whom.

  • Mike Knox

    This would have made a neat christmas gift if it came earlier..

  • Rob

    That’s a Pentagon Light MOLLE light. Perhaps Maxpedition has licensed some of the Pentagon Light designs, though I believe Pentagon Light closed up shop overnight under somewhat mysterious circumstances. I think it had something to do with pending litigation from a competitor (Surefire?) over IP infringement and/or questions about products of foreign manufacture being marketed as made in the US.