Surefire 60 Round Magazine Spotted In Combat On Video

The latest video from the Funker530 Combat Footage project shows a soliders in Afghanistan engaging the enemy with M4 Carbines and a LAW. When the cameraman reloads you can briefly see the spent Surefire 60 round magazine he removed from his carbine. This may be the first publicly available footage of a Surefire 60 round magazine being used in real combat.

The full video …

This frame appears at around 0:36 …

Surefire 60 round in combat

[ Many thanks to jonathan for the tip. ]

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  • charlie

    Damn it he threw away my money chuckin the tube down the hole, lazy ass.

    • Sean

      LAW’s are disposable dude. That money was wasted as soon as the rocket left the tube.

      • Ivan

        The money isn’t wasted unless he didn’t hit something with the LAW at first. Otherwise it is money well spent.

      • Ben

        He could’ve turned that during the City of Los Angeles Gun Buyback program and had himself a nifty grocery store gift card, because you all know that if you’re planning a terrorist attack, a gift card will most definitely change your mind!

    • Jeff

      well they were going to get carried back to be destroyed anyways… back in the day, the VC/guerillas had the tendency to booby trap them by stuffing it with grenades

  • Patjohnw

    From the video , you stand here ill fire bullets past your position , by your head , on three you step In front of me , and my rifle , I promiss my to shot you in the back of the head ….. If I was there I would say sure but let’s switch jobs

  • Esh325

    Interesting. I suppose there many instances of soldiers using aftermarket equipment. There have been reported problems with the surefire 60 round magazines, so one soldier using one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s combat suitable.

    • W

      surefire mags are not the most reliable things out there. sure, they’re undoubtedly a good investment right now (especially before the current firearms apocalypse), but for practical purposes, they are not something to carry into combat. Afghanistan chokes magazines and everything else.

      • Esh325

        It would be nice to see Surefire work on an updated model that’s combat ready.

      • W

        it would be nice if ANYBODY made a larger capacity AR magazine (60 rounds or more) that was worth a damn and reliable in combat.

  • Charlie O

    I see there is another Charlie, so I’m changing my handle to protect the innocent (me).

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    What happened to “Back blast area clear!”

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      LOL. “Hey, thanks for saying something, dick.” Aww man. The army never changes.

  • Justin

    Meh, I really don’t think I’d trust one of these in combat. We even had a guy using a beta mag. It broke of course….

    • Lolinski

      Drums are way more complicated than quad mags. Quad mags are essentially two doublestack mags that meet together to form a third double stack mag.

      • Justin

        Yet many people are having problems with the quad stack….

      • Check some of the negative reviews at MidwayUSA and Brownells. Some reviews of good magazines, but there’s still a lot of bad ones. I witnessed one with a jammed follower at a 3-gun match. I think it was Military Arms Channel that posted a video of one exploding in a shower of springs and ammo on YouTube.


        Sorry, I remembered that it was Sturmgewehre correctly, but he had posted a link to somebody else’s video on his forum.

  • Mike P.

    Whatever happened to “FIRE IN THE HOLE”

    • Mike Knox

      It’s either “LAW” or “rocket out”. Video Games aren’t as real as you’d think..

      • bob

        Don’t you mean back blast area clear? Or are video games not as real as you think?

  • Lance

    Not surprised many troops buy there own gear and so seeing those or PMAGs in combat no shocker!!!

  • Martin M

    This is why M4s fail! Just spraying rounds at the horizon. Look at all the abuse that weapon is taking for lack of fire discipline. In reality, M4s are darn tough to put up with that sort of punishment. Still, they’ll complain that it’s the weapons fault when it overheats.

    • Esh325

      I’m not a soldier nor have have I seen combat, but that doesn’t look like abuse. There does seem to be a legitimate complaint that M4’s overheat, otherwise they wouldn’t be asking for heavier barrels that are more heat resistant.

      • Martin M

        I see ‘abuse’. What the GI is doing is laying down suppressive fire. That’s not the purpose of m4s, or any other rifle for that matter. The suppressive fire role is for LMGs and MGMs. Weapons designed for sustained fire. It’s all about doctrine, and soldiers not adhering to it. They want a heavier barrel, but they’ll just overheat that too. When I see soldiers behave like this in combat I have to wonder if they’d be better off all carrying m249s.

        • bob

          You’ve never been shot at huh?

      • John


  • James

    I haven’t seen a Surefire60 used in 3gun competition in probably six months; they have a habit of failing when needed. Also, 15/18rnd mag extensions fail too; saw it happen again last month. Pmags with couplers don’t seem to be a problem however.

  • NorThor

    If he was in my unit and fired a LAW like that without calling it or checking the backblast area 100% I’d have punched him. because that simply wasn’t safe, combat or no. MOAR DRILLING!

    Just to demonstrate the principle (from the larger Carl gustav):

    Remember kids, recoiless weapons go both ways. Its kinky but practical.

  • Ernest T Bass

    My sure(don’t)fire is now a high dollar trotline weight. Purchased it for SRT team and first time I tried using it in training it failed. Went through the “fix” procedure twice as per Surefire and still fails. Would not want it with my life or that of others on the line. They make GREAT lights and customer service is unmatched. I’ll be leary of their mags though.