Happy New Year! Remington Teases With Advert For New Bolt Gun

Remington has released an image promising something new and special for 2013, but it seems they are keeping their cards close to the vest until SHOT Show. The image was sent out via email earlier today, and simply shows a five shot cloverleaf group along with some notations: .725 inches, 100 yards indoors, .30-06 Spring, and 165 grain CoreLokt. So far, internet scuttlebutt is speculating that the new rifle will be a long-action bolt gun with a sub-MOA guarantee. This makes sense because Savage guarantees their Axis line of bolt guns at 1 MOA and Weatherby is guaranteeing sub-MOA out of some Vanguard rifles through their “Range Certified” option.

Remington Viral Ad

Personally, I would like to see Remington sell the XM2010 chassis rifle to civilians in 2013. I bet THAT one is sub-MOA!


  • klyph

    It’s actually going to be a new AR platform with a magwell to accommodate magnum rifle cartridges from 30-06 to 458 win mag. Actually I just made that up.

    • Reverend Clint

      seen it already… Cobb MCR

      • Which is entirely possible, since Bushmaster bought Cobb, and Freedom group now owns both Bushmaster and Remington. Hmm…


    • Sounds so awesome that it just HAS to be banned!

      Seriously, a 30-06 AR? I don’t know whether that’s pointless or badass. I suspect the latter.

      • JoeBob

        definitely the latter.

  • FormerSFMedic

    Fuck Remington! They have zero respect for the American gun owner. They’re as bad as HK when it comes to selling items on the commercial side.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I hate teaser advertising. Either show me the new thing or don’t bother saying anything.

  • AnoSymun

    Looking at the phrasing of their ad, I’d like to point out that I seriously doubt that anyone who designed the 700 action is still working at Remington…

  • Gage

    A wild guess, but maybe a refined 770 line?

  • Anonymoose

    Maybe it will be a civilian version of the MSR…? :3c

  • Michael

    Where is the new Rimfire?

  • Kevin

    You can buy the MSR chassis. It’s by Cadex Defense in Canada. http://www.cadexdefence.com/strike_dual.html

    It’s crazy expensive. Like $2500.

  • JoeBob

    It would be really cool if it was a civvy xm2010/MSR

  • Mike Knox

    Hope it’d be the an M2010..

  • G