Grab Your Ankles: The New Holster from Crossbreed

Crossbreed Holsters is now making an ankle holster for small and medium framed semi-auto pistols.  The new Ankle Rig holster is made of a synthetic fiber, probably nylon, and will fit a variety of guns, but the Kahr K-series, Ruger LC9 and Springfield XDs were specifically stated to fit this holster.

Crossbreed Holsters

According to CrossBreed, the late Mark Craighead designed the Ankle Rig, and it is designed for “deep concealment.”  The holster is made in the United States.

The new holster comes with a calf support strap that is designed to keep the weight of the pistol from pulling the whole rig down.  I’ve found with other rigs that the calf strap is a waste of material, and I always remove them.  In theory, the calf strap makes sense, I’ve just never found one that works for me.  Hopefully the Crossbreed will work.

The holster is only available in a right handed model.  That may change in the future based on sales and feedback.  MSRP is $49.50.

Richard Johnson

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  • alannon

    Not sure about this holster.

    Ankle holsters, in general, are of dubious utility (the contortions you have to go through to get the pistol out, compared even to an IWB holster). Crossbreed makes decent holsters, but of no higher quality than many competitors, and the refusal to get unmarked metal clips (yes, let’s put an eye-catching logo on something that should be designed to minimize visibility) is a turnoff.

    • thinkdunson

      the only way someone will see those marks and actually know what they are, is if they’re looking for a gun, and if someone is looking closely enough to see those marks, they’re going to see the gun print through your shirt anyway.

  • Mike Knox

    Wouldn’t it be cool if someone came out with an ankle holster that doubled as an ankle shooting rig?..

    • Lee

      “You’ll shoot your shoe off kid”

  • Lee

    “You’ll shoot your shoe off kid”

  • JWDR

    Ankle holsters just don’t work with my hipster skinny jeans. It looks like I have a tumor on my leg and takes me 5 minutes to get the gun out.

  • KM

    Ankle holster’s aren’t that bad, with limits. If you can thrust your knee up grab the material around your knee and draw the gun it’s as fast or faster than the motion of reaching around your body, pulling your shirt or jacket out of the way and drawing from the waist

    Also, if one crouches when they hear gunfire or trouble, well the gun’s right there when you roll to one knee from a regular crouch. Not ideal, but if someone needs more concealment, it’s not the end of the world

  • deep down the ocean

    As I’m disabled due to the auto accident and find hard to walk strait,I badly need some way to protect myself when walking alone in the middle of the night.

    But hanging a pistol and some magazines all around my waist area could be a cumbersome way to pack.

    Do you think an ankle holster with a compact pistol on both side of the ankle may be a good choice to carry guns?

    Someone tell me please.
    Oh, bay the way,I used to practise Judo and still can do some ways to fall down without hurting myself.
    So ,I’m ready to fall down whenever I feel I’m in danger to pull out my pistol/s.

    • Barmellin

      I’ve used a Galco Ankle Lite for a year and a half. You have to practice & there are some disadvantages, but the advantages out way them for me. I have a lot of other stuff on my belt most days at work & do a lot of sitting & driving with people I don’t know well or who would freek out if I had to keep taking a IWB holster off & on. So it’s the only practical way for me to carry. I’m not sure about the calf starp either mine sits on the top of my boot. The standard way is to have a small gun on the inside of your nondomanant ankle. With a large enough opening in the pant leg that its easy to pull up. If you could get someone to build a rig with 2 holsters on 1 ankle I think it would look funny & be hard to get your pant leg up over. Galco also makes something similar to their ankle holster that can go on your other leg to hold a spare mag.

  • barmellin

    I’ve been using a Galco Ankle Lite for over a year. You have to practice & there are drawbacks & benefits for me the big benefits are that I have a lot of stuff hanging from my belt at work & drive a lot with other people so I can’t be taking an IWB holster off and on

  • Crunkleross

    I have a lot of experience with ankle holsters, weight is the big issue with comfort coming a close second. In search for the perfect weight I found an airweight j frame with Blazer aluminum HPs to be the best, yes the difference between aluminum cased ammo and brass can be felt if you carry every day all day long. Even to the point of 115 grain bullets vs 158. I wanted to carry my Detective special but it was just too heavy.

    They aren’t for every situation but they do work well for certain situations. Sitting in a vehicle they are great, people don’t look at your feet too much so they conceal well if you do it right. I tucked my holster into the top of a boot that was a good height to allow for the extra bulk. I never used the calf support. You have to be careful not to expose your rig when stretching out on a recliner for instance but that is where the boot really helped in concealment.

    Ankle rigs have their place and work well in those situations, like any other holster they are not the answer for all situations.

    I can’t wait to get one for my XDs and see how it works.