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  • Big Bore

    Is this the civilian version of the weapon system that some Australian made a 3,000-yard kill with?

    • 6677

      there is no difference between the military and civilian versions. Same gun.

  • nick

    The only Barrett I have ever seen whit its irons folded up

    • Flounder

      And for some reason I like it this way… It feels right… Not for precision at a distance but for blowing windshields out at 100m or less. :D

  • Ray

    I would love to have a go on one of these and the XM109 too.

  • Lolinski

    They should clamp the front sight on the barrel just before the muzzle brake, to increase sight radius.

    • Alex C.

      An increased sight radius would be a great thing, however the M82 functions much like an M2HB; The barrel recoils quite harshly into the receiver in order to unlock the bolt and drive the carrier to the rear. A sight mounted on the barrel would surely shift due to the intense movement of the system.

  • Anonymoose

    The M82A2 is the bullpup version. I’m pretty sure that’s an M82A3 he bought.

  • Lance

    Awww its a beautiful gift to see for Christmas!!

  • Tman1966

    Happiness is a warm gun?

  • Mike Knox

    That tone reminds me of those old guys with deep tans in thongs at the beach in Miami..

    • Mike Knox

      Ugh, I can’t believe I posted that..

  • Variance

    Haha, what a coincidence; a good friend of mine from college purchased an M82A1 today, as well.

  • John Doe

    It’s so beautiful :'(

    I’ve been lusting for an M107A1 with the 20″ barrel. Flat dark earth, of course.