High Tower Armory Shipping P90-ish Ruger10/22 Bullpup Conversion Soon

High cap magazine inserts as usual from the bottom.

High Tower Armory’s innovative HTA 90/22 stock is shipping in a few weeks. The stock includes everything needed to make a standard Ruger 10/22 into a P90-ish bullpup and comes in three flavors; black, olive drab, and flat dark earth. The converted 10/22 has a working charging handle and safety in the same places as a real FN P90, but the translucent “magazine” up top is a fake, simply storing spare .22 rounds for looks. You’ll need to insert a regular magazine from underneath, where the actual P90 ejects its spent casings. The HTA 90/22 ejects its empties to the right using the standard 10/22 ejection port, which you can see peeking out from the side of the stock.

High cap magazine inserts as usual from the bottom.

High cap magazine inserts as usual from the bottom.

Some serious problem solving went into shoehorning the world’s most popular .22LR rifle into a carbon copy of the famous P90 shape without requiring any gunsmithing at all. The quality of the stock and its fittings is very high, unlike some bullpup conversions of the past. The kit comes with  a fake silencer/suppressor that mounts on the stock itself and will work with either the standard barrel or Ruger’s optional .920in heavy barrel with no modifications needed. High Tower Armory states that they have had 14 year old kids successfully follow the installation instructions (which is going to make me feel real smart if I get stuck somewhere!).

With mock suppressor and standard 10 round magazine.

With mock suppressor and standard 10 round magazine.

One word of warning; to meet the overall length requirement of 26 inches and keep the 10/22 a Title 1, non-NFA rifle, you need an 18 inch barrel. Factory Rugers come with an 18.5 inch barrel, but if you’ve cut yours down to 16 inches, the HTA kit is a ticket to SBR city. The black version costs $229.99, and the olive drab and flat dark earth variants run just ten bucks more than that. Of course, you have to provide your own Ruger 10/22 for the stock to fit on. If you love the look and feel of the FN P90 but don’t want to pay the high cost of 5.7×28 ammunition just to plink with, High Tower Armory has all three colors in stock right now.

Author’s Edit: Got an email from High Tower today saying that they aren’t QUITE ready to ship yet, but are taking pre-orders through their newsletter. Simply sign up for the newsletter at the High Tower homepage, and orders will be taken as they are received.


  • DougE

    Love the concept, but I’m a little puzzled by the need for the faux P90 mag. Oh well.

    • vyse.04

      Given their target audience, looks are everything. It has that P90 “cool factor” (whether or not you buy into that concept is a different story), at only a fraction of the cost… For both the gun and ammo.

      • Lolinski

        What if they flipped the gun upside down, added brass deflector and made a P90 style mag for it( It would look better, while being functional)

      • Lolinski

        What if they flipped the gun upside down, added brass deflector and made a P90 style mag for it (it would look better, while being functional)

    • schizuki

      Well, it stores spare ammo, so it’s not like it’s not functional. I like it.

    • Phil White


      They use the faux P90 mag as 22LR ammo storage. http://www.hightowerarmory.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=HTA9022BLK

      Phil W

  • Esh325

    Kind of gimmicky.

    • Not Your Mother

      Not to a PS90 owner that wants some inexpensive trigger time. No more “gimmicky” than a S&W M&P-15/22.

  • I wish an American company would develop a 5.56 bullpup that cost under $1500.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    I’d imagine a lot of Hollywood armorers will like this.

  • schizuki

    Are there iron sights on there anywhere?

    • Phil White


      It’s pretty much made for a red dot of your choice.

      Phil W

  • schizuki

    OK, but does anyone make a 22LR round that will defeat Jaffa armor?

    • Teknix

      lol 1 person isn’t a Stargate fan.

      • warezwolf

        The NID has dealt with them accordingly.

  • Lance

    I guess this is BIG if your a Stargate SG-1 fan LOL.

  • I have seen a few guys lately mating up 10/22’s with P90 airsoft chassis. There are a lot of 10/22’s out there.

  • Michael Pham

    I realize that part of the appeal is that now it greatly resembles a P90, but honestly I’d prefer it if they slightly modified the design and gave it a conventionally angled grip.

    I know that the P90, being intended as a PDW partly for vehicle crews, had that strange swept grip so that it would be less likely to snag on things, but as this is a for fun conversion why not? I’d think it would look cool.

    • Not Your Mother

      Everything about this stock is to be as true to the PS90 as possible. So why would they change something as important as grip angles to appease a few people? The people willing to drop $2K on a PS90 are obviously fine with the grip angle.

  • Eugene

    I just tried to order one, but the web site says “Coming soon” – I assume their first batch was sold out instantly 🙂
    I would definitely use one for our local club’s falling plate matches. It is somewhat difficult to shoot six plates in eight seconds using standard 10/22 rifles, bullpup mod would definitely help.

  • Raven

    I smell a lawsuit from FN coming soon.

    • jamieb

      Ps90 , debuted in 1991. Isnt it public domain now?

      • Raven

        I think that only applies if the copyright hasn’t been renewed. And given that FN were going after several airsoft manufacturers last year for making unlicensed SCARs, this seems like exactly the kind of thing they’d sue over.

    • jamieb

      scar is new. ps90 is old’ish as its 22 years old since it was public, not including time pre public debut which does count towards a patented device. It counts the minute its granted not when you release it. Patents expire after 18 years, copyright laws would make off brand guns like ar15 or 1911 impossible. http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-duration.html

      The mp5 stuff was about trade dress which i do not understand … i know you did not mention it, but it is the best most recent example of ATI making the clones. MP5 has been out since 1966 to the public.

  • Martin M

    So what is the purpose of that little iron sight on the end of the barrel?

    • Phil White


      That is the standard Ruger front sight for the 10-22. I imagine you could swap out the standard barrel for a bull barrel.It also comes with a fake removable suppressor that would provide a more realistic look.

      Phil W.

  • Kaj

    That is a nice looking piece of kit. Too bad I’ll never see one up here in Canada. I could buy a non-bullpup aftermarker stock for a 10/22 and be good. Hell, I could even buy a FN FS2000 or a IWI Tavor TAR-21 and go hunting with them.

    But any kind of aftermarket bullpup stock is prohibited. Brilliant.

    And I really want one.

  • Burst

    1.Buy rifle and bullpup kit.
    2. Thread barrel.
    3. Register suppressor.
    4.Mount fake suppressor, then real suppressor.
    5. …Profit?

    • David/Sharpie

      One question….why would you mount a fake silencer first, then a real one?

      I am assuming (I’m not actually assuming) this is a joke?

  • Mike Knox


    • Not Your Mother

      Why not??

      • Mike Knox

        It’s easier to swap barrels and buffers on a P90 to .22 LR than reassemble a 10/22 into a faux P90 frame..

        • lukemanius

          How much would it cost for me to go that route if I don’t currently have a P90?

      • Cymond

        Mike, if you know of a PS90 22lr conversion kit that’s actually in production, then please share.

  • West

    Cool looking but kind of useless. But to each his own.
    I prefer my S&W 15/22 with a working suppressor.

    • Not Your Mother

      Do you own a PS90? Probably not, which is why you think this is useless.

      This isn’t about making the best, most usable .22LR out there. This is about getting some of the benefits from the FN PS90 into a .22LR package.

      • West

        That’s cool and ,no, I do not own one.
        Ammo is too high which would actually be a good reason to have a .22 version.

  • noob

    So HighTower Armory says it has a “steel trigger linkage”

    How does this prevent the “gritty bullpup trigger” problem? Does it have an additional trigger return spring that increases trigger weight?

  • Jdog

    Would dropping a charger in there be illegal? I dont see a stock 😀

    • Duray

      Now that’s funny.

  • Nick

    So what sort of royalties will TAOFLEDERMAUS on youtube be getting from this?

  • anyone know if a magazine is included?

  • Jasson Bauer

    We have one and have video and review of it, http://www.weapon-owners.com/newforum/index.php?topic=1408.0

  • Ge Thao

    yeh like that to let me know when it out are email me know