Some Firearms Accessories Found Under Our Tree

There really must be a Santa Claus and I must have been a good boy this past year because I got exactly what I had wanted for Christmas, at least with regard to gun gear. That was a really good surprise and while I do not often like surprises, I had to love this one. Here is what I got:

gun gifts

It could not get any better than that unless a pistol came with all of that gear. Since I already have the Remington R1-1911 with which they will mate, and since I am a gun nut enthusiast, and since I just happened to sort of, kind of, mention them as some things I had on my wish list, and then actually got them, they were the perfect gifts for me.

The only other gifts I might get more use out of than these would be the wallet my wife gave me (time to get rid of the badge case after being retired for over a year) and the sweater my daughter and future son-in-law gave me. I think though that I am sure to have more fun with these. My son sure gets it when it comes to high quality shooting gear.

What did you get under the tree?

All the best,

Glenn B


  • Flytyer

    My dad got me a 870 pump and simply said “Everyone needs a good pump action shotgun”. I myself picked up a Sig 516 before the shelves were bare at my local gunstore.

  • This is the first Christmas where nobody have me any gun related gifts. This is the first year that has happened in as long as I remember.

    Our family tradition to is take all the kids and teenagers (and any adults who want to come) shooting on Christmas Eve. We had a lot of fun.

  • Chadd

    I didn’t get anything gun related(unless my mom got me something since she hasn’t been able to come by yet, stupid long distance parenting :/ ) but I paid for my brother in law and sister to get their Handgun Safety Certificates and we’re going gun shopping on friday, a gift for me as well since it means I’ll get to shoot with people I love a lot more often and get to shoot different guns.

  • unlezip

    I found a Knight 50 cal muzzle-loader under the tree. I’ve been talking about a muzzle-loading hunt for years – both deer and bear, and I’m totally jazzed!- Momma gets much good cheer this year.

  • SpazC

    The parents gave me an extra p89 mag and my first RED RYDER!!!! ( I opted for the crossman pumpmaster as a kid) Been Plinking coke cans the last 3 days.

  • schizuki

    I bought myself an 870. I’m going to put a riot barrel, +2 mag tube and bayonet mount on it.

    “A bayonet mount?”, you say, “Of what possible use is that?”

    It will make Diane Feinstein cry, that’s what.

    • 6677

      that is as good a reason as any

  • michael

    i got a sportenized mauser 98

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    My dad got me a set of Crimson Trace grips for my 642 as a Christmas and “thanks for helping me put in my water softener” gift. My mom-in-law got me a nice little tactical scope for one of my rifles.

    Some Whataburger gift cards and lots of love from my little boy. Not so little anymore actually.

  • Justin J

    Nice to see a fellow R1 owner! I have the enhanced model

  • Mike P.

    I had ordered a DPMS upper and a Mega lower the week previous to the lunatic’s rampage in Connecticut. The wife finished it up with a UTG 6 position stock & buttpad, Truglo red-dot, Magpul trigger guard, DPMS lower kit and a couple of AR Stoner 30 rounders. Considering that in years past I have found under the tree, a Savage Model 110 in .270 Winchester, a Leupold scope and mounts and a Remington 572, I have to say that I love that woman.

  • Ds

    I got a new smith and Wesson bodyguard 380 with the money I got from my mom but I had to put a little money with it to make a nice present to myself

  • Ds

    And my wife also contributed as well

  • TangledThorns

    While not a firearm my fiance got me the below sword 🙂

    She did get me firearm related stuff though like M-PRO 7 foaming gun cleaner and a MTM zombie ammo box.

  • 6677

    I didnt ask for much but got everything I did ask for. Halo 4, some jump cables etc for my car and a windows 8 upgrade. Also as a nice surprise I got a £50 voucher to do an experience day (like skydiving, paintballing or something), an amazon voucher and a raspberry pi.

  • Mike Knox

    I remember getting five twenty round boxes of 5.56x45mm NATO Tracers for Christmas. All were spent on New Year’s Eve..

  • Justin

    I received a new Noveske rifle from my awesome girlfriend. Needless to say, I had a great christmas.

  • John Doe

    My dad got me a Henry lever-action in .357 Magnum and some PMAGs. Netted myself a Nexus 4 as a phone. Treated myself and my fiancee to a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite (say what you want, but there’s no denying that the weather, food and scenery is amazing).

  • My sister and BIL gave me a gift certificate for Brownells. I haven’t decided what I want yet.

    I lieu of gifts, I took my cousins from Jersey out to shoot my 9mm AR-15, Glock 17, M&P 9 Pro, and the old Colt Official Police .38 Special. They seemed to really enjoy that.

  • Lee

    Last year, I received a shiny new sp101 .357 magnum from my wonderfull wife. This year, a nice sks, and on December 28th we brought home our brand new baby girl. Daddy had a good Christmas this year. Happy new year everybody!

  • Doctorscorry

    I got from my awesome mom 6 Wilson 47DE 1911 mags along with a SS guide rod from Dawson Precision and a 12# recoil spring so I can finally compete in USPSA Single Stack ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!

  • Martin M

    I got a Hopkins & Allen No. 922. Cool heirloom.

  • Cameron

    My brother, clearly the best brother ever, got me a 1968 2nd-generation Colt Detective Special .38, 2″ barrel. Bluing is in top-notch condition, cylinder locks up tight as it gets, timing is perfect, trigger is amazing.

    Dad got me 700 rounds of .40 S&W, which I definitely appreciate given how ammo prices have skyrocketed.

    Also got a set of Wusthof Classic kitchen knives and an Xbox 360 with Kinect.

    It was a very good, very spoiled Christmas, far more than I expected.

    On my side of things, I gave my dad a Beretta 96A1. Years ago in bad financial times he wasn’t able to keep his Beretta 96G he carried for years as a highway patrolman. It was my honor to put a 96 back in his safe. 🙂

    I also got my brother a DeWalt 6.5 Amp corded jigsaw, which I thought was a great gift until I got his Colt…

  • A very cool travel fly fishing rod in new condition made decades ago by A&F. Oh, and a Springfield Armory Scout Squad with 4 extra mags.

  • pdxbohica

    I got to come home this Christmas. I am on my 3rd back-to-back deployment (Afghanistan this time) and I was able to spend a week with my mom in NC. Under the tree, lots of HK stuff, plenty of magazines and ammunition. And, no, none of it from my mother… But the best gift was being able to come home and enjoy friends.

    • Mike P.

      Welcome home. And thank you.

  • West

    Nothing gun related but my mom, my brother and I went shooting Xmas eve.
    My brother and I brought our suppressed S&W MP 15/22’s. Mom brought her Walther .380 and S&W .357.

  • W

    didnt get gun stuff (thank goodness! because i already have too much) but i got a helluva sunburn. best christmas present ever.

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