Guess The Part

I happen to have one extra lifetime promo code for Gun Disassembly 2 which unlocks every gun, including future updates (Windows and Android only). I will give it to the first person who can identify what the function is of the parts in the above image and what gun they are from. Post your guesses in the comments below. One guess per person.

Update: JAG2955 was the first person to correctly name the part. It is a FN FAL bolt hold open. He got it just before Sándor and Jake (on our Facebook page).

Steve Johnson

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  • Cain

    LooKs like a receiver from a sten

  • Kenny

    Firing assembly/bolt from an AR-15

    • JMD

      Did you even try? lol

  • Ryan

    Extractor for an AR-15

  • JAG2955

    FAL bolt release/mag hold open.

    • Chucky

      First guy to get it right and gets a down vote? Pretty sure whoever did that feels like a genius right now.

  • Sándor Szabó

    FN FAL bolt hold open and actuator

  • Would you believe “Airsoft bolt carrier group”

  • Austin

    Looks like JAG2955 and Sándor Szabó are right. I thought it looked a magazine catch for one of those pistols with the European style mag release.

  • Pedro M
    FAL bolt release/mag hold open.
    Sándor nailed it…

  • Eric

    I know what this is…

    …This is a Expresso Machine.

    • Nadnerbus

      no its a sno-cone maker.

  • BFG

    M32 MGL grenade launcher – a gas operated piston that unlocks a ratchet

    Wild guess since this weapon is not available on OSX, and you mentioned it earlier 🙂

  • Steve

    Definitely the bolt hold open/spring/plunger/actuator from the FN FAL.

  • It is a FAL bolt hold open/release – looks like a Brit before they removed the lock back pin.

  • Rusty Carr

    Oh GREAT !!! I find this AFTER I went into the app and dropped $20 bucks upgrading… LOL It doesn’t matter well worth the money spent. thanks for the heads up on the app.


  • michael

    thats clearly a potato peeler

  • WB

    Definitely a dildo. Yup, definitely.

  • 762jack

    AR Extractor

  • Will

    Seems like a fn fal extractor.

  • Sardaukar

    Metric FN FAL bolt hold open device.
    Do i get the “it was friggin night in my time zone when you posted this” bonus? 😀

  • Graham2

    FAL rifle bolt hold open catch. It is operated by the magazine floor plate once the last round has been chambered or the catch can be pushed up manually. The bolt can also be released by pressing down on the catch or by pulling back the cocking handle.

    A bit late on seeing this though, damn!

  • Brian P.

    Guys, I’ve got this. It’s obviously a super high capacity tactical assault clip for a machine gun, for use with explosive armor piercing metal-detector-proof plastic boolits.

    • Sardaukar

      Onnoes! It’s eeeeeeeevil!

  • Donal Scannell

    It’s a shoulder thing that goes up!

    • Mike Knox

      Damnit, I was about to say that..

  • lolinski

    I would say its a FAL bolt hold open device, if we could get pictures at other angles I could maybe say which variant.

  • Stevie t

    Thompson Ctr in line muzzleloader bolt

  • Abram

    Duck season!

  • Torben

    FN FAL
    bolt hold-open assembly

  • Steve J

    Bolt hold open assembly from North American FN FAL, the Canadian FNC1.

  • Scott Connors

    Thirty yards of flight line?

  • gil

    Q-38 space modulator