Strike Industries Simple Plate Carrier

Strike Industries is developing a simple plate carrier that could be used by a home owner for self defense or by a law enforcement officer for a high-risk call.

The carrier has two straps that allow the wearer to quickly don the carrier, so that a 10”x13” rifle plate can be worn over the chest or the back depending on the situation.

Strike Plate Carrier

Additionally, the back of the carrier has an arm strap so the plate can be worn like a small shield.  Wearing the Strike Industries plate carrier as a shield can have some tactical benefits when conducting building and vehicle clearings.

Strike Plate Carrier

As shown in these photos, the carrier is in a tan color.  When taken to production, I would expect to see a wider selection of colors including black.  The front of the carrier has PALS webbing for attachment of additional gear such as a magazine carrier or medical kit.

Internally, the carrier has a padded section for the carrying of a 13” notebook or tablet.  So, some people might be able to use this as a daily carry pack, toting a little protection with them wherever they go.

Strike Plate Carrier

The plate carrier does not (yet) have a suggested retail price attached to it.

Richard Johnson

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  • gallan

    Having something that allows it to just hang from the neck sounds like a good idea too. The way it droops down when crouched, it would cover more of the body. Also alot faster to put on.

    • Unistat76

      That is a good idea and maybe they should come up with something from the factory, but one could very easily cinch the straps behind the neck with some webbing and buckles and just nor connect the side buckles.

  • Ben

    Still won’t be good enough to protect me from my hungry cat.

  • AZRon

    Add a tactical pocket protector, and it would be a must-have for all mall ninja nerds.

  • Mike Knox

    Really? Just now? I’ve always had my laptop bag as an optional plate carrier. Why market something so simple, other stuff can do what it does and more?..

    • My laptop case could not also fit a plate and cannot be worn on my chest.

      • Mike Knox

        Mine’s a messenger bag type, I can sling it over the front like a vest..

  • Joe Schmoe

    It doesn’t seem to protect all the vital areas, so what’s the point? Would it hurt to make it slightly larger so it would cover them?

    • Sam

      I think that’s the size of the plate. It is correct size and only protect your important organs.

  • Nicks87

    Carriers like this are kind of a joke. They dont fit very tight to the body and they flop all over the place when you run. Also, like another post already stated it’s questionable as to how much protection the really offer.

    Better then nothing? Yes. But if you really think you need something like this there are way better options.

  • Sam Suggs

    also it gives people a definitve areas they know are not armoured