Free “Gun Disassembly 2” App A Fun Learning Tool

As a gunsmith I sometimes find myself squinting at poorly scanned schematics of rare guns. Stumped halfway through a project, I scratch my head trying to figure out how the doohickey is held in place by the whatsit and what the doohickey’s function actually is in there. That’s probably why I think the free Gun Disassembly 2 app from Noble Empire is so cool. Available for iPhone, Android, Macs and PCs, the program is a wealth of knowledge about what is inside your favorite gun and how it actually works.

I downloaded the PC version and had it up and running in a minute or two. There were a couple of patches that needed auto-updating, and one of them failed; it was only newer sound effects and the program runs fine regardless. The main screen gives us 3d computer representations of dozens of fireams and a couple of other oddities such as the RPG-7 and a Russian field artillery piece. Ten of the most popular guns can be viewed for free, but you’ve gotta pay for access to the others. Judging by the free samples, the developers have put a ton of work into accurately representing the internal parts and their fitment. You can disassemble, assemble, view demonstrations, and “fire” each gun in slow motion to see how the parts move as the firearm operates, all in 3d and from any angle. Zoom out to see everything or zoom in to see how just a few parts interact with each other.

Here is the lockwork on a Smith & Wesson Model 53. You can cock, decock, fire and reload the gun virtually and see how everything moves. An “X-Ray Vision” mode just shows the parts I want highlighted at the moment while outlining everything else in a ghostly green.



A “game” mode has you racing against the clock to click on parts in the correct order to disassemble and reassemble the gun in the fastest time possible. While it won’t compete with World of Tanks for my gaming time, it is a handy way to truly learn the design of the firearm. Toggling labels on helps your brain make the transition from “Doohickey” to “Spring Torsion Pin”. The 3d models are incredibly complex and truly faithful to the actual firearms. Here is a fully disassembled Sig “Commando” with labels turned on.


Gun Disassembly 2 is more than a fun free program to mess around with. It can unlock in our minds a better understanding of the engineering behind some very interesting firearms. I recommend trying it on your Mac or PC because the complexity of the firearms is best viewed on the largest screen available, but if you are stuck somewhere with just your phone, this program will be a great time-eater for gun enthusiasts like us. And if you can’t get your Ruger Mk II back together for some reason (hey, we’ve all been there), Gun Disassembly 2 is way better than squinting at that old 2d schematic!


We asked the makers of  Gun Disassembly 2 if they were willing to give us promo codes for our readers to unlock  some of the paid guns. They have given us four lifetime account promo codes which unlock every gun currently featured in the app and all future additions, 10 promo codes that unlock the Minigun, AK 47, M16, Steyr AUG,  Browning M1919 A4, M1 Garand, Thompson, Desert Eagle .44, Remington 870 and Barrett M107, and 15 promo codes to unlock the Colt SAA, Maxim, RPG -7, HK G36e and FAMAS F1. The first 29 readers to ask for a promo codes in the comments will be emailed a code. The codes only work on the Windows PC and Android version of the app (blame Apple). UPDATE: Codes all gone. Took just 20 minutes before they all went. We will email the lucky readers with their codes within the next 24 – 48 hours.

[Thanks to jdun1911 for the tip!]


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  • I have been using the app everyday since before Christmas. It is an amazing app for any gun nut. I love pulling apart guns and this app lets me pull apart guns I would never get my hands on in real life. I have learn’t a lot already, like how the M32 MGL grenade launcher rotates its cylinder (a gas operated piston that unlocks a ratchet)

    According to the developer, new (paid) guns that will soon appear in the app are the Ruger 22 Charger, MAC 10, Winchester 1873, DP 27, Lewis gun, M14, Welrod and SKS.

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      a proof of concept model in ABS plastic printed on a rep-rap should turn a few heads.

    • Para

      Well, dude, they’ve got out versions for the human body, cars, motorcycles (available via Gun Disassembly itself) and are working on versions for tanks and helicopters (for which the first two models will apparently be the BMP-3 and Mi-24 respectively).

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  • Please, write to the support if you have any questions.
    We answer e-mails every 24 hours.

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    for those of you with other guns, Gun Disassembly HD (on the iPad) has a few other guns, including the CZ-75, which is why I got it.

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      It’s so unbelievably awesome when you live in the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Brit-ain.

      I couldn’t get a firearm if I started the process now for at least two years. And I’d certainly be completely unable to find a semi-automatic non-rimfire to see how those functioned.

      It’s a valuable substitute for a budding designer.

      Besides, opening up a rifle would only show you what the parts were.
      It wouldn’t show you what they did.

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  • Codes have all been mailed out. Maybe we will get some more free codes in the future.

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    Don’t suppose you have any codes for the pc version?

    Some of the high score times seems almost impossible for me. Or maybe its easier on the iphone..I don’t know.

    I so far only have minor dislikes… the ‘game’ is too automatic rather than manual. I mean, I clicked on a weapon part and it puts the part in right where it belongs automatically. I know this is design this way so that its ‘user friendly’ but I prefer the challenge personally
    And some of the parts orders are too scripted even though it is possible to put other parts in first.

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