Magpul Announces 10 And 20 Round PMAG

Magpul has announced Gen M3 PMAGs with 10 and 20 round capacity. The 20 round PMAG is shipping now and the 10 round PMAG will be on sale in the first quarter of next year. Both have an MSRP of $13.95. The timing of this announcement is unfortunate, something Magpul acknowledged on their Facebook page, but these products would have to have been in development for some time and this is not a knee-jerk reaction to recent events.

The ten round magazine will be popular with hunters who hunt in areas that limit magazine capacity, shooters who live in jurisdictions that ban higher capacity magazines or bench-rest shooters who prefer not to have a magazine protruding from underneath their rifle.

The twenty round magazine protrudes less than the standard capacity 30 round magazines which makes shooting prone easier. The smaller size is also more convenient for compact PDW-style AR-15s.

Steve Johnson

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  • 032125

    I actually like the 20 round pmags better than 30s. though I buy more 30s because they are mysteriously $3 cheaper on average….

    • Nicks87

      Yeah, what’s up with that, MagPul. You would think more plastic=more cost but nope the 20 rnd mags are MORE expensive.

      • Anon

        Simply put, economies of scale. There is a far, far, far higher demand for 30rd PMags than for 20rd, thus more of them get produced. And that in turn leads to a lower price, particularly as large orders for OEM or military purposes are inevitably for 30rd magazines (and those orders likely drive pricing structures).

    • DrewN

      In Ca., pretty much all 10 round mags are anywhere from 15-60% more expensive than standard capacity. 10 round CZ-75 mags are something like $45 and Glock 9mm mags are pushing $40 in alot of places.

  • FourString

    About time!!!! This will be great for Californians :]

    • spencer

      I live in Nevada and work in Cali. When I stop in a California gun store and look at the 30rd pmags nerfed to ten rounds I have to wonder if California gun owners are more interested in pissing off their neighbors or looking cool then being practical (I’ve never seen a nerfed 20rd pmag in California). Then again most of the ones I’ve seen look like they could be fixed to carry 30 rounds with nothing but a hacksaw. Maybe it’s the prepper crowd that’s buying them.

      I will probably buy some 10rd pmags and a bullet button for whenever I want to go plinking across state lines.

      • Cymond

        I’ve seen (and own) parts to nerf 20 PMags to 10 rounds. However, in the current political and commercial climate, I can’t bring myself to nerf full caps.

        And if the preppers want full-cap mags, it’s far easier to buy a complete mag repair kit than modify a limited magazine back to full capacity.

      • Cymond

        Also, there is a practical advantage to full-bodied 10-round magazines. They’re easier to handle. 10 round magazines are small, fiddly things. It’s much easier to draw a full-length magazine from a pouch and insert it into the magwell.

      • Reverend Clint

        my buddy has 2 of the 20/10 and i have 3 of the 30/10 because its easier to grab a hold of and pull out of your rifle in case they dont drop free. Plus they are more reliable and dont get dented/bent.

      • Geodkyt

        There’s a lot of guys who like to use a “monopod” support, resting teh magazine on the ground. I don’t (painful memories of a large, ugly, scary man in a Smokey the Bear hat threatening death by muscle failure for anyone who did it, probably), but a lot of very good, and fairly smart, shooters swear by it.

        30 round mag bodies are just about the perfect height for this. 20 rounders are too short, even if you were literally a leprechaun.

        So, I can see the attraction to taking 30 round bodies, Nerfing them to correspond with local law, just to use them as a field support.

        Of course, the LCF (Looks Cool factor) is also a motive. Honestly, if LCF creams your Twinkie, I say “Rock on!”, even if that’s the only reason you have. As the old dude said to the kid with the $2000 stereo in the $500 Yugo, “‘T’ain’t my money, ‘t’ain’t my business.”

  • Oh, these are Gen 3!
    I was confused because I already own 20 round PMAGs. I guess they’re a different style.
    I don’t recall the 10 rounder though.

    • NI Shooter

      I was confused as well, but then I noticed they have a slight curviture to them, which should hopefully increase the already incredible reliability of these things, plus they look better IMHO 😀

    • NI Shooter

      I was confused as well, but then I noticed they have a slight curviture to them, which should hopefully increase the already incredible reliability of these things, plus they look better IMO 😀

  • Darkness

    They should just worry about making more 30 rounders, cuz there ain’t none to be had!!! Haha

  • Reverend Clint

    finally dont have to pay out my ass to get a 10rd magpul, some of the the other 10rd mags i got are ok but seem less well built.

  • Sian

    I always thought 20 rounders were awful nice. The right size for most uses.

  • Grey

    I really like the twenty round mags. I actually prefer 20 round mags over thirty. Box o’ cartridges = 20 rounds. One box = one magazine. Nice. I hate having a half box of cartridges rolling around.

    • KalashniKEV

      Two mags. Problem solved. Problem staying solved.

      • Darkness

        Simple math works wonders, right? Haha

    • Geodkyt

      Well, I can’t afford to buy ammo by the box — that’s why I buy it by the case. (Of course, I shoot mostly milsurp ball, not match or TAP.)

      Then I load it into stripper clips and bandoliers while watching the news. 3 clips = 1 magazine. Sometimes, I get a really nice deal, and it comes to me already loaded on clips.

      Reloading magazines on the range is easier and faster; loading clips while sitting on the couch is multitasking that doesn’t cut into any time I would be doing something else; counting ammo in bandoliers by units of 150 (Brit bandoliers, highly recommend), 120 (new USGI 4 pocket, meh), or 210 (old USGI 7 pocket, highly recommend as well) is a snap; ammo loaded in bandoliers packs really efficiently into ammo cans for storage.

      No, I’m not a survivalist, SWAT cop, or owner of a tactical school. It’s just easier and cheaper to buy in bulk, spending less money over time. Packing it into ammo cans just makes sense when you have more than two or three boxes — better protected, easier to keep track of when it’s time to start looking for the next good bulk deal, easier to transport plenty of ammo to the range (seriously, if 840 rounds won’t get you through a single range session, you’re probably already buying it by the pallet anyway, and you tend to show up at the range with a footlocker sized Pelican case for mags, spare parts, cleaning kit, etc. {chuckle})

      Problem solved, money saved, valuable time at the firing lin saved. Win all around.

  • John Doe

    There’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the straight 20-round PMAG in a short-barreled rifle.

  • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

    30 rounders are more for collectability and asthetics in my opinion. But I am stuck in California dammit.

    • JDub

      Yeah, I never liked the 30 rounders because they are too long. I never load more than 10 at the range anyways.

      Somehow, they never seemed that desirable until they banned the suckers here in sunny California.

      Oh wellz, guess I better steer clear of any gun battles.

      • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

        Well at least there are other options avalible to me. (at least)

    • Nick Mew (liberal gun nut)

      Apparently people hate me.

      • KC

        I like 10 and 20 rounders. But I also like 30 rounders and do not like not having the option of not getting new 30 rounders. You’re in the minority of the opinions, combined with the recent craze of people jumping on Facebook/Twitter/internet supporting a new AWB, registration and outright handgun bans that claim to be “liberal gun nuts” might paint your comment in a negative light.

        If it comes down to it and the only 30 round mags I would have access to are preban mags then I would use and abuse 10 round mags, probably even for carbine classes

    • Pete Sheppard

      I think the same way. I have one 30-rd mag, the rest 20s or 10s for my Kel-Tec. At the range, unless I am function-checking a mag, I usually fire 10-shot strings.

      That said, I absolutely agree that citizens should be able to buy whatever size magazine they wish! We all know that detachable mags of any sort are on the banners’ wish-list!

  • arguy

    Why not 15 rounders for for the states that have a 15 round limit?

    • noob

      I guess New Jersey shooters will have to just put a mag capacity block or floorplate into a 20rounder (if the followers are compatable with the 30 rounder).

      you’d be looking at about .75 inch length saving or so for a true 15 round magazine. is that an ergonomically or mechanically critical length? or is it more a psychological thing “I have a 15 round magazine that is as designer intended” vs “god, I hope that this stupid magazine capacity limiting floorplate doesn’t screw up the function of the magazine that it has been tested with before being sold to me.”

    • Samopal

      NJ is the only state with a 15rnd limit, and I don’t imagine the market is large enough to warrant the cost of producing a whole different mag.

      Canada has a much larger potential market and they haven’t started making 5rnd mags yet, so…

  • Justin J

    Make em for the Mini 14!!!!

  • other other steve

    I hope to get my hands on some of those 20 round mags. I do wonder if the quad stack p-mag is still in the works.

  • Justin

    Good news for the unfortunate in MA like myself.

    • tet

      Good News for CA as well.

  • Big Bore

    Did companies like Noveske fix the compatibility issue with M3 PMAGS? I would hate to purchase one only to find they won’t accept 20-rounders as well.

  • D

    I prefer having 10 rounder’s rather then more, because of weight and balance. Plus, it just feels awkward on the gun, somehow.

    of course, i got my start with a 7-round 1911 and a 5-round mosin nagant, so that could influence me somewhat.

  • schizuki

    The way things are going, developing a ten-rounder for the Mini-14 would be wise.

  • JT

    Schmeisser in Germany make a Pmag styled mag and they have had a 10 rounder available for a few years now. Kind of interesting when the copy comes out before the original as it were.

  • Ds

    Why does everyone like the pmags over all the other brands what add the advantages?

    • Esh325

      They are more reliable and durable than standard GI-mags, however, casual users may see no difference. And another reason is that I suppose they have unofficial use and popularity among the US military.

  • Mike Knox

    Bad timing for magpul..

  • gunslinger

    i saw the email last night…thought.. wow bad timing? or just whatever…

    not sure about the 10 round, but i like the 20. Still i’d rather have 30 than 20, but they are nice.

  • gaosmer

    PMAG at any size or Price, as I saw 30 PMAG for 55.00 today at local gun show

  • Been waiting for a 20 rounder for prone work. Some co-workers want then for call-outs.

    Agreed the timing is crappy, but it’s obvious the tooling has been in the works for a while.


  • Nicks87

    It would be really cool if MagPul made a flush fit 5rnd mag for deer hunters instead of offering those plugs for the 20 rnd mags.

    I was stopped and questioned by a nervous game warden about why I was hunting with a hi-cap magazine. I had to remove the mag and let him “inspect” it to make sure it only held 5 rnds. He thanked me and said sorry for the hassle but it cut into a lot of good hunting time lol.

    • Reverend Clint

      and wasted his time as well. He could have been out looking for real criminals

  • BillyBones

    I look forward to the 10 rounder as we in NY cannot own postban high caps. Though, the Gov. Is now proposing a 7rnd limitation… BS.

    Anyhow, I look forward to picking up a case, as soon as they become available and the hysteria dies down.

    • Samopal

      I’m also in NY and haven’t heard anything about a proposed 7nd cap. Source?

  • Michael

    I think we will see more gun manufactures producing pump and lever guns that take PMAGS.
    Imagine the Mossberg tactical lever gun with a 30 round mag.
    Make a 7.62×51 version taking FAL or G3 makes

    • Esh325

      I always thought Magpul missed out on a huge market by not catering to the AK,FAL, and M1A market.

      • Nmate

        AK? If it is a 47 there are huge numbers of high quality, inexpensive magazines out there already, they’re just heavy. The Bulgarians and US PALM are already making high quality polymer magazines for the platform. If is the 74, then there are already huge quantities of high quality polymer magazines out there. Sadly they got pretty expensive even before the insanity. I still don’t see a whole lot of business sense in either, even if I’d like some PMAGs for my Arsenal SGL31-94.

        FAL? They’ve already said there are technical reasons why they can’t do a polymer magazine for the SCAR-H/17S, so I’d assume the same applies for the FAL.

        I don’t know about the M14/M1A.

      • JMD

        IDK if you’ve checked around recently, but AK74 magazines are not nearly as plentiful as they once were, and the price last I checked was about $30 instead of $15 like they used to be, and that was before the post-Sandy Hook panic buying. I’ve spoken to a bunch of people about this issue, and we’ve all been asking Magpul and US Palm to make AK74 magazine. I’d buy them.

      • W

        As mil surplus dries up more and becomes more expensive, youll see PMAG AK mags.

        AK74 mags could particularly use a more diverse selection…

    • BillyBones

      Check the NY hometown section.

  • Reverend Clint

    back ordered 2, limited to 2, 10 rders on midway usa

  • Anonymous

    With magazine size limits possibly coming soon, I’d say it’s good timing for Magpul anyway.

  • that guy

    what kind of rail is that on the rifle in the last picture?

    • Nmate

      The 9.5″ version of the Daniel Defense RIS II for the Mk 18 Mod 1.