Nifty Bullpup Gun Design From Airsoft Maker

Simon had the chance to examine a prototype airsoft rifle designed by a Hong Kong airsoft manufacturer. It is not a copy of a real gun, which is unusual for the airsoft industry. The gun has some very nifty features I have not seen on a real bullpup rifle. It has an ambidextrous magazine release situation above the trigger guard to allow easy one handed access. A backup magazine release is situated in front of the magazine (in case something does wrong with the forward release linkage). The bolt release is situated on top of the buttstock but does not protrude above it.

I really like the clean lines of this rifle. It reminds me of the HS Produkt VHS, but without the inconvenient FAMAS-inspired top charging handle.

There are a lot of talented designers in Asia who turn to building replicas and airsoft guns instead of real guns because local laws do not allow them to own, let alone manufacture, the read thing. Maybe we will see innovative designs being licensed from airsoft makers to real gun makers instead of just the other way around.

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    looks vaguely Kel-Tec

    • Tuulos

      It’s interesting how more innovative looking (can be read as weird too) weapons seem to remind people of Kel-Tec.

      • Geodkyt

        Kel-Tec has some really neat ideas. Unfortunately, they are often plagued by either bad quality control issues (so a really good design suffers from being designed well and built poorly), or a design that appears to have been frozen in an early design spiral (so a design is released with mondo teething issues).

        You would NOT like to go to battle with the earliest iterations of almost any highly regarded gun, regardless of if you are a fanatical Fanboi of it or not — the bugs in the earliest versions of the Garand, Kalashnikov, CETME/HK roller delay rifles, FAL, AR10/AR15, Browning locked breech pistols, etc., were pretty severe — ALL had serious flaws in the beginning. Hell, the serious flaws in the M2HB (and I loves me some Ma Deuce, don’t get me wrong) are only NOW getting fixed (albeit, that is Big Army bureaucratic inertia — there have been proposed practical solutions to eliminate having to twiddle with headspace & timing in the field for decades.)

        The difference between a neat idea and a great gun is often times just “getting the bugs out” between initial concept and polished product. Hell, sometimes you even CAN polish a turd and make something good out of it — witness the final evolution of the M60 GPMG family (40 years too late, after it had already been crammed into such a small niche it was impractical to go back and re-replace the M240 with it by then).

        Kel-Tec often, IMNSHO, rushes stuff out at a “initial field test” level of design. BEAUTIFUL designs, that just could have used another year or two in aggressive testing and tweaking.

  • weerd

    The Magpul PDR had the same style of mag release.

  • Van the Handcannon man

    This is exactly why I read this blog, you put forward good ideas, even though they aren’t actually guns or new.

  • JD

    Move the charging handle to a forward left hand position and I’s damn sure buy one (real).

  • Icchan

    I see shades of the Kel-Tec, but it also makes me think of a weirdly futuristic version of the old M1A bullpup idea. Maybe it’s just the magazine and thickness on the front, I dunno. Or maybe I’m on too many cold medicines.

  • Variance

    The Tavor X95 has a forward-mounted magazine release, but the idea of a backup mechanism is one that I have no seen before; it’s not a bad idea.

    • mike clark

      really ?

      well, actually magpul has already thinked about this on their pdr if you would have looked at the pdf they released, you can even see more information on the specs on defense review.

      other than that, the rifle seems a good design but i heard that it’s actually in some way an copy of the pdr.

  • DW

    Next step: make a .22lr version, or at least, license someone to make a .22lr version. That’d be a great plinker.

  • Martin

    one thing; I agree that top mounted charging handle is less than optimal – where do you mount the optics? (or you would have to elevate the accesory rail, to be far above the optimal cheekweld position).

    but a charging handle portruding from the bolt, reciprocating near your face, far away from your left hand? that’s much worse!!! I have seen right-handed english soldiers load their SA-80, doesn’t look optimal….

    I think the best solution here would be a merger betveen Tavor, P-90 and HK G3. Make it far to the front (Tavor, G3), on both sides (P-90), without allowing dust to enter the weapon (G-3 has the pipe in the bolt carrier that covers the slot through which the charging handle travels), and be non reciprocating (G-3 and P-90).

    but, the design is interesting, and the article itself very good!

    • The Forty Twa’

      L85 is fine ergonomically, people that have never used it before always bang on about how rubbish it is but you get used to it. Reloading with it isn’t an issue once you’ve had a bit of practice. Although maybe that is because I’m a right handed Scot and not a right handed Englishman…

    • Geodkyt

      I tend to agree with the crowd that ergonomic concept testing with airsofts is viable — after all, most initial ergonomic testing on firearms is done with solid (usually plastic) dummies. Cheaper and safer than building a fully functional firearm to test a particular layout, AND this way the airsoft community (which is not only pretty damned big, but willingly spends their OWN money on stuff) can function as a “first iteration” ergonomics laboratory.

      If a particular control layout or grip shape is clumsy in a $200 airsoft toy, it ain’t gonna magically get better if you use it in a $2000 HK.

      Top mounted charging handles need not interfere significantly with optics (although they really need to be nonreciprocating for a top mounted location — but then, I like nonrecip handles regardless of location):

      1. Charging handle that either folds down (think L1A1/SLR handle) or is U-shaped (Uzi) to clear the sight line. (You could also, if you KNEW you were always going to mount a magnified optic of reasonable power, just place it in teh near field, so it “disappears” from the scope view, like the front sight tower on an M4 with a 4x scope. Not fond of that solution, but it is on the table.)

      2. HK MP5/G3/G33 type charging handle — any where from 1 o’clock to 45 degrees. BONUS — you can use it as a manual bolt hold open and set it so the handle is at top dead center when it’s holding the bolt back, and it’s like a chamber flag to remind the user his action is open. Secondary bonus — with the TDC position for “charging handle locked back”, you can have your charging handle track slots cut on BOTH sides, so someone who is adamant about having their charging handle on one side or the other can flip it with no more effort than running the action once. (Of course, the beauty of a topside angled location is that you can run it from the SAME side, or reach across the receiver nearly as easily to work one that is currently on the far side. I’ve had no problems working either Galils, HKs, or Sten guns with either hand, despite being dreadfully right handed.)

  • bull

    this is great! if they use good polymer it would be rather easy to use the shell for a real gun. stuff like the mag release shuld transfer over without modifications 🙂 where can i get one?

  • Mike

    Battery in the front, good.
    Mind finding out who’s making this thing? It’s got me curious.

  • gunslinger

    hum…why hasn’t a firearms designer done this?

    well great ideas…get copied…

  • Jeff

    Selector looks a bit hard to reach

  • Michael T.

    It’s been named UAR by the manufacturer

  • Mike Knox

    It’s a lot more comprehensible when compared to an actual firearm..

  • John Doe

    Airsoft guns are great as a sort of proof-of-concept. It would be great if real guns were made off these designs. Airsoft guns are cheap ways to test good ergonomics.

  • mechamaster

    The front magazine release in bullpup firearms… hmm.. maybe it’s inspired by Magpul PDR.

  • ChuckyTee

    Firearm Blogger or fake air software gun blog? Go on and down vote me for not giving a crap about “playing guns” around age 14 or 15.

  • ChuckyTee

    Firearm Blogger or fake air software gun blog? Go on and down vote me for not giving a darn about “playing guns” since around age 14 or 15.

  • Nathaniel

    That bolt release is what we call a “beard-catcher.”

    Stocks should be smooth with no holes or gaps in them for us whiskered folks.

  • Mobious

    Very video game inspired too, if gun manufacturers would get ideas from Airsofts, then they’d be doing more designs straight from games. Although I think we’ve seen film inspired weapons come to reality? Or at least, the mock up guns in films were copied with kits available now

  • hello, where can I be buying this gun was wondering if it is possible’m from Brazil … and here it is almost impossible to find these types of weapons’m very interested if anyone knows the website to let me …

  • Bob Z Moose

    Do want this.

    BTW, haters gonna hate. This is a really cool bit of tech.