Magpul Statement On Magazine Prices

Magpul has published a statement in response to the high prices that some retailers have been charging for PMAGs …

We’ve received a lot of comments about some retailers charging extremely high prices for our products. We strongly discourage pricing strategies like this with our direct customers, as we just don’t feel right about it. Those retailers who are buying through distribution, and not direct, may be worried about supply and reacting to the market with this pricing increase. We are firm believers in free capitalism, and as long as no one is damaging market value through their pricing strategy, we will allow the market to correct this situation, as it appears it already is. We intend to continue to produce and sell our products to support the MSRPs we have set. Magazines will continue to flow to those retailers, distributors, and OEM customers with whom we have direct relationships.

[ Many thanks to Spencer for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      Caps Lock is not cruise control for cool, despite what the cool kids mught tell you.

  • That is all fine and good but I do not believe a company like Cheaper than dirt will pull guns off the shelf but be glad to sell you high cap mags to a new adjusted price just so it’s harder to afford them.

    • FormerSFMedic

      What don’t you believe Richard? What’s done is done. Cheaper than Dirt has already sold PMags for $60 and taken guns for online purchase off the website. So, what don’t you believe?

  • ron

    I once responded to a question posted over at AR15 about why magazine prices are so high. My response was greed. I was lambasted by all the gunnies, called a wall street occupying, liberal, communist, elitist traitor and worse.. This in the face of the the fact that I posted that I am a desert storm veteran conservative republican, militiaman who happens to have a mechanical engineering degree which puts me in a position to know that an injection mold from China can be had for $5000…and parts can be pulled from that mold for about $1.

    I guess I was right after all!

    thanks for posting this story.

    • Spencer

      Self interest is not greed, but sometimes that line can get a little blurry. Look on the bright-side, with demand this high Magpul will be pumping out Pmags at full capacity.

      As far as $60 magazines go. I wouldn’t even bother complaining. Bad service has a way of alienating customers, and you can always laugh at the people who paid too much when the prices go back down. Sometimes the world actually does fix itself.

      On another note It’s nice to see another Engineer posting here.

    • gunslinger

      “posted at ar15…”

      well there’s your problem.

      but i think you are right. capitalism is greed. why sell for $1 when i can sell for $2. i don’t “need” the extra buck to cover my expense..

      but ohwell

    • Lolinski

      Where could I buy one(injection mold)? The idea of making my own Magpul mags is tempting, could brand them “Magbull” to avoid trademark infringment and sell at half of what the price gougers are charging. But more seriously, where can one buy one of those brass extrusion machines to make your own casings?

  • Kel-Tec continues to support price gouging on the PMR 30 and KSG. Disappointing this price gouging. Shows a serious lack of integrity, on several levels.

    • Anon

      How exactly is Kel-Tec responsible for price gouging? If anything, they can primarily be blamed for placing MSRP way below established market prices. They do not have any ability to influence the actual price that a dealer sells at, nor do they sell directly to dealers.

      • RadioGuy

        KelTec isn’t price gouging, they simply aren’t delivering product.

        The PMR30 has been out of production for over a year after it was discovered that the rifling rate and barrel length were incompatible with the .22 Magnum round. Target shooters rapidly discovered that the rounds tumbled instead of spin, keyholing the targets.

        The KSG was pure vapor-ware from the start. There probably aren’t over a couple hundred of them in existence.

        • Adam

          Not sure if you know this, but “pure vapor-ware” and “a couple hundred of them in existence” aren’t exactly phrases that go together in a sentence. Just sayin’.

    • El Duderino

      How are they price gouging when they sell to FFLs at X and the dealer marks it at X+$800?

    • Nadnerbus

      From internet scuttlebut, Keltech’s problem is producing their products at a rate that keeps up with demand. The price inflation is a natural byproduct of that. Scarcity drives up price. Instead of trying to control their prices artificially, which never works anyway, they need to get more focused on turning out product at a rate to meet demand, or start licensing their stuff to people who will.

    • Jaybronee

      I own a PMR30 ($329.95) and KSG ($689.95) ordered them from my LGS and waited the 2 months for them to arrive. PMR doesn’t “keyhole” and the KSG is awesome. I chose to not buy them at inflated prices and found a great gun store in my area. Free markets work…

  • Ryan

    Thank you Magpul for releasing this statement, I’m proud to support a fellow Colorado company and will continue to do so. Cheaper Than Dirt however, can kiss every part of my ass.

  • Manufacturers are rarely ever the ones price gouging. Thanks Magpul! 🙂

  • DrewDennis

    How about you disallow any dealer caught gouging from selling your products in the future…ahem, cheaper than dirt.

    • gunslinger

      then there goes their “free market” stance. they can’t say they give their distribution free control, then not sell to those who “gouge”.

      • mp

        There can be private restriction in free markets.

      • Geodkyt

        Yes, there can be restrictions in a free market economy. As in, the national economy is a free market one, but any individual company can be as anti-free market as they want.

    • Tim

      How about you exercise a principle tenet of capitalism and NOT buy their product?

  • Andrew

    I applaud Magpul for pointing out some retailer’s malpractices but remaining true to the free market and leaving it to us the consumers to make the ultimate choice. It is not Magpul or the Government’s business to tell another businessman how to price products but up to us to say “Enough” and not purchase from said retailers until they fix their clock.

    I just cried a single constitutional tear while writing this.

  • El Duderino

    I haven’t purchased from CTD since they started that stupid “warehouse A,B,C etc” stuff. Now I definitely won’t be in any rush to order from them.

  • W

    good for magpul.

    price gouging always sucks, but its up to the consumer to be educated and vote with their wallets. its looks like CTD got caught red handed in the cookie jar and daddy slammed the lid on their fingers.

    you can charge whatever you can for a product, but be prepared to deal with the consequences in regards to the manufacturer of the product (if youre a distributor) and the customers themselves.

    • Stath

      That’s right, this is a shared responsibility. I think I can say with confidence that true gun enthusiasts wouldnt be caught in this situation with their pants completely down at least. I dont understand how people could all of a sudden have the money to buy something at 4X MSRP, when they neglected to do so after Obama was elected in 2008. He is far more radical than Bill Clinton. Ok, so you make it to the next election thinking… ok, as long as he isnt re-elected, we are home free! NOT. Re-elected, so in the weeks after the election, did you not have the money to buy these things then? When you knew that something would most likely be coming? He has NOTHING TO LOSE! I admit, I dont have as much as I would like to have, but I have always made it a priority to factor in these items as part of my investment portfolio. They are not toys! You either spend your money on “guns” or you spend it on “butter”. If you start to look at every penny you spend in that light, you will not be caught off gaurd like this. So I say, if the mags are more important that then $60 or $80 in your bank account, go and buy it! When you feel that pain during the purchase, think of it as a good old spanking buy Obama himself for not being a more active and regular participator the cause.

  • tincankilla

    1). Everyone call your member of congress and both your senators tomorrow.
    2). Now would be a great time for somebody to retest the home 3D printing of AR and AK magazines!

    • gak_pdx

      I think the better strategy is, instead of printing whole magazines, print parts to convert 10 round magazines to standard capacity magazines.

      You get-

      1- Factory fit into the weapon’s magwell and mag catch.
      2- Far more durable materials in the high-stress areas.
      3- The ability to use the 10 round spring behind the follower, with an extension spring behind it, thus increasing reliability.

      • tincankilla

        that’s a fantastic idea – I hope the guys at Defense Distributed are listening.

  • Nadnerbus

    So from comments, it was CTD that was gouging the Pmag prices. What where they asking?

    I stopped buying from them years ago when I realized that most of the stuff I ordered from them was cheap because it was utter crap and usually broke in a hurry. Folding shovel/E tool, M1A bi-pod, low end red dots, after a while I learned to go to Midway or Brownels, and never looked back.

    • Nadnerbus

      Got further down the main page and saw, disregard the first question.

  • CTDan

    Thanks Magpul, for being as American as a Bald Eagle. You pointed out the baddies while maintaining a free market spirit, and I applaud you for that. I have been, and will always be a loyal customer for other reasons(quality+value). But this is just that much better. I ordered the last of the gen M3 p-mags from aimsurplus. wanted to grab a few (2-3) but the site came back with ‘only one left in stock’. OH CRAP MINE.

    • Jeff M

      I got 10 of those

  • J

    If you want to boycott someone make it Dicks sporting goods for actually suspending gun sales.

  • J

    If you want to boycott someone make it “Dicks sporting goods” for actually suspending gun sales.

    • Ian

      So now in our free country is it despicable to suspends sales of firearms.

      • J

        Who said its despicable? It is however saying “oh its the guns fault for the crime not the wacked out individual”. It is saying to the gun hating world their rational to stop guns is correct and that the gun is the problem.

      • Stath

        Now that is worth doing! Please email Kevin and OFF and request he endorse a boycott of that store to all his email list. Thanks!

      • THEyardpilot

        They can do what they want. Customers are free to go somewhere else. You got a problem with that?

  • RocketScientist

    For everyone decrying “price gouging”: THAT IS NOT A BAD THING. It is how free markets work. There are BENEFITS to prices responding to supply/demand. This video sums it up better than i ever could. Please watch.


    • gunslinger

      not a bad video, but i do have a major problem with it. linking to his point #3. what is “need”.

      if i only have $800, but he’s selling for $1300 i can’t buy the generator. the guy behind me has $1300, but his reason for purchasing is so he can still play xbox. so does he “need” to play xbox?

      and while yes, the $1300 should cause others to bring generators in to sell at slightly lower prices, what’s the lag between that? it might take a a week for enough stock to come in so that the generators are back to $800. but in the meantime, the daughter has died.

      ok, so i’m playing on the heartstrings. but my point remains. how do you define “need”? Price gouging is a complicated issue

      • RocketScientist

        I see your point, but in my opinion, you’re getting two separate things mixed up. His “need” and your inability to afford the generator are completely unrelated issues. To respond to your question, if he is willing to spend $1300 on the generator, then by definition he feels he “needs” the generator more than $1300 in his bank account. Of course he doesnt need it to survive, but that definition of “need” is not what is meant here, they use it in the economic sense. The problem you pose (a rich person being able to afford more than a less-rich person) would exist regardless of price controls or not. It is a part of the human condition unless you stipulate a world of true communist/collectivism where everyone has exactly the same amount of wealth.. In fact, if price controls were put in place, the problem would be MADE WORSE. All the rich kids who want to play xbox would have bought up all the generators long before you got there, as at $800 it is an even BETTER deal than at $1300, especially when taken as a portion of their wealth as a whole. Basically, what I’m saying is that yes, the rich will be able to afford things they do not need for survival, while the less-rich will not be able to afford the same things, even when they DO need them for survival. But that is part of life in all but the most communist/egalitarian societies. Artificial price controls do nothing to alleviate this problem, and in fact make some aspects of them worse (re. available supply for those who truly need, as mentioned above)

      • gunslinger

        still… i think the example is wrong. when you say daddy with the sick child…you start on an emotional journey. i bet if you asked 100 people “i have $100. you can either give it to box a, which will get a sick girl medicine to say alive or give it to box b so a normal boy can play extra video games. where do you want this money to go?” (assume girl will die w/o money, boy will be fine and still be able to play video games, just not as much…all others being equal and such) what do you think 100 people would say

        if he said guy A only has $800, and guy B has $1300 i would feel a bit better. because in a “pure economic” sense “emotional need” doesn’t factor in. if the fair market value for an item is $1300, then no, the $800 won’t buy it. guy A then either needs to wait until FMV decreases to 800, or get another 500 to buy at 1300.

        and i DO get that if MV was only at 800, now guy C with 11 can come in and buy so he can play his xbox too. I do understand that price gouging is an emotional response to a free market. PG only exists because we have those laws that prevent markups. PG doesn’t “naturally exist” it’s a result of emotional attachment to items compared to monetary value.
        and that’s the problem… trying to use emotional arguments against “natural” events.

      • Stath

        People. How long has this retard been President? How long have you had to purchase these things with ample warning? At normal prices? Sorry, but price gouging sucks, but it is also a result of supply and demand, or “perceived” supply and demand. The stock market has not mercy, people buy thing low, people buy things high, and speculate that they made a sound decision. If the fools who put these purchases off for the last 4 years now all of a sudden have enough time and money to pay 4 times MSRP. Let em. Maybe next time they will include guns and ammunition and mags as part of their monthly investment portfolio. You might laugh at that statement, but the numbers don’t lie. It sure as hell beats my 401K lately.

  • Tom

    I applaud Magpul for releasing this statement in the face of recent markups on their product by certain retailers.

    What I would really like to see from Magpul and all other firearms, ammunition, and accessory manufacturers is a pledge to only sell to LE and govt agencies the products that they allow the general public to buy (relative to the items covered by the proposed gun legislation). Doing this might get more people to oppose the legislation when they realize police will have the same limits as homeowners.

  • Jeff

    Having Magpul Magazines… or any AR magazines is kinda like having shares of stocks…. you can watch their price go up and down….

  • Cuban Pete

    I just saw that in a major, on-line, catalog retailer that has 3-words in its name, the price of Mini14 20-rd mags just went up $20 to $59 per magazine.

    $59!!! For 20-rd??? F-that!!

    Dear ******-than-****, you just lost a valued and regular customer. We’re done, you price gounging SOB’s.

    p.s. Don’t try to hide behind that “market” crap, you’re just price gouging.

  • Davey

    Personally, I think that the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of $17.95 for their maglevel magazine is too high. It’s been that way for years, despite the glut of magazines. MAP pricing is anti-consumer and intended to exclusively benefit their distributor network.

  • Jeff M

    Price gouging to you maybe, but not to me. if I needed any pmags, I’d go buy some right now from cheaper than dirt because you can’t get them anywhere else. Midway put a “2 magazines only” policy in place and they sold out. Now you can’t get them anywhere except for cheaper than dirt, or from a gunbroker auction where the rest of the “price gougers” are selling theirs.

    Supply and demand.

  • Mike Knox

    I remember walking into a gun store and hearing about pmags going around 35 to 40 each..

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    If you live near an Academy Sports store you might get lucky.

    I found 12 Pmags today for $14.99 each. I bought all twelve…no I didn’t. I’m not a hoarder. I bought four and left some for the next guy.

    I’m also the guy that leaves you a couple of boxes of Federal .45 and 9mm hundred round boxes at Walmart.

    However, I am the guy that buys up all the Red Vines at Costco. A man has to think only of himself sometime.

    Peace and good health

    • TampaGator

      I was just at Shooter’s World (Tampa, FL) because they just restocked their Magul PMAG 308 Win magazines. They were supposed to have 30 in stock, and I wanted to purchase 4, so I was in luck. Last Saturday, they were $20 or $21 before they sold out. Today (Thurs) they were $49.99!!! Increased by $30 in four days. I said no thank you. I expected a price increase, but I don’t care to be gouged.

      • Anon

        The invisible hand at work.

      • THEyardpilot

        The big things are to never forget who is doing this, to shop accordingly and tell them why. When you get a product somewhere else, tell them why, too.

    • BubbaT

      Ha that’s good stuff there. I’m the same way. No need to be selfish. God will provide for those that think of others.

  • Alpha Roger

    Better get some before the ban.

  • other other steve

    Get them while you can. A 10 pack of Pmags is going for $527.99 on ebay. But they are offering free shipping so its not a complete rip off…(yes I am being extremely sarcastic) All my local gun stores are out. I can’t find any AR mags or any 9mm, 223 or 556 ammo anywhere down here in San Antonio Texas. I ordered 2 xdm 19 round mags today from I would have ordered more but I was limited to only 2 and I wanted 10. Oh I have seen plenty of Tul ammo and wolf. Guess nobody really trust that stuff down here so I bought a couple boxes. Good hunting everybody grab what you can.

    • Stath

      Sorry, but consumers are as big a part of the problem for participating in this ridiculous situation. What? We have had dick head for president for 4 YEARS!!! And NOW everyone has the time, will, and money to pay insane prices because they were SOOOO caught off guard by this? Anyone pay more than $30 for one of these mags is a fool, but then, that’s who this prices gouging is intended for, isn’t it?

      For those of us who truly have been supporting our rights, and making ammo, and firearm purchases on a regular basis are saying… well, we told ya so… like when he was elected in 2008!

  • CAG

    its funny how this is not on magpul’s website

  • dsl

    Saw 20 round mags for $40.00 at a gun shop yesterday!

  • usm102

    Check out Cheaper than Dirt. $49.95 for your plain mags. You should stop selling to dealers like them.

  • Kevin

    It is the people’s fault for paying $50 per mag or more. The vendors can ask whatever they want but if people didn’t panic buy and pay these huge markups then they would be forced to lower the price. Pmags are selling at these prices cause people are stupid enough to pay for it period. Stop buying them and the prices will fall.

  • Garras

    Why are you people all bent out shape concerning the current prices of ammo? This is a country where the consumer sets the price. If you dolts are willing to buy 9mm at $40 a box, the seller isn’t about to lower the price! They are not stupid. They will get as much money for each box as you are willing to pay. One guy had a .45 exactly like mine for $899. Wanna know how much he offered in trade in for mine with 2 boxes of ammo included? ….$125. Yes, a whole $125! I walked out. THATS CRAZY!! .45’s sell for over $1000 and he wants to give me $125. So lets see…$50 per box of ammo retail so that leaves $25 for the gun??? I can get more for it if I sell it to a street thug! I bet a lot of you would have taken the offer.