IWI US Tavor SAR Pricing Announced. 9mm and 5.45x39mm Kits To Be Available Soon.

The IWI US Inc. website has gone live and they have announced the models and pricing for the USA version of the Tavor SAR rifle. The rifle will be available in 16.5″ and variants and with or without a bayonet lug. There will be one left handed version. All the models are chambered in 5.56mm and shipped with a 30 round magazine.

Model # Model Stock Color Barrel Length Overall Length Weight (lbs.) MSRP
TSB16 TAVOR® SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail Black 16½” 26⅛” 7.9 $1,999
TSB18 TAVOR® SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail & bayonet lug Black 18″ 27⅝” 8.15 $1,999
TSFD16 TAVOR® SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail FDE † 16½” 26⅛” 7.9 $1,999
TSFD18 TAVOR® SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail & bayonet lug FDE † 18″ 27⅝” 8.15 $1,999
TSB16L TAVOR® SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail, LEFT HAND Black 16½” 26⅛” 7.9 $1,999
TSIDF16 TAVOR® SAR-IDF with Mepro-21 Reflex Sight affixed to barrel Black 16½” 26⅛” 8.5 $2,599

The SAR-IDF model features the MeproLight Mepro-21 reflex sight used by the IDF. MeproLight is a sister company of IWI. All the other flat top models feature integral folding adjustable backup iron sights with Tritium front post.

The company will be making 9mm NATO and 5.45x39mm Russian conversion kits available in the near future. This would make the Tavor SAR the only bullpup 9mm carbine and 5.45mm rifle on the market in the USA!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Jesse tronier

    Looks practical, but not into that huge futuristic look.

    • Noodles

      I think a lot of that is just a bullpup thing. The Aug for example designed in the 60’s, STILL looks futuristic.

      That said I prefer the AUG styling over this, but this isn’t that bad. It would look a little better with a pinned 14.2-14.5″ suppressor mount / flash hider though.

      • Zack

        They’re already flirting with the minimum 26″ length required by the NFA. 26.5 inches with a 16.5 inch barrel. I understand your point of view, but how short do you need the rifle to be honestly?

      • Geodkyt

        Heck, the whole point of a bullpup is to get “rifle” ballistic performance from “carbine” length guns. And “carbine” performance out of “PDW” length guns.

        Their ergonomics tend to go in the toilet when the barrel gets much shorter than 16″, as you rapidly end up with no safe place to put your support hand.

    • Burst

      I still can’t get over those ugly ventilation holes.

      The Barrett prototype and the MTAR didn’t have them, (rather, they were under the handguard) and both came out looking a great deal more ‘solid’ for it.

      Perhaps if this idea is successful, we’ll get an MTAR in a few years.

  • Chris

    Not liking that $2k+ price, but love the looks.

    • Noodles

      Name one gun that’s available and actually sells for MSRP… Wait for the street price before getting discouraged.

    • KC

      its only $2k+ in the package that includes a $600 optic

  • Noodles

    Is that the 16.5″ or 18″ shown???

    • Beefalo

      Assuming they aren’t another Kel-Tec and they keep ahead of demand–which wil probably be brutal for the first year.

  • Noodles

    9mm out of a 16″ barrel? The ammo isn’t really optimized for that so I’ll stick to my MP5 SBRs, but…….

    A 300blk barrel…. That could be something special. Wouldn’t replace my desire for an 8″ 300blk upper, but would probably eliminate any desire for a 16″ AR upper.

    I just looked up the gas system and bolt/carrier of the Tavor, looks to be a very short stroke piston, seems like that might be loud when suppressed.

    Loud when suppressed would cross off 9mm and 300blk, but here’s hoping it’s quiet enough.

    • long stroke

      • Noodles

        Yea, it’s technically a “long” stroke because the majority if tr the piston is fixed to the carrier. But did you see the length? VERY short.

        It’s seems like the equivalent of an AR with a pistol length gas system. It’s going to start to open while pressure is still very high it seems. If it vents at the regulator like the AUG, it’s going be loud when suppressed since that vent will POP right where your ear is. It’s interesting that its such a short “long” stroke system. Not holding out much hope it will suppress very well.

        David: there are DI 9mm carbines, there is nothing specially about 9mm that prohibits it from working with a gas system. The tavor could be blowback or it could not, no idea.

    • David

      I suppose the longer dwell time after the gas port would increase gas pressure but I don’t think that would make a significant difference in suppressed noise. It wouln’t matter at all for the 9mm since there is no way it is gas operated, it has to be blowback, as all 9mm carbines are, with rare exceptions.

      • Its not noisy. Trust me. It shoots dirty though with a suppressor on it 😀

  • Chase

    I am very excited to hear that bayonet lugs will be available. I think it’s lots of fun to make rifles sharp and pointy.

    • mosinman

      but, but …. you cant have that!!!! those are evil!!!!!!

  • John Doe

    I don’t mind the $2,000 price too much, but I would like a 20″ barrel. That would be nice to have, since it’s a bullpup.

    • Erwos

      No point, really. The 18″ barrel model is close enough, and it’s more authentic (the real TAR-21 is 18″).

    • gallan

      Yeah, ballistics wise 18 inches is the sweet spot, the weight and length saved is well worth the very small loss in velocity. Something that becomes even more important when you attach a suppressor on there. Anything to lighten accessory weight at the muzzle shouldn’t be discounted either.

      Australia’s EF88 should have have come in a 18 inch version as standard or at least a 19 inch. The reason I think they went 20 inch as standard is for optic and 5.56 ballistics compatibility with the M16 which has a 20 inch barrel. Important since if we’re invaded we’ll be using u.s ammo.

  • Supersonic

    What are they going to give us if we’re in CA?

    • Noodles

      The middle finger it seems. There is no CA model of the Tavor as it was announced a month ago or so. Sorry, feel free to move to a free state.

      • gunslinger

        or get the laws changed in CA? i doubt either of these choices are very easy.

        transplanting to a “free” state would require new job. selling of a house, getting a new house, moving kids from school, spouse changing jobs…etc.. not something one can just up and do.

        changing the laws…well even harder. I was following news on homebrewers trying to get states to legalize home brewing (fed law says it’s legal but up to states to regulate) and that was hard. i can’t imagine a gun law change…

    • Tony

      No worries man. I’ll bet my left nut someone has a grip wrap and a bullet button cooked up within two months of them coming out.

  • W

    having access to both 9mm and 5.45 is a huge advantage and the price is very competitive for “new” rifles outside of the AK and AR trend.

    Im very confident in IWI that they will not fudge the QC and sell a excellent product.

    I see that there’s a right and left hand version. I thought the Tavor was adjustable???

    • TangledThorns

      Should be, to adjust you have to change out the bolt for a left side firing one.

  • Shane

    That’s great that they are selling the Tavor in the USA but the price is too much. $1200 is what I would pay for it.

  • Dave C

    Looks good, I’ll get one when there <$1500 and they RUN.

    I also wonder what "5.45x39mm Russian conversion kits" mean? Hope its not extra on top of the cost of the rifle.

  • Big Red One – Ramadi

    I don’t get why the Tavor doesn’t say 5.56mm
    I’m sure the IDF is using 5.56 and not .223
    I wonder if it’s safe to fire 5.56 out of this US marketed Tavor.

    • TangledThorns

      The site says 5.56 but I dont know why they stamp it like that either.

    • Geodkyt

      I’d be shocked if they used a different (i.e., SAAMI .223) chamber than the military 5.56mm chamber they use in their issue Tavors. That would mean they developed seperate tooling JUST to ensure American shooters cannot use milspec ammo.

      Probably marked it that way as the “American” designation for 5.56mm, just like some AR companies have done (in both directions, marking barrels “5.56” that had SAAMI chambers and “.223” that had 5.56 chambers).

    • I have an Israeli Tavor chambered in “.223”

      It is perfectly safe to shoot 5.56 out of. The .223 stamp was required by Israel to sell the barrels to civilians.

      I can’t speak on authority with the IWI US units of course.

      • Geodkyt

        That makes even more sense– I can see the argument, “5.56x45mm is a military round, but .223 Remington is ‘merely’ a civilian sporting round. So .223 rifles aren’t EEEE-VUL military grade weapons. . . ”

        Heck, it’s even factual, if you overlook the fact that some 5.56mm spec’d loads are good hunting loads. . . (Protip — anything really good at rendering unarmored humans DRT is generally good on OTHER thin skinned mammals in the 100 – 150 lbs range. {grin} Think Hornady TAP. . . )

        What the heck — any chamber cut for milspec 5.56mm is also safe for .223, so it’s not really even deceptive — the rifle WILL do just fine with SAAMI loaded .223.

  • Doug

    I’m pleased and disapointed at the same time of seeing the prices. I’m pleased that some companies are willing to stay under the $2000 mark, but disapointed that it wasn’t lower still, it’s still more than most people can afford.

    I think they could’ve made a much bigger splash into the market by going with a lower MSRP.

    • Esh325

      I don’t know how they come to that price, but I imagine it’s justified. To make the rifle more affordable, they would have to take away features and/or cheapen it, which might be an unacceptable compromise for many.

    • In Canada these rifles retailed for $3400 for the first few years. Now they’ve dropped to $2700.

      Be thankful!

    • cc19

      Other comparable rifles aren’t much better; the AUG A3 and FS2000 cost close to $2,000 USD. I’ve got no suggestion other than to either save up for what you want, or be content with something like a $600 bullpup Century AK.

  • Ian

    IWI is going to make a ton of money on these.

  • MIke

    Thank you IWI US, for a factory standard lefthanded option!

  • Mabey

    We have had the this in canada for years now as a non restricted firearm.

    • Jeff

      I’ve been jealously watching the videos of Tavor owning Canadians for a few years now =P…… $2k is still out of my price range though

    • mosinman

      you guys have to use 5 round magazines though right?

  • True that! I love my Tavor!

  • Noodles

    Looking forward to AUG A3 price drop 🙂

  • Geodkyt

    They say they are going to ship with Israeli issue polymer mags.

    CAI, licensed PMags, or what? — cause that sure as heck ain’t Orlite.

    • ZeCatnip

      I’ll hazard a guess at them being CAA Tactical mags.

  • FourString

    Could Californians get a 21 in barrel variant? ya know, bullet button and all…

  • Is it California legal?

    • Kyle Danner

      I’d like to know as well

      • Gray

        Removable* 30Round* so I highly doubt it as they are built- would need bullet button and magazine

    • tazz89103

      yes but you have to leave California, Then it would be legal to own it,,,,,,,,

  • Mike Knox

    Not the first time TAR-21s were being made in the U.S. though. Barret’s been making a lot of these for IWI for a few years a while back.

    Last I’ve heard, an Israeli General Issue Tavor costs around 1,800 per base unit, just as much as an H&K G36..

    • gallan

      Yeah but the Tavor’s are subsidized by the u.s governments military aid program to israel, 4 billion a year last time I heard.

  • gallan

    The nice thing about these u.s made tavors is that they are military grade, the same rifles given to the israeli military. Moreover as a conscript army they beat they hell out of their weapons, even the AK was said to be not ‘rugged’ enough for them. So you can imagine how tough these tavors are.

  • Bob

    In light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary, it is time to re-read a 1997 report from CDC (http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00046149.htm): “CDC analyzed data on childhood [less than 15 years of age] homicide, suicide, and firearm-related death in the United States and 25 other industrialized countries…. The firearm-related homicide rate in the United States was nearly 16 times higher than that in all of the other countries combined; the firearm-related suicide rate was nearly 11 times higher; and the unintentional firearm-related death rate was nine times higher.” Fortunately, firearms deaths of children in the United States ( http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/wisqars ), after peaking at 935 in 1993, fell to 426 by 2000. Since that year, roughly 400 children have died from guns every year, leaving the United States with a childhood firearms death rate that is several times the average seen in other industrialized countries. This is the price that American children pay for our current firearms practices. For their sake as well as ours, how can we do better?

    • gunslinger

      firearms, not politics?

      while yes, the events of last week at Sandy Hook are tragic, it shouldn’t be the only thing talked about.

      400 children die due to firearms. ok. how many due to auto accidents (ban cars) how many due to drowning (ban pools/oceans?) house fires (ban anything flammable?) i bet each one of those items cause more deaths than firearms.

      but don’t get me wrong. i don’t think any responsible gun owner would say we shouldn’t have a discussion about what happened. but i don’t think the answer is just to ban guns period.

      and i don’t think TFB is the place to have this discussion.

    • RJFLorida

      By focusing on the real problem which is mental illness and not guns at all.

      But of course you don’t really want to fix anything, you want these tragedies to keep happening so you can keep using peoples pain to further your petty politics.

      Put it another way, you are proposing a War on Guns™. You know, because the War on Drugs HAS BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL.

      • cdoc

        What?? Are you saying the gubment isn’t effective?? Well I’ll be danged.

    • cdoc

      First, you can try filtering out all the deaths from these poor dumb kids on Psychotropic drugs that they probably don’t even need. Poor mom needs something to calm the kid down a bit. How convenient for her that BIG PHARMA has so many solutions. Just don’t read the fine print about side-effects. Then filter out the gun deaths related to gang violence in the inner cities. Chicago and New York have the most draconian gun laws in the entire US, but they lead the nation (by a very wide margin) in gun deaths. Let’s see where the statistics end up then. Here’s an idea. Why don’t we tackle gang violence and quit prescribing our kids these “convenience” drugs, instead of going after mom and pop who’ve never committed a crime in their life. The proposed solutions do absolutely NOTHING to address the real problems. They do, however, erode our Constitutional rights, which I think is the real agenda here. Quit buying into their BS. Demand real solutions to the real problem.

    • jimmy37

      Stop with the generic “deaths” and just concentrate on the homicides. Then look at the overall homicide rate MINUS the gun homicides. See anything interesting? People who are going to kill will use what ever is handy – knives, hammers, baseball bats, fists, hatchets, etc. GUNS DO NOT CAUSE HOMICIDES – CRIMINALS AND NUTS CAUSE HOMICIDES.

    • jimmy37

      This still irks me.

    • Dan

      Stop abortion on demand for a start and you would save 1000’s of times more children!

  • vic

    Been waiting for this for a long time…will definitely get one in black!

  • ssgwilliams

    I left calif and retired from the military here in washington to get out of california, but worse!!!!!! New York! Why is it felony to bring a pistol over the state line? this includes. Mass, RI, Conn, and NJ… sorry ass gun states. Had to live w out my handguns for 10 years in NY. Even tho I was active Duty Military and applied for my pistol license. Got denied and applied twice. THey basically stole my money applying. I love were I’m at. not a criminal or felon. Have 2 CCW’s, one for WA and Utah…So whats NY and those states mentioned above? They need to be annexed from the U.S.A. permantley!!!! So if you travel, don’t go over the state line w pistols, assault rifles or even high cap mags. you will be charged w a felony…. This all goes back to the Sullivan Act for them states. he was a crooked NY politicion who wanted you to have a permit to carru a pocket knife. I think him and Bloomberg our related by the world’ (DUMBASS!) Not to forget about Barbra Fienstein and Barbra Palosi of California…

  • ssgwilliams

    I was Infantry for 22 years and retired in 2011. Its an embarressement that the states I mentioned in my last post would do that to military members serving and risking, if not giving there lives for NY, MA, NJ, RI, NJ. And they can’t waive military members going to be stationed there from other states w handguns and assault rifles not knowing what the law is. We should be waived and protected against such stupid state gun laws… Agree or Disagree? Let me know…….