BIG NEWS: Izhmash Announces Saiga-9 9mm and Civilian AK-107 with Balanced Recoil

Izhmash’s interim CEO Alexander Kosov has announced at a press conference that the company is developing a civilian version of the AK-107 complete with its famous balanced recoil system. They will also soon be releasing the Saiga-9, a Saiga carbine chambered in 9mm NATO. These guns may be displayed at the IWA Show in March next year.

Interim CEO Alexander Kosov

Both the Saiga-9 and AK-107 would sell like crazy. Ruger dropped their 9mm Ruger Police Carbine back in 2007 and the Saiga-9 would be the perfect gun to fill that void in the market. Saiga should also consider making a .40 S&W version for the US market.

Ak 107 108-3

Collectors and AK enthusiasts would love to get their hands on the almost mythical AK-107 and its unique recoil system (see animation above). To date not many have been produced.

New model AK-107 with 60 round Magazine.

It looks like Izhmash is getting back on track. Civilian sales are up 84% and they are planning to increase civilian production to 60-70% of their total small arms output. 83% of their guns are being exported to the USA. The company plans on introducing two or three new products into the market each year.

[ Many thanks to Peter for the tip. ]

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  • Mike

    So, a very long semi-auto Bizon?
    Sounds like an awesome plinker.

    • Esh325

      I believe it will be based on the newer Vityaz rather than the Bizon, which has a regular box magazine.

      • Mike

        Yeah, you’re right, my bad. It’s Vityaz.

      • W

        which is awesome because the market lacks a abundance in pistol caliber carbines. HK told everybody to go away when they asked for a 9mm MP5 semi-auto carbine (despite selling a variant with the standard barrel to UK police) and then there was the USC45 with the stupid sporting stock.

        Izhmash might have a winner with that carbine.

  • Nick Mew

    Huzzaaaah, but now I have to deal with California and Obama is too busy with congress to watch this video.

  • Kyle Van Kleef

    This is freaking awesome tech. I’d like to shoot one just to see how it feels under rapid sustained fire. I am so used to muzzle rise and drift when firing any sort of AK.

  • Variance

    Beretta still produces and imports the CX4 Storm, available in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP, so I’m not sure that I would consider the removal of the Ruger Police Carbine as the creation of a market void. The only real downside to the CX4 is the absence of high-capacity magazines in calibers other than 9mm.

    That being said, I would love for Izhmash to export a 9mm Saiga to the US, because something about pistol caliber carbines just makes them fun to shoot.

    • Β€

      thing is, the CX4 is like 800 dollars, if this thing would compete with saiga prices it would be 300-450

      • Sardaukar

        You know, it amazes me that an italian gun costs 800$ in America and 1300€ in Italy…

  • schowgun

    I have been hoping Marlin would bring back the Camp Carbine, but an AK based 9mm carbine is to good to be true.

    • michael

      agree I”m all in for the 9mm but would love if Marlin came back with the camp rifle. Given the lack of 9mm rifles, I am surprised Marlin/Ruger hasn’t.

      • schizuki

        Ruger had the PC9 on the market for a few eyeblinks. Poor sales?

  • W

    ill buy a AK107. not even joking. it will get along with the others.

    • Nick Mew

      But I’m in California. πŸ™

      • C M

        Unless you are imprisoned, which would preclude your ability to purchase the weapon, the only thing TRULY keeping there is YOUR own choice to stay.

      • W

        move to utah. good job market, relatively inexpensive cost of living, and theyre free firearms wise πŸ˜‰

      • gunslinger

        some wish it were as easy to move as you make it.

      • W

        i mean that lightheartedly. Im very empathetic to moving, trust me. kids, friends, other commitments. once youre settled in a place for over five years, its pretty tough.

  • Samopal

    So we’re getting AK-107s, 9mm Saigas, and Izhmash is going to focus on the civilian market and give us a couple new things every yeah? This is almost too good to me true.

    My pants just got a little tighter looking at that AK-107 animation.

    • James

      Pray it lasts, with the ways things are going this country will be lucky to even see another year! Let alone another year where these DEADLY (GASP) ASSAULT RIFLESSS!!! OOOhhhhh knowwww, its an ASSAULT rifle, for assaulting people to death lol…. Ahhh gotta love the media

      • Good lord just kill yourself already please. Gun owners are retarded.

      • JoeBob

        Never go full retard.

    • W

      i love how they’re introducing new products here, but im going to go ahead and ask the difficult question: where the fuck are the SVD Dragunovs??? πŸ™‚

      • scb

        it’s called tigr the last time I checked and is sold in the US. The better question is: where is Izmash’s marketing department.

      • nikonmikon

        there are Tigrs for sale in the US but they’re not imported anymore and they command a very high price.

      • W

        the tigr is a civilian variation of the dragunov.

        im talking about a bona fide SVD; they seem to have no problem selling them in Canada and New Zealand…

        • Samopal

          I don’t know about New Zealand, but they certainly aren’t selling them in Canada. AK-pattern rifles, or anything that looks like an AK or is called AK (including the hideous Armscor AK22), is strictly prohibited. I believe the only exception is for the Valmet Hunter which is no longer imported.

  • as long as the “standard” saiga stuff still works on the 9mm version id definitely get one since ive been looking at a 9mm AR.

  • Nick Mew

    Something tells me that bump-firing is going to become very odd now.

  • BLG

    I’ll take one in 40s&w.

  • Foetus

    You know what would be cool ? A civilian AK chambered for 9x39 πŸ˜€

    • Sian

      You know what would be cool? being able to buy 9×39.

      honestly 300 blk is very close in performance.

    • Nmate

      It sure would be, assuming we could get 9x39mm ammunition.

  • Tyson Chandler

    First the availability of the Tavor and micro Uzi, now this…Hell Yeah!!! its great to be an American!…now if I just had more cash at hand!

    • Riot

      It’s greater to be a Canadian cause they’ve already got their tavors and have had time to save up since, while you’ll have the – agonising – decision of having to choose once you’ve got enough for one.

      • 511

        Riot, I don’t know how familiar you are with Canadian gun laws but I wouldn’t trade them for our U.S. gun laws and my states gun laws over what our Canadian brothers and sisters have to put up with, like a ban on AK’s, 5 round limits on rifles, no hunting with AR-15’s, limited to no self-defense and definitely no concealed/open carry of handguns for self-defense.

  • seth scheller

    still no 50 cal saiga?

    • Anonymoose

      I suppose they could make a 12.7x54mm Saiga- and it would kick the crap out of a 9×39 Saiga, but the same problems with ammo availability would still be there. They did make a 12.7x108mm AK (the 6P62) way back in the day but it had a lot of problems.
      Also, are we sure they’re talking about a civi-legal Vityaz? because there is already a “Saiga-9” which fires 9x53mmR (7.62x54mmR necked up to 9mm)…

      • JoeBob

        All the “Saiga-9’s” I’ve ever heard about or seen have been semi-auto Vityaz’s.

  • Nmate

    This is a lot more exciting than the 5.56 AK-12. I had heard there was going to be a Vityaz imported, but I had no idea about the AK-107. I hope they keep it in 5.45×39.

  • dranor44

    i cant wait till i finish college and move out of california.
    the weather and coffee really isnt worth the communism. oh and lack of being able to buy real guns like that sucks too.

    • g

      WA state > CA. Our coffee’s better, and the best isn’t even at Starbucks!

  • Alpha Hotel Actual

    So excited to build a Vityaz clone! Been having a hankering for one for years.

  • Will Ganz

    I wonder if they’re going to introduce a 6.5 Grendel or .300 BLK for the US market?

    The US market is ready for a decent 9x19mm carbine.

    Glad to see that they’re stepping up their game.

    • Esh325

      It would be silly to have a .300 BLK one as it’s basically a 7.62×39, but anything with .300 BLK name on it has market appeal.

  • Annika

    Hurray! While of course I would prefer something that accepts Glock etc. mags, I will gladly take an inexpensive 9mm carbine that will fit in a bump-fire stock!

    Would the length of the balanced recoil system make it impossible to produce a 107-style AK pistol?

    • Nick Mew

      Maybe, but I was thinking of a Battle Rifle with the Bars system.

    • MJ

      I’m guessing, if they’ve gone with straight blowback/balanced recoil system, a bump-fire stock won’t work in pistol calibres. If they’ve done it right, there won’t be enough recoil. Might work with the rifle calibres though, as they’ll still be locked to the receiver for a tiny fraction of a second.

      • Annika

        Sorry, that was two separate ideas. I don’t expect them to make a balanced-recoil pistol caliber blow-back anything.

        I was just hoping that they might offer or someone might build a 7.62×39 107/krink pistol. Near 300BLK ballistics in a small, easy to control package.

  • Partizan1942


  • Lolinski

    I would be most interested in a 60 round quadstack mag for the AK in 7.62×39 and a Dragunov SVU with those fancy 20 round mags. While the 9mm ak is interesting it wouldnt be legal for small game hunting here in Norway, only semi auto 9mm and 45 acp here for hunting is marlin camp carbine.

  • milo

    oh man im going to love taking apart those rifles

  • This makes me VERY happy. If they bring the Saiga 9 into the US, I will own one

  • denny

    You may also like this, the predecesor AEK:

    Very stable on shoulder; where you aim that’s where you hit.

  • Tuulos

    I truly hope they make one in 10mm auto.

  • Jim

    While I would like to see the AK-107 here, the problem will be whether it will be economical enough to compete with all the other AKs and ARs. People complain about buying “expensive ARs” when you can find cheaper ones. I expect initial excitement but then people will complain about price since I am sure the initial cost plus transportation to US plus the need to then adopt a neutered version to comply with import restrictions will probably lead to an too expensive niche product. While Arsenal and Krebs do well, they still are more expensive than the other AKs available and especially in today’s economy people look at the bottom line versus the quality. Of course that is assuming it will ever make it here prior to any future bans/restrictions.

    • Esh325

      Without a doubt, it will be more expensive than previous rifles. Izmash is also marketing the AK-12 to the civilian market, so that probably will be a more economic alternative to the AK-107. I think both rifles will do well if they are priced not much more than current Arsenal rifles.

      • Jay

        I like the 107 more than the ak12. The ak12 only improves on ergonomics at the expense of weight. Many of those improvements can be done already with aftermarket parts. AK107 brings in an interesting advancement in recoil management, wich I think can have a more positive effect on hits vs shots fired.

      • Esh325

        That’s not really true. The AK-12 improves on more then just ergonomics. The AK-12 has a bolt and bolt carrier with softer harmonics to increase accuracy, in particular on fully automatic, which reduces recoil. The muzzle brake is about 20% more effective than the original AK-74. The rifling is changed on the barrel to increase accuracy. The weight of the current AK-12 prototype is actually less than the AK-74M. While some of the features of the AK-12 can be done with aftermarket mods, you have to take into account that the AK-12 was redesigned to accept these features, opposed to tacked on aftermarket mods.

        The designer of the AK-12 claims that the AK-12 is just as effective in recoil reduction and muzzle rise reduction as the AK-107, but being cheaper and simpler. Whether he’s just blowing smoke or not, I don’t know. In single shot mode, you might see very little difference in how the two rifles perform as the AK-74M already has very little recoil in single shot mode.

      • W


        that is why i read too from Izhmash’s website. Im not sure how well those claims hold up water, but they seem pretty reasonable.

        The AK107 will be more expensive and it is also more complex mechanically with its balanced recoil action. Im curious how durable that mechanism is…

      • denny

        This is related to your follow-up comment Esch. As I see it and it is quite visible on tests videos, the modern rifles in intermediate calibres such as SCAR and Remington AR are very manageable without any add on device. So, in light of this finding I wonder, if price premium added by this device is really worth it. As you mention, well ballanced conventional mechanism will do probably just as well.

      • Esh325

        There isn’t much out there about the reliability of the AK-107, but I imagine it’s decently reliable. I wonder if Izmash will discontinue the current AK-100 series to make room for the AK-12 and new version of the AK-107?

      • Esh325

        Take this with a grain of salt as I’ve never fired a fully automatic, but my understanding is that most conventional assault rifles (not all of them) are not accurate and or controllable enough to be truly effective in fully automatic or bursts except at very close ranges, and special circumstances. I could be wrong though.

        Even if the AK-107’s mechanism might have little advantage compared to more modern conventional mechanisms, it does have marketing appeal.

      • denny

        Sounds fair Esch. I did fire some full auto on rifles of older generation. Yes, they are tought to hold to the line unless you have lots of practice. The modern guns, due to ergonomics and limited impulse produced by intermedate round are much easier to handle.

        As far as AK107 goes I have one rather serious inquiry: the long term reliabitity of counterweight reciprocating system. It is, as far as I understand, driven thru sprocket/rack arrangement so that proportion of momenta balance remains the same thru the cycle. Quite franly to see such thing on light cannon with decent proportions, I put a degree of trust into it, in this case I am not so enthusiastic. The thing looks too punny. But, I wish to learn some news as time goes; if the gun really goes Stateside, we will know soon enough.

      • gallan

        The AK-12 shouldn’t be underestimated. It is basically a modern modular rifle akin to the SCAR system and Beretta ARX 160, but instead of theoretical caliber modularity it offers it right now in a russian military tested version.

        Make no mistake the Ak-12 deserves a higher price and place beside the HK416, SCAR16 and Beretta ARX.

    • gallan

      The AK-107 is the only rifle that has a recoil reducing mechanism. That alone will distinguish it, faster follow up shots will be the performance edge people will be willing to pay for.

      • Nick Mew

        I do not remember where I have read this but, one person who fired the weapons said that he fired an AK-74M and got about 2 MOA with Irons.

        But with the AK-107 he got about 1 MOA and even less and found that the recoil is less than that of the AK-74M.

      • Geodkyt

        1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the AK74 faired worse in iron sight accuracy. The sights on the AK74 are mid-Nineteenth Century and horrid for accuracy.

        2. It WOULD surprise me if someone was getting 2 MOA with Russian produced mililtary 5.45x39mm ball. It barely holds 4 MOA out of the best fixture. (That’s not a slam on the 5.45 — if you want to make billions of rounds of cheap ball for use by mediocre-at-best marksmen, you don’t spend a whole lot of effort and time – read $$$ – trying to make it more accurate than any but 1:10,000 expected users could even HOPE to shoot. “Milspec ball” from ANY nation is far less accurate than carefully assembled Hornady or Norma hunting ammunition. Heck, look up the milspec accuracy standards for US M855. . . )

  • AR

    “83% of their guns are being exported to the USA.”
    Hopefully the designers know what U.S. customers want…9mm carbine that accepts Glock mags.

    • Zincorium

      Due to their interpretation of how to comply with 922(r), it’ll probably have a proprietary, 10 round magazine, and you’ll need a new magwell to take anything else. See the inability of current saigas to take widely available AK mags.

  • Sable

    I’m more excited about this saiga-9, an MP-5 for the rest of us!

    • JoeBob

      It sucks that HK quit selling the semi MP5’s. We hate you and you suck?

  • GreenPlease

    Saiga 9 ftw
    AK 107 ftw
    I see both in my future

  • Riot

    Im so happy there while be AK 107s in the world, I could cry.

  • Mike Knox

    So far, nothing certain on US availability as before..

    • Esh325

      It’s too early yet, that’s why. You might see the AK-107 before the AK-12 perhaps. The AK-107 is a finished design basically, and they have all the machining and tooling to make the AK-107.

      • Mike Knox

        I’ve already tried an AK-107 actually, not in the states though. I thought Mikhail went overboard with the recoil mechanism..

      • Esh325

        I don’t think he had any part in designing it.

      • Mike Knox

        I know, it was just a thought..

  • John Doe

    I hope they make a civvie Bizon, helical magazine and all. And is there a helical magazine in 7.62x25mm? If there isn’t, they should get on that.

    • nikonmikon

      forget the bizon, it was a failure

      it’s all about the ПП-19-01 Π’ΠΈΡ‚ΡΠ·ΡŒ
      PP-19-01 Vityaz!

    • W

      no need to. the vityaz is a evolution of the bizon. helical magazines suck.

    • Samopal

      They’ve the Bizon in 7.62x25mm as well, yes. As others have mentioned, helical magazines are terrible reliability-wise and have failed everywhere they’ve been tried, including in the Bizon. The Vityaz is just a Bizon with a simpler and more reliable box magazine.

  • Lance

    be in good old 5.45mm???

    Don’t get the logic the Russian dumped the design it had good idea but it was for better full auto fire on a semi only version whats the point over a AK-74 in semi auto only???

    Forget the 9mm Seiga. I want a semi auto Bison in 9x18mm!!

    • Esh325

      I have no doubt it will be in 5.45×39 along with other calibers. It might have little point in semi auto only, especially with the AK-12 being made along side it, but it does have marketing appeal. People are enamored by balanced recoil system. Izmash is just giving people more choice. I will buy an AK-12 and AK-107.

  • Is everyone forgetting Kel-Tec’s Sub 2000 carbine? In Nine or Fotay, mag choice up to you, most are Glock wells, folds to 16.25″, sells under $400. They now come with rails, and older ones can be retrofitted. US-made, so no 922-r issues. Mine run like a Swiss watch.

    • gallan

      Yeah but kel tec and the sub2000 aren’t known for their ruggedness, the folding design makes it even weaker in this regard. In contrast they don’t get much tougher than russian ak’s.

    • Samopal

      Yes, some people forget about them since they’re so hard to find, especially in the more desirable mag setups (good luck finding one with a G19 grip). Kel Tec is notorious for not keeping up with demand which drives people to look at other options, or even clones (see: LCR, LC9, IO Hellcat, Taurus TCP, etc. I could go on forever).

    • gallan

      Now that you mention it though they really should use standard Glock 33 round mags, and ditch any propriety mag they might have planned.

      • nikonmikon

        and how do you figure the feed angle on the glock mag will work with the receiver dimensions?

        the glock mag has to go through a very steeply angled grip, rifle mags do not.

    • jeffbentzen

      Are we trying to forget the ugliest firearm to ever come from the US? Why yes, yes we are!

  • Nick Mew

    AK-107 + AK-12 Improvments = ?

  • Martin woodhead

    I think after the latest murderous stupidity you can wave good bye to any new foreign built toys.

    • jeffbentzen

      The glass is half full πŸ™‚

  • ROn

    the shit news is 30 round magazines will cost 40-50 bucks.

  • Chu Pamela

    I agree. This is a great idea.