ThermBright Passive Thermal Targets

Range Systems has developed a range of passive thermal targets for training with night vision equipment. The targets reflect heat from the atmosphere and so do not need an external heat source.

From the press release …

Range Systems, a leading manufacturer of live fire shooting products for the military, law enforcement and consumer communities, introduces their new line of ThermBright passive thermal targets.

ThermBright targets utilize a proprietary advanced coating process that effectively reflects the cold energy of space when tilted backwards by 10 degrees. Using any in-service sights including image intensifiers and Fusion sights, the targets work effectively in daylight or at night, and will work in all weather conditions. Because they do not require any power source or batteries, they are safer than heat-activated alternative targets, are logistically easier to use, and far more economical. The sturdy construction of ThermBright targets will endure 2,000 rounds of small arm fire before thermal degradation begins to occur.

Currently, ThermBright Passive Thermal Targets are offered in training styles ranging from soldiers, armed insurgents, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other vehicles, as well as target patches, marking panels and several animal images. MSRP ranges from $35.00 to $600.00.

Steve Johnson

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  • For Night vision sights? Please explain to me. I was under them impression night vision uses ambient light not heat.

    • Noodles

      Some nods use light, the green glowing eyes you are framiliar with for instance. Some nods use thermal, newer tech just coming to main stream market. How could you possibly not know this? FLIR makes most of the thermal sensors and its not like it’s a rare tech.

      There is a link below the entry to Night Vision vs Thermal, which is a bit of an inaccuracy since both are night observation devices, technically both are “night vision” but still worth reading.

      • As a person who owns no night vision devices I was curious.
        That is how “[I] possibly not know this”.

  • Sam J

    Actually it’s the opposite, the targets reflect cold. Without clouds, in LWIR, the sky looks to be something around -50 C which is colder than anything around.

  • gunslinger

    so by reflecting the cold, he material can basially offer a “thermal outline”?

  • noob

    hmm. I wonder if they could make the material look black to the naked eye.

    You could have signposts that can only be read by authorised personnel wearing FLIR.

  • Lance

    Looks fun Steve lets have a night shoot.

  • They’re pricey! $75 each! I ordered one though and it works like a hot damn. I feel bad shooting it.

  • Mike Knox

    Again? That much for a target that does the same thing as what some thermal foil can do?

  • Mike Knox

    Really? That much for something to shoot at?